1. suchtragedy

    Does this look cool or is it ugly? I can't decide.

    I remixed the drag wing a little bit to make the fins different and made them attach with M3 screws instead of glue or double sided tape. I kind of like the look of the Infraction body with the Limitless wing but don't want to hack my body up to try it. So this is what I came up with so far...
  2. R

    Infraction Infraction 18T Pinion Gear

    Hey guys quick question here. I just broke 2 teeth off of the stock 18T pinion gear. what is the pitch on these I know it is 5mm shaft. What I am really asking is can I find a stronger aftermarket pinion or do I just order the 18T Arrma part. I would need the same pitch from another maker...
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  13. suchtragedy

    Infraction Another Limitless-to-Infraction Build

    Welp just finished my first ever 6s truck. I must say that compared to the 3-4s trucks this has a lot more going on from an engineering standpoint than I imagined. Anyways here's the summary of my limitless roller build turned Infraction. Specs: - Hexfly Hex6 160A esc (6s version, sad panda...
  14. Mono40

    Infraction Custom paint infraction

    hello friends, here are some pictures of my rusty infraction . I made the painting with an airbrush 😉 Have à Nice Day ! 😉
  15. BashingBrian

    Infraction What's in your diff..?

    So as the title says, I think it would be a good resource if people with an Infraction post up here what weight oil they are using in all their diffs F/C/R..!! Post up what spec your Infraction is and the type of driving you do, that way we can all learn from each other about what's works...
  16. Ugly Betty

    Infraction infraction Rims

    Finally the tires lets see, u guys know if they can handle hard bash?
  17. Ugly Betty

    Rims Painted

    I update the rims set,waiting on the tires arriving may 1,after that the street,Update ken block sign pic frame,hope u guys like it
  18. Ugly Betty

    Arrma Infraction Hoonitruck

  19. kilodi

    Corona Challenges - RC Fun while social distancing

    Hi guys, I just thought I bring it up here that few youtubers are conducting RC challenges during the social distancing times. Everyone is free to join and may even win some prizes. Kevin Tolbot: & Driftomaniacs: maybe you guys can also most your vids and link them here as well...
  20. Ugly Betty

    Infraction Infraction hoonitruck

    85% almost done, waiting on gas tank and a few stuff,rims, sow hope u like,HoonTion 🤜🤛,Thanks to hoonigan friend for the sign portrait,real deal,best gift ever,hope guys like it.