1. Collection View.jpg

    Collection View.jpg

    Collection of RC's so far!
  2. RC Infraction Quick Speed Run

    RC Infraction Quick Speed Run

    Just playing around and setting off the lights on a speed trap sign!
  3. Arrma Infraction.jpg

    Arrma Infraction.jpg

    Infraction Halo Lights On
  4. Arrma Infraction p2.jpg

    Arrma Infraction p2.jpg

    Infraction Halo lights off
  5. Race Night Staging.jpg

    Race Night Staging.jpg

    Rear Lights Infraction
  6. Jezzzy187

    Infraction Arrma infraction motor upgrades?

    I have had an Infraction pre ordered for some time now and im almost thinking of canceling it :( I got to looking on how the motor is mounted up front its really close to the front bulkhead so putting in a tp power 4072 or a 4092 looks not possible without some serious mods...any thoughts?
  7. Infraction Lights RC.jpg

    Infraction Lights RC.jpg

    Pic of the Infraction after installing Halo headlights, along with front and rear light kit
  8. B

    Infraction Arrma Infraction cutting motor power?

    Hey everyone! First post here! So Ive had the infraction for a month, topped it out at 64 on stock 6s, love the car. The last few runs ive had, i can bash for around 10 minutes, and then the motor just cuts power, steering servo still works, i noticed the fan on the esc wasnt engaging so i...
  9. Bash Brothers

    Bash Brothers

    Start of the day.....
  10. Bash Time

    Bash Time

    Retro bash....😉
  11. M³ Dual Motor Mount

    M³ Dual Motor Mount

    So you wanna go Full BEAST mode ? M³ Dual Motor mount for arrma v4s, limitless and infraction Hoons 🤘🤘 Limited stock 🤫🤘These mounts are for Advanced users 🙃 Use Google Chrome to translate to English Use the code "RcA" At the checkout for 10% Off Your order 🙈
  12. Dusty bash

    Dusty bash

    Infraction bashing in the dirt..!!
  13. Arrma Infraction 6S - Drift Session! Speed, Performance & Tire Smoke!

    Arrma Infraction 6S - Drift Session! Speed, Performance & Tire Smoke!

    This afternoon I took my Arrma Infraction out for a quick Drift Session, #arrma, #arrmainfraction, #arrmahof. This is a multi part video sessions of the Arrm...
  14. Turbo intakes

    Turbo intakes

    Better cooling mod 'wip'
  15. BashingBrian

    Infraction Strange issue with AVC/Steering..??

    I'll try to explain this as easily as possible...😁 To start with both cars are using the stock DX2e..!! The AVC on my infraction seems to not really change the drivability ie: the throttle no matter where the knob is..??, but does affect the steering speed from fast to slow.. If you hold the...
  16. Rich8692

    Infraction Bearing recommendations for Arrma Infraction

    I am going to order some bearings I was going to just order a kraton set from Fast Eddie's. They seem to be the most popular I guess I don't have much experience with changing the bearings I just know you want sealed does anyone have any recommendations
  17. C

    Infraction Arrma Infraction finally here

    Finally got my Arrma infraction delivered today. Still waiting on two sets of batteries I ordered. Two 3s sets. One set is powerhobby and the other set is from SMC. Anyone running any of these brands, I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.
  18. Infraction Fire #2

    Infraction Fire #2

  19. Infraction Fire #1

    Infraction Fire #1

  20. Porschetech

    Infraction Oh dear.....may have to buy another one

    My son is in love with my arrma infraction. I let him have a lil go of it. Now he wants one. 😂😂 What have I created?? 🤦‍♂️