1. S

    Do we spray paint only the inside of Limitless body shell and not outside?

    I just wanna confirm that is what most people are doing. Other than preventing paint scratches and chips, does it have any other benefits?
  2. S

    Why Castle said 1515-2200KV is not recommended for Infraction or Limitless?

    It's mentioned here -
  3. S

    Does TP Power motor come with M3/M4 mounting screws?

    Someone here encouraged me to ask rather embarrassing questions so here I go. I plan to order this TP 4070 and it says "Bolt pattern: 4-M4-25." And I already ordered this screws set for Limitless but it doesn't say if it contains any M4 screws of 25mm in length. Anyhow, does the motor come...
  4. S

    Why TP Power 4080 has 117mm and not 80mm. Can it fit in Limitless V2?

    I learned that brushless motor size follows the numbering such as 4080 means 40mm diameter and 80mm length. But why they published the length as 117mm instead? I just wanna be 100% sure that this 4080 motor can fit in a Limitless v2. It takes 1 month for things to arrive from US to here so I...
  5. S

    Where did you order your TP Power motor from?

    I'm having issues with the sole seller on AliExpress (no stock) and eBay (not sure what is the issue but I already contacted the seller and they said there's a website error). Where else can I source for TP Power motors? I'm looking for 4070 with 2200kV++
  6. S

    Does it mean this TP Power 4080 will not run on 4s?

    I plan to order this TP Power 4080 2400kV motor for Limitless - but it says 6s to 8s. Does it mean it can't work with 4s?
  7. S

    What spare parts should I order for Arrma Limitless that are prone to damage?

    Since parts take time to arrive, I thought of pre-ordering some that are common to break during bashing or speed runs. Could you share your experience on parts that you think I should purchase?
  8. S

    Anyone tried high-speed cornering with Limitless?

    I've been searching on YouTube and can't find any videos demonstrating how fast Limitless can corner. I wish to see how well it can negotiate curves on typical roads, for example. Has anyone tried it? What sort of speed did you get? And was the downforce sufficient to prevent skidding?
  9. S

    Recommended motor for on-road racing 1/7?

    I'm 5 months into RC now and after modding my ebuggy, and I think now I wanna get a Limitless now. I was thinking of getting the Castle Creations 1721 2400KV brushless but on PerfectPassRC site, it says "This motor is intended for single passes only; allow time between runs for the ESC...
  10. S


    Hi I have recently soldered the bullets on my tp motor. But some of the tin has spread to my plugs as you can see in the pictures below. Is this very bad or should i not worry ?
  11. Warby

    Limitless Battery options for Limitless V2 short battery trays?

    What other 4s high output batteries fit the Limitless v2 short battery trays? For speed runs. 8s. I already have 2x CNHL 120c 8000mah hardcase. Want to know my options but I can't find many. I know I can delete the battery trays or get a GT chassis to fit others but I'm not ready to do that yet.
  12. senton gt install limitless's diffuser

    senton gt install limitless's diffuser

  13. D

    ARRMA Limitless 53/107 on rear?

    Looking to turn my limitless into a drag car and was wondering if my Hoons dBoots 53/107 Gold would work as the rear tires. I have an 8S Limitless.
  14. sk.alk

    can I use tp 4080 2022kv for drag and what's the gearing

    can I use tp 4080 2022kv for drag 132ft I try my limitless today on 40 Sparger and the pinion 25 on 8s I didn't like it I see top speed but my acceleration is so bad
  15. Luke66

    WTB Limitless V2 Chassis

    I'm looking for a stock Lim chassis for as cheap as humanely possible. EDIT: It's gotta be a V2 chassis. Thanks, Luke.
  16. 20240203_165104.jpg


    Tonight's Lineup.......
  17. RedondoBeachRC

    For Sale Brand New Scorched Build Roller - $1200

    Ideally, I’d rather do this local as this would be a rather hefty purchase for the interested person. $1200 for a Scorched Build I started.. I bought everything before Scorched lower their prices 🤦🏻‍♂️. Definitely a huge money and time saver!
  18. enk_rcs_on_tiktok

    Infraction whats better infaction or limitless??

    idrk??? what do yall say>>
  19. samuelppeters5

    Infraction Dual 6s build

    Hello, I’ve looked in a lot of places but can only seem to find 1 or 2, does anyone build a dual 6s motor street basher / speedrun car. I’m looking to build one and know it’s not as practical as a single 8s but want to build a car that draws some Oooos and ahhhhs without breaking the bank. I’m...
  20. Steveninthe321

    Limitless Castle 2028 1700kv Limitless V2 with stock motor mount

    Wanted to shed some light on this subject and maybe help someone down the road. Incase your wondering you can fit a castle 2028 with the stock motor mount. You only need to purchase ARA320722 for 56mm motors. I couldn't find anything when I searched on here (maybe I didn't look hard enough)...