1. crofton

    Kraton Crofton’s Kraton v5

    So have purchased a Kraton v5, I looking at things I might need to add initial. Here is a list of parts, is there any I don’t need and I be doing other upgrades first? RPM Front Bumper RPM Rear Skid Plate ARRMA OUTCAST Wheelie Bar Set Aluminium 40.8mm Heat Sink w/ Twin Tornado High Speed...
  2. Uplift-RC

    Kraton Picked up my new 2018 #ARRMA #Kraton BLX 6s Monster Truck

    I have done a lot of research on 6s BLX trucks/cars and I just could not resist on grabbing the new #KRATON #BLX #6s! I already have the #ARRMA #Granite BLX 3s 4x4 w/ some Hop-Ups and it runs really good but I wanted something a little more beefy, more durable and a lot stronger all around! I...
  3. Eastwolf1228

    Kraton 6S Hard case vs soft case (for Kraton v4)

    Dear Arrmy, I've just sold my Granite and (hard case 3S) and about to order the V4 Kraton and a battery. Soft pack 6S batts are considerably cheaper than hard packs. If soft packs are safe, then why are hardpacks even a thing? Should I spend the extra to get a hardpack? My likely usage...