1. 4TFour RC

    Traxxas 5353 hubs

    Hey all just wanted to share some pics and my experience with the Traxxas 14mm to 17mm conversion kit. I installed this on my Senton 3S (pics attached) and overall I think they are well worth the $20 and a few minutes to install. For now I'm running some 1/8 buggy wheels and tires from my Tekno...
  2. kage

    Granite Anyone know how to remove rear axle from hub?

    Howdy, I'm trying to replace the axles to the integy units and I can't seem to get these axels out of the hubs. I've tried to press them, pry them, I've iced them and heated them.... If they didnt have separate part numbers in the exploded diagram I would say they're one piece lol.
  3. marshy22

    Missing bolt and shim/sleeve from C hub

    After a touch of bashing I’ve noticed I’ve lost the bottom bolt that connects the C hub to the axel, where finding a random bolt to fit isn’t hopefully a issue I’ve removed the good side and that seems to have a metal sleeve or bush fitted inside the C hub which obviously fell out on the other...
  4. Scipunk

    Heads up for Granite owners

    So i bought the 12mm hub adapters and the 12 mm Badlands 2.8, what i didn't check was that they sent me the rears for both pairs. Well guess what the rears don't front in front or back because their offset is wrong. So i have the 17mm HR adapters that have the 6mm spacing on the way, but now i...
  5. bluedeval03

    Typhon Typhon hub pins

    What are you folks using for stronger hex hub pins? Stock part# AR713009. I busted one and they are hard to find in stock. Some of the places I have found listed online I call and they don’t actually have them on hand. The ones I need are 2.5mm
  6. A

    Kraton Rear Hub Spacer Differences

    So i was working on my rear and lost a 1mm spacer which apparently comes in this part There is another that is 2mm, which goes on the other end, im confused as to why they would use 1mm x 2 on a side and then 2mm on a side if it will still equal 2mm
  7. 338federal

    Stock Wheel hubs vs Aluminum

    Hello Arrma freaks! I made a little hard jump with my big fat nero big rock. Cracked the front hub. I found hot racing aluminium hub but are they fine? What brokes next if hubs are aluminium. I have ordered stock part and i am going to jump little less. Not fullthrottle jumps. I was jumping...
  8. B

    Wheel hub issues

    Hey guys, just got my brand new Nero, and just after taking a look at the build I was pretty damn impressed. It's the first new car I've bought in years, so as soon as I heard a loud clicking/grinding noise from the drivetrain I assumed it was a bad gear mesh. Long story short I pulled the...
  9. FunTommy

    Newbie Question About Rear Bearing Hub Carrier

    For Christmas, I got my son and I a Granite BLX and Raider XL BLX, after reading lots of review about how great these RCs are (especially the Granite). We aren't completely new to RC cars, as we've had a bit of experience with my brother in law's Nero and Senton. We took the cars out for their...