1. S0lid

    Infraction New Infraction 3S BLX Infraction Chewing Up Spur Gear Bushing?

    So I picked up an Infraction 3s while it was on sale and it's an awesome truck to drive! I'm having a weird problem though where that little bushing piece that goes in the middle of the spur gear keeps getting chewed up after 1 - 2 runs. That causes my truck to behave like the slipper is loose...
  2. xRue

    Infraction Esc settings

    Just got a new infraction 6s. I like drifting it and just bashing it going fast. Not into speed runs. Anything I should change on the esc like punch, brake etc. And say if I wanted to run max punch is it a risk doing that? Like will something mess up? Or it's fine setting it to max? What...
  3. A

    Felony Ordered Orange Felony after Lots of confusion.

    So after getting lots of suggestion and replies from all. Though majority recommended to go with Infraction V2 6s but something compelled me otherwise. Hence,I have ordered Felong Orange color with my LHS. So I welcome any Final thoughts as I have a buffer of 2 days to change the product and...
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  7. PittsburghJason

    Outcast Servo saver solved! Outcast, Kraton, Big Rock, Mojave, Granite, Senton, Vorteks, Typhon, Vendetta

    Posted this on fb not long ago and figured I would share here. Did some research and fixed the servo saver once and for all. No box cutting either, just cut the tip of the servo saver and space the servo with 10mm spacers. It's that simple with the right parts. Treal Aluminum 7075 Servo...
  8. xRue

    Infraction Anyone turned their infraction 3s body into a half cab??

    Anyone made their 3s body like this?
  9. A

    Infraction Arrma Felony Vs Infraction 6s

    @DLK83 @Tex Koder @RcDad23 @phm14 @RC Steve @blaster27 @Moirae Any suggestion Between Arrma Felony Vs infraction I am considering infraction by LHS suggesting me Felony. Though I am not sure the purpose of LHS salesman recommending Felony over infraction. But personally I feel...
  10. Tatebowman124

    Tp 4070 2250kv Heat Sink and Fan suggestions??

    I have newly acquired a TP motor and I am now looking for a fan setup and heat sink. I want the best i can buy to protect my goodies. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is for my Infraction build.
  11. Tatebowman124

    Infraction Build - Motor Advice

    I have newly acquired a Infraction 6S that I am going to be upgrading quite heavily. I am wanting to put a XLX2 from castle to run 8S. I am looking for a TP Power motor or something of the sort. The problem lies in I do not know how to navigate the site to find a motor that is capable of 8S as...
  12. T

    Infraction Infraction 3s tires

    Hello, so I’ve had my infraction for a few months now, I love it, only thing is the tires, I’ve been getting them from arrma but I rip through them pretty quick, has anyone found other wheels and tires that would work for it? I bought some adapters to fit 1/8th scale wheels like the infraction...
  13. T

    Infraction Infraction 3s no throttle and some steering

    Hello, so I was working on my infraction trying to install led lights with brakes and all that, after a while my throttle stopped working, the ESC is blinking red, it’s a hobbywing quicrun 10bl60, my steering also seems to have start having issues too when I turn left it barley wants to turn...
  14. T

    Hobbywing ESC program update issue

    Hello, so I have a hobby wing quic WP 8BL150 and LCD programming cars So I’m trying do the firmware update, everytime I do it it’s just stuck on connecting ESC, I tied updating the programming card same thing happens, everything turns on fine and drive good with no issues, I tested the program...
  15. samuelppeters5

    Infraction Dual 6s build

    Hello, I’ve looked in a lot of places but can only seem to find 1 or 2, does anyone build a dual 6s motor street basher / speedrun car. I’m looking to build one and know it’s not as practical as a single 8s but want to build a car that draws some Oooos and ahhhhs without breaking the bank. I’m...
  16. T

    Infraction Infraction 3s body

    Hello, I have an infraction 3s and was wondering does anyone know what other bodies fit? I know it’s supposedly not a true 1/8, would a 1/10 fit in there? I want a new body that’s not the truck but I can’t find the size or anything or anything that’ll fit it, any suggestions would be greatly...
  17. PaulLiu

    Kraton Just sharing some photos

    While waiting for the snow storm and rain pass, I figured it's a good chance to test my new phone camera.
  18. T

    Infraction Infraction 3s esc and motor uograde

    Hello, I wanna change my 3s infraction motor and esc, I was looking into this one I’m not sure how the whole KV stuff works, my...
  19. T

    Infraction infarction 3s limp

    Hello, so I got my infraction 3s, I have brand new batteries and they’re fully charged, I know they’re not bad because I tested them, after one run down my block for maybe 30 seconds car goes and then it goes straight to limp mode, does anyone know what this could be? I know it’s not thermal...
  20. grndpa_tim

    Infraction Infraction 6s v2 - Couple of body options

    Just wanted to show a few pics of different bodies for the Infraction 6s if you are on the fence about trying one out. First one is a 2022 ProLine Protoform Mustang. My son bought me this for Christmas and I was hesitant to even try to cut, trim paint and all that as I have never done it...