1. Army_Vet_Rc_Addict

    Limitless Should I????

    So what do you all think I should do should I paint the stock v2 body and run open wheel this time around or should I go with a Gt style chassis and body like perfect pass or scorched chassis and delta plastics body? Any recommendations? What's yalls thoughts?
  2. RedondoBeachRC

    Limitless Arrma Limitless V2 - Scorch Build

    Started building this dream rig for a 🧇🧇🧇 I plan to do on FB. Started on the rear first, and I have to say I’m really digging these diff housing. They definitely make setting up the diffs easier and is less time consuming. TLR turnbuckles and Standoffs used as well. This build is going...
  3. cancelthefuture

    Infraction Probably screwed up, got Limitless v2 spool for infraction, driveshaft length help?

    I thought the limitless v2 spool would be a drop in for the infraction, and even checked the part numbers at the hobby shop. Apparently I was looking at the exploded views on the v1 limitless or something because upon trying to install the spool, it's pretty obvious this just isn't going to...
  4. V1 limitless

    V1 limitless

  5. Freshwatts

    Arrma limitlessl

    Practically locks up when I put the Diff cover on housing in the rear has anyone else had this issue ive had my limiless for 3 years ive never had this issue
  6. Fiercetatsu

    Limitless Would this work ?

    I have a off road limitless/felony/infraction It runs 8s and uses the 6s kraton arms, diffs and suspension. I was wondering if the kraton, outcast or mojave bumpers would fit the limitless chassis ? It’s dirty because I was running it late last night through the mud and bushes (with different...
  7. ArrmaSmokes

    Arrma limitless gets stiff wen going forward or reverse

    So I’ve been having this problem and I can’t figure out why it causes a lot of drag on the drivetrain of my cups and dog bones driveshafts are good gear mesh is perfect I just serviced all bearings with new ones but it only seems to want to roll freely when it’s NOT on the floor my differentials...
  8. Holy Cannoli

    Limitless ISO Limitless Body Shell

    Hiya 👋 🚙 💨 I am looking for one of those blue (or clear or maybe other color) Limitless body shells in the standard “formula one” style/shape. I have 50 bucks to part with. Just thought I’d take a shot if anyone had one laying around:) Thanks everybody!! ✌️
  9. Jerold

    Radiolink Receiver Options - Speed Run

    Does anyone have experience with other RadioLink Receivers? I'm using the Radiolink RC6GS V3 on my Limitless. I have a new build coming with an Rlaarlo AK-917 and need to add the radio. The current receiver, shipped with the transmitter, is the R7FG. Which is overkill with 7 channels. There...
  10. PaulLiu

    Infraction Infraction v2 or Limitless v2?

    Hi, I always want an on road car to bash, all my previous RCs are off roaders. Finally I'm ready to pull the trigger. I like the look of the limitless body a lot, paint it silver&black to imitate a Mercedes F1 car. Currently my LHS has an $140 off deal on v2 infraction so converting an...
  11. Konfucius

    Limitless/Infraction Owners - Suspension slop?

    Fairly recent new owner of my first ARRMA, a Limitless. Extremely long time RC enthusiast, coming from higher end kits I've noticed QUITE a bit of slop when it comes to the suspension components of my Limitless. Specifically the rear hubs and the suspension arms. There seems to be quite a bit...
  12. Arrma Limitless V2 gets carbon parts, XLX2 2028 8s Monster

    Arrma Limitless V2 gets carbon parts, XLX2 2028 8s Monster

    new carbon sideskirt, plates in battery tray, receiver box covermade by myself
  13. Konfucius

    Limitless Real Aero components for Limitless

    Ever wanted some real aero components for your Limitless instead of those huge drag walls they give you? I did.... I am what I guess you call a hobbyist aerodynamicist and an avid 3d printer. So I set out to try and create some real aero components for my limitless. I'm not promising that...
  14. Falcon730

    Limitless v2 building

    One thing I'm learning really fast with this build is my soldering skills sucks blew threw multiple connectors trying to get this thing together. Still got more to go
  15. #ARRMArcfanboy4life

    Limitless Arrma limitless v1 build.

    I finally decided to do a build log. So, here we go. Disclaimer: I don't take many pictures, so this thread won't have many pics. So, I did something stupid about 2 weeks ago. I live in the middle of nowhere, so I don't have a good place to drive it. This stupid purchase arrived on Thursday. I...
  16. Arrma Limitless V2 XLX2 2028 test pass on 6s stock 39t spool. 101mph 161kph

    Arrma Limitless V2 XLX2 2028 test pass on 6s stock 39t spool. 101mph 161kph

    #arrmalimitlessspeedrun #ArrmaLimitless #TopspeedRc #worldsfastestarrmalimitless #castlecreations #xlx2#horizonhobby#rckongen #hobbykarl#scorchedrc
  17. S

    Hobbywing Motor 5687SL (1100kV) on Limitless V1

    Just wondering if the Hobbywing 5687SL would fit on the stock motor mount on the V1 Limitless? (on any gear ratio)
  18. RedondoBeachRC

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma and Hobao VTE2 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Kits

    $150 shipped Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Kit: - ABEC9 (ABEC7 for the steering column bearings) - Silicon Nitride balls - 440c Steel Rings - metal shields - pre-oiled Sizes: 5x11x4 (2) - Diff house 6x10x3 (4) - steering 8x16x5 (10) - diffs, wheels, spur 8x19x6 (2) - diff house 15x21x4 (4) - wheels...
  19. #ARRMArcfanboy4life

    Infraction I need your help

    I want to buy an arrma all road car, but I don't know which one to get. I just plan on doing some street bashing and don't have any plans on speedrunning. I really like the felony's looks. I don't want to spend $1k+ on a limitless with some nice electronics. I have heard the infraction is the...
  20. Speed and drift day, Arrma Typhon Street Monster XLX2 on Hoons and 6s

    Speed and drift day, Arrma Typhon Street Monster XLX2 on Hoons and 6s