1. Stein Jetten

    Infraction Hobbywing max 6 combo on 8s?

    I upgraded my infraction to a the max6 esc and max 6 motor and i wonderd if i could run in on 8s? because the motor is for 1/6 scale car and the infraction is 1/7 scale.
  2. Fiercetatsu

    Limitless Would this work ?

    I have a off road limitless/felony/infraction It runs 8s and uses the 6s kraton arms, diffs and suspension. I was wondering if the kraton, outcast or mojave bumpers would fit the limitless chassis ? It’s dirty because I was running it late last night through the mud and bushes (with different...
  3. PaulLiu

    Infraction Infraction v2 or Limitless v2?

    Hi, I always want an on road car to bash, all my previous RCs are off roaders. Finally I'm ready to pull the trigger. I like the look of the limitless body a lot, paint it silver&black to imitate a Mercedes F1 car. Currently my LHS has an $140 off deal on v2 infraction so converting an...
  4. phaserguy

    Infraction Just brought the v2 infraction

    Hay peeps Iv just gone an brought the infraction V2 with the intentions of using this as a bit of a project looking to hit the 130/140 mark looking at a couple motors what have you guys found which don’t burn out and kill everything in the process Iv been told to stay away from castle and stick...
  5. ian turner

    Can I run 6s with these 3 2s battery’s using the 2 specktrum parrel harness as seen in the pictures?

    Can I run 6s with these 3 battery’s ?
  6. Arrma Limitless V2 gets carbon parts, XLX2 2028 8s Monster

    Arrma Limitless V2 gets carbon parts, XLX2 2028 8s Monster

    new carbon sideskirt, plates in battery tray, receiver box covermade by myself
  7. Ugly Betty

    Infraction Ken block last picture hoonitruck hoonicorn

    Just one last picture of my bodys from Ken Block, 43ver
  8. brapsquatch

    Infraction Hi there. New to the Infraction and had a couple of questions.

    First, it's nice to see such an active forum and awesome members from what I can tell by briefly running through some posts and doing some searches. Nice community! Second, what an absolute ripper these trucks are. I just picked up the 1/7 INFRACTION 6S BLX V2 ALL-ROAD TRUCK RTR, BLUE and some...
  9. ian turner

    Motor mount troubleshooting

    Anyone know where I can buy this part circled in red at, or what the part number is I have the other 2 pieces
  10. RedondoBeachRC

    For Sale Arrma and Hobao VTE2 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Kits

    $150 shipped Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Kit: - ABEC9 (ABEC7 for the steering column bearings) - Silicon Nitride balls - 440c Steel Rings - metal shields - pre-oiled Sizes: 5x11x4 (2) - Diff house 6x10x3 (4) - steering 8x16x5 (10) - diffs, wheels, spur 8x19x6 (2) - diff house 15x21x4 (4) - wheels...
  11. #ARRMArcfanboy4life

    Infraction I need your help

    I want to buy an arrma all road car, but I don't know which one to get. I just plan on doing some street bashing and don't have any plans on speedrunning. I really like the felony's looks. I don't want to spend $1k+ on a limitless with some nice electronics. I have heard the infraction is the...
  12. RedondoBeachRC

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma Limitless, Infraction and Felony Titanium Springs

    Ultra stiff titanium springs for speedrunning. $10 each spring + shipping $5 or if you buy 5 or more free shipping Specs: - 39mm length - 60f-lb - made from same grade material as racing valve springs
  13. six7jedi

    Out of range programming

    Question: My cousin swapped out his Infraction motor for Castle setup. Is there a setting that he skipped to get the car to shut off when its out of range?
  14. IMG_2731.jpeg


    Arrma Infraction Mega with Vendetta body and wheels.
  15. IMG_2728.jpeg


    Arrma Infraction Mega with Vendetta body and wheels.
  16. RedondoBeachRC

    Protoform GTR custom color attempt

    Protoform GTR and me trying to create a custom color using Tamiya’s polycarbonate (lexan) paint. 1/2 a can of the Iridescent purple/green. However, I wish I would’ve done the entire can. Then I laid down a few layers till I used the entire can of Anodized Champagne Gold Usually with the...
  17. Arrma Limitless GT Fc100 Xlx2 2028 gets lots of upgrades, finally ready to go Speedrun

    Arrma Limitless GT Fc100 Xlx2 2028 gets lots of upgrades, finally ready to go Speedrun

  18. M

    Infraction question about bittydesgin destroyer

    i want to buy the destroyer but i have an infraction whit the stupidRc sideskirts. will it fir whit out the sideskirt to see. are the hidden i see the body is nerow at the front wheels . greetz for holland
  19. Infraction666

    2 Delta Plastic Fc100 GT Limitless body

    Finally got both finished for my Speedrun Limitless GT, hopefully my black foam wheels is coming tomorrow to get those yellow wheels off My favorite is this neon red and orange mix body My Spare body when the red gives up Lot of work in the blue and white one
  20. RedondoBeachRC

    Limitless The Budget Limitless Drag Build

    This is a drag build I quickly built using some spare parts. Includes: - Used Limitless Roller - Stock Diffs (3.308 or 43/13) - 46t Infraction Diff (1 mill diff fluid... I think?) - Spektrum 2050kv motor w/ 25t pinion - MMX8S ESC - CHNL 90C 6000mAh gplus 4S LiPo - Radiolink RC6GS v2 w/ R7FG...