1. Adrian719

    HPI Apache Build

    Hey guys, So while I figure out which 6s arrma I'd like, I figure I would share my HPI Apache SC Flux. Parts are currently all original, running 4s with the old HPI Q-base(MMP). This bad boy would have been competition for the Senton 6s. The plans are to upgrade to a 6s system, get some...
  2. My street tires came in for my v3 #KRATON #BLX 6s

    My street tires came in for my v3 #KRATON #BLX 6s

    #HPI #Racing #PHALTLINES street tires! Superb quality and Excellent handling
  3. Fiery

    Proline Body mounts and bodies

    I'm looking to get a new body for my Nero in the coming months and I wanted it to be unique. I was looking at the Hpi charger body for the savage, the proline rat rod body for the summit, proline 2014 chevy silverado for the erevo, or the 2017 ford f150 for the erevo. I can't find any hpi bodies...