1. Freaking fast Arrma Limitless 8s, speed pull, drifting og lots of tire marks

    Freaking fast Arrma Limitless 8s, speed pull, drifting og lots of tire marks

    my all day beast on 8s
  2. chadanthony1

    Limitless Throttle issue?

    I just completed my arrma limitless build. It’s a castle 1717 1650kv (sensored) , mmx8s and rc6gs radio. I was out for the first time with it and for some reason it is faster in reverse than forward. Any ideas?! I can post pics of the project if it’s needed. Thanks in advance!!
  3. chadanthony1

    Limitless Arrma limitless pinion problem

    I purchased an arrma limitless and put it together. I was wondering why the factory 27t pinion and 34t spool do not come close to meshing. Motor mount is as close as it will go towards the spool. I even purchased a 30t pinion to see if the size difference would help and it still doesn’t mesh. Am...
  4. KratonKing1983

    First Limitless build

    Hey guys just a quick thread on a Limitless I just built for my kids and I. Powered by 1717 and MMX Running on 6s and 8s Gearing 27/34 Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I did the whole 100 plus mph XO1 and ofna gtp2e, but this chassis seems much more promising. There are a lot of...
  5. Horhe

    Total gear ratio on 4WD limitless! Abstract dilemma

    Hi all, First post here besides the introductory one :). Second of all, I have a bit of a struggle understanding some things related to the calculation of the RPM @ wheels. Here's the data: I am looking to calculate [email protected], for an Arrma Limitless. The configuration is the following: -...
  6. 221kph/137mph 💪🤪🤪🤪 finally past the 200kph🇩🇰😎 limitless gt goes fast

    221kph/137mph 💪🤪🤪🤪 finally past the 200kph🇩🇰😎 limitless gt goes fast

    absolutely stock about this new pb
  7. RedondoBeachRC

    SOLD / FOUND SOLD - $350 Arrma Mojave 6S Roller + Parts

    V1 Mojave Roller with: - New Typhon Katar wheels - New 10t input gear front diff (already installed) - New front springs - Random assortment of Replacement parts - EXB chassis braces, servo mount, stainless steel rear turn buckles, and rx box and battery holder - SLT3 Transmitter & SLR300...
  8. Arrma Limitless 8s gets a new body and a mmx8s

    Arrma Limitless 8s gets a new body and a mmx8s

    Universal color of chicken 😁😁😁
  9. Infraction666

    Limitless Limitless gets new body, ESC, motor, and more

    My all day limitless has been upgraded a little bit The max6 4985 combo is pulled out All the parts I'll put in it this time MMX 8s ESC HW 5687 1100kv 8s motor M3 motor mount and spool kit GPM alu chassis brace front and rear GPM diff holder New gearbox's with new gear New battery tray and...
  10. Furious Ferret

    Typhon Typhon 1/5 build

    What would be the best car for Arrma to make? In my opinion an 1/5 Typhon! :cool: Alas Arrma hasn't made one (yet ;))... To get my dream car I have to build it myself. Hopefully it can be a simple build and this tread can be a how-to guide to build one. First the math. What makes a 1/5 car...
  11. IPWR

    Question on parts to convert felony to limitless / infraction

    Hey Guys, New to this awesome forum and tried doing a little searching but could not find exactly was I was looking for. I got a felony for really cheap and wanted to convert it ( Since I have an infraction for drifting ) I wanted to turn this into a speed running. Asides from the GP5 diff...
  12. DSC_2414.JPG


    Mamba xlx2 1100kv in my limitless gt
  13. DSC_2404.JPG


    Xlx2 1100kv 💪
  14. Ivgot2manyRC

    Delta plastik C8 body

    So I decided on lame flake & metallic purple. It’s all in the prep work! Trimming wasn’t too bad but the body is thicker is some spots than others. The lines for the wheel wells aren’t exactly visible so I drew them on the outside on the plastic before I cut them, taking off the front splitter...
  15. J

    Proform body on my Felony

    Just got my protoform body, first time painting my own clear body so it has errors but im overall happy with it. i don't want to use the wing that came with the body any suggestions on good GT wings for this platform? Im thinking the custom rc upgrades carbon fiber wing but haven’t found much...
  16. Lawzy

    Limitless - Castle 1717 Motor and Fan

    There are a few threads floating around that provide some solutions to the best heatsink (and fan fit) for the Limitless. I wanted to do a fresh call out to see if anyone has found an 'off the shelf' solution recently for the Castle 1717 fit. I'm mid build and looking for the best solution at...
  17. Infraction666

    5687 in a Limitless, what gearing ?

    Hello there great people's Now I'm starting to get my limitless great to drive But it's not fast enough, I'll have a spool with 39 and a 34t pinion on the motor My combo is Max5 with a 8-12s Em performance cap 5687 8s 1100kv motor Vant 4s 100c 9000mah batteries for 8s Will i be able to run...
  18. Infraction666

    Diy carbon parts for the Limitless

    Hello there 😁😁 Is there some thread with homemade carbon parts I'm looking for inspiration for a Limitless Or show it here 🚀🚀
  19. joshjosh

    Limitless Batwing Limitless

    duplicate, please delete
  20. joshjosh

    Limitless JoshJosh’s build - Mods and Batwings, and other 3D printed parts for Limitless

    I started this post in the welcome forum, thought I’d move it here. I’m making some progress on 3d parts. I have the front wheel aero infills, the back wheel aero infills with rear side skirts. Then of course, the piece I’ve been working on, the Batwing. I’ve since found that changing to a .6mm...