1. real_name_hidden

    Two j concepts bodys.

    88 Chevy and a 84 ford f250. Requires trimmings.. I decided to go a different route then the typical truggy bodies. Enjoy. The last two didn't upload the first time
  2. Sledgehog Mk II.

    Sledgehog Mk II.

  3. Capture.JPG


    I know it's going to rub off on some crashes (specially with my driving) but I had to paint the wing to match. Hopefully I can find a RIT color that matches close and I'll eventually replace it with a white one I can dye.
  4. Sledgehog Mk II

    Sledgehog Mk II

    New Jconcepts Finnisher body on talion v3.
  5. Sledgehog

    New Jconcepts Kraton body coming soon...

    Was talking to Jconcepts on facebook to find out if a certain Finnisher body would fit my Talion. A day later he gave me the heads up that a new Kraton body is being released within the next week or so, and should be available at Horizon Hobby soon. Looks just like the Finnisher.