1. neakRC

    Wing advice.

    What are people running as far as front splitter and rear wing? I am curious to know if the wing off the limitless will bolt straight onto my infraction v2? thanks in advance.
  2. BOOM!


  3. Ugly Betty

    Infraction Infraction off road build

    Off Road Infraction
  4. ARRMA v2 Infraction

    ARRMA v2 Infraction

    Heading out to go SMOKE some Felony's in my RC group!!
  5. Uplift-RC

    WTB Looking for a good condition Max 6 ESC

    If anyone knows anybody OR if you have one thats slightly used, please hit me up and PM me! Thanks, Uplift-RC
  6. M

    Infraction Problem drifting to the left

    So I just got a v1 infraction it wants to spin out to the right fine but when it comes to trying to spin to the left it won’t do it at all. I have the shocks all right and front and rear diff with 20k fluid. Car has new stock tires and a 8s system. Any inputs on what will make the car respond...
  7. My ARRMA Assembly line

    My ARRMA Assembly line

  8. Trying to decide if I want an aluminum front splitter since the stock plastic ones keep breaking on me .

    Trying to decide if I want an aluminum front splitter since the stock plastic ones keep breaking on me .

  9. Uplift-RC

    Infraction Has any one tired the Aluminum front Splitter/Bumper?

    I am always breaking my front plastic stock ARRMA splitter a lot!! I was wondering if anyone on the Forum has tried this Aluminum Front Splitter/Bumper instead of the stock plastic one that comes with the v2 infraction? Love to hear your thoughts and concerns #ARRMAFAMILY!!
  10. arrma only fans

    For Sale Arrma HUGE parts lot!!!!!

    I have lots of parts, selling to make more room and to buy a race buggy!! Some parts are new and some are used, most are used. There is a spectrum sr6100at that is worth 85 brand new, asking $130 shipped. No international shipping!! Shipping from 06877. I am willing to separate. fans: sold...
  11. Bring the Heat today to our weekend Bashing session

    Bring the Heat today to our weekend Bashing session

    Arrma Infraction / Notorious and the KRATON
  12. Haroneezy

    Infraction Infraction esc mount

    I’m dropping a mmx8 in my infraction v2 was checking out how y’all made mounts for the esc plz drop pics of it... thanx???
  13. arrma only fans

    SOLD / FOUND Castle creations xlx2 and tp 4070 2230kv

    I have run the xlx2 about 5 times in a speed run car. The tp 4070 2230 kv I have run about 10 times in a speed car. Not even a full charge has gone threw these guys. They have 8mm bullets and ose connectors. These ar very fast!! Easily capable of 120+ mph!! Asking $400 shipped. US only!
  14. *** READY SET GO ****

    *** READY SET GO ****

    Two Arrma v2 Infractions ready to lay down the rubber!!
  15. arrma only fans

    SOLD / FOUND Skyrc GNSS speed meter

    I purchased this 3 - 4 months ago. I used it about 15-20 times. I have no need for it any more. I purchased it for $75. But am asking $40 shipping included. It has miner scuff marks, doesn’t affect performance.
  16. arrma only fans

    SOLD / FOUND 185 BLX As is!

    Here is a 185 BLX. Used it in my arrma kraton. There are a few connectors included. You need to solder them. It was acting weird so arrma sent me a knew one. It may be because of the axidental screw that went threw the 3 wire conector. I don’t know??‍♂️ If It doesn’t ever work it still has a...
  17. KDRC

    Everything Arrma Arrma upgrade video
  18. #ARRMA Infraction v2

    #ARRMA Infraction v2

    She is a complete animal.
  19. Haroneezy

    Infraction Infraction upgrades

    Have infraction 6s smc 9700 for about 2 months now drove it some good time balls to the wall I guess ? couple sets of tires so far.. was wondering what’s some upgrades should I do? Dono someone told me that I need to change the diff oil... any advice or suggestions?
  20. Illumination Infraction

    Illumination Infraction

    Added 12v Lights.