1. IPWR

    Question on parts to convert felony to limitless / infraction

    Hey Guys, New to this awesome forum and tried doing a little searching but could not find exactly was I was looking for. I got a felony for really cheap and wanted to convert it ( Since I have an infraction for drifting ) I wanted to turn this into a speed running. Asides from the GP5 diff...
  2. Speed demons

    Speed demons

    Just getting started. Going fast takes $$$$ and then knowledge I’ve noticed. Only thing I Wont ever build is any trashy looking rigs by mixing parts together I’m not a fan of taking one car and adding a few pieces and thinking you made a different rig, that’s why I have 8, 6-8s rigs. All complete
  3. C8 body & motivation pic

    C8 body & motivation pic

    Pic I seen of the color I choose for the car. Built for cheaper than a new felony!
  4. Ivgot2manyRC

    Delta plastik C8 body

    So I decided on lame flake & metallic purple. It’s all in the prep work! Trimming wasn’t too bad but the body is thicker is some spots than others. The lines for the wheel wells aren’t exactly visible so I drew them on the outside on the plastic before I cut them, taking off the front splitter...
  5. J

    Proform body on my Felony

    Just got my protoform body, first time painting my own clear body so it has errors but im overall happy with it. i don't want to use the wing that came with the body any suggestions on good GT wings for this platform? Im thinking the custom rc upgrades carbon fiber wing but haven’t found much...
  6. kasey

    Infraction wings,skirts,and splitters

    just wondering what’s all out there, i’ve been looking but haven’t had much luck other the stupid rc brand products.
  7. kasey

    Infraction Arrma Infraction rear lower arm

    Hey everyone! I had a bad wreck with the infraction not too long ago, and i just got my lower arms in. i’m wondering how i get them off so i can put the new ones on. i tried finding a video but didn’t have any luck. Thanks Everyone!
  8. Uplift-RC

    Infraction Stock Bearing vs Jim's Bearing!!

    Last weekend, I installed a new akerman bar by #Basheerqueen since I tweaked mine. lol Also, I changed out all of my #ARRMA stock bearing to #Jims Bearings and wow what a difference. It runs so much smoother there is no doubt about it... Plus, I just added a new set of my favorite tires to bash...
  9. kasey

    Infraction Infraction Esc Fan Broke

    Hey everyone! My fan on my esc broke the other day, and i’ve been trying to find a replacement fan but i’m not exactly sure what i’m looking for. i found one fan but it doesn’t have the connection for the motor fan. i’ll attach a photo of the connection point. thank you all so much!
  10. Archie21t

    Infraction Arrma Infraction Titanium Wheels

    I'm looking to make titanium wheels for my Infraction. I was wondering if anyone had any reasons not to? I am going to be machining exact replicas of the current wheel just it will be made out of titanium. I am doing this because I'm just not getting enough sparks from my small skid plates and...
  11. kasey

    Infraction Arrma Infraction Fishtailing

    Hello! I just got into rc cars about a month ago, and i decided to get the infraction last week. well i’ve only taken it out 5 times and it started fishtailing pretty bad. i think it might be because the tires are worn out/ i think one of my tires is warped. i’m also worried i broke something...
  12. jellegoertz05

    Infraction Throttle and steering not working

    Hello, I was just driving normally with my arrma infraction v2. I was warming up the tires and suddenly the steering and throttle stopped working, the handbrake still works. I opened up the car and I saw that one battery connector had came loose. I always plug in my battery’s correctly and the...
  13. DSC_2266.JPG


    More Gpm aluminium part on the gt limitless
  14. ARRMA Infraction v2 Maiden Speed Run

    ARRMA Infraction v2 Maiden Speed Run

    This was my 1st Maiden speed run with the Speed pinion gear installed and I was topping out at 84mph w/ all stock electronics which is pretty good number...
  15. Gearing up my ARRMA v2 Infraction for the very first time and see if I can join the 90 mph club  👍👍👍

    Gearing up my ARRMA v2 Infraction for the very first time and see if I can join the 90 mph club 👍👍👍

  16. Arrma Limitless GT MAX5 8s new body and carbon parts

    Arrma Limitless GT MAX5 8s new body and carbon parts

    My new Limitless with the gt body
  17. Uplift-RC

    Infraction My new Cooling system for my ARRMA v2 Infraction

    I made a short little video on my new cooling system for my ARRMA #v2 #Infraction. I installed the Game Changer RC Power Glide v2 fan thats blowing on my Motor and the #GCRC #Impervious fan blowing on my Spektrum ESC! It sounds like a Jet taking off ✈️✈️✈️ lol. Now I can gear up and see if I can...
  18. Dual Game Changer RC Cooling fans on the v2 Infraction 🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪

    Dual Game Changer RC Cooling fans on the v2 Infraction 🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪

  19. DSC_2167.JPG


    New delta body
  20. Arrma Limitless max6 blows grp tires in pieces

    Arrma Limitless max6 blows grp tires in pieces

    Time for new tyres 😁