1. KiTris ExtremeRC

    SOLD / FOUND SupaHD 8mm Centre Drive Shaft Set Limitless/Infraction

    -SupaHD 8mm Centre Drive Shafts for the Limitless/Infraction I will only sell them in the European region (Germany would be preferred). I've ordered them from AmpedRC in Australia and they took quite a while. I couldn't wait so I already got another set somewhere else. If you're interested just...
  2. M³ Dual Motor Mount

    M³ Dual Motor Mount

    So you wanna go Full BEAST mode ? M³ Dual Motor mount for arrma v4s, limitless and infraction Hoons 🤘🤘 Limited stock 🤫🤘These mounts are for Advanced users 🙃 Use Google Chrome to translate to English Use the code "RcA" At the checkout for 10% Off Your order 🙈
  3. Arrma Limitless 1/7 Roller - Release Video

    Arrma Limitless 1/7 Roller - Release Video

    I decided to capture a dramatic video of the #Arrma Limitless 1/7 Roller. #ArrmaLimitless #arrmarc #horizonhobby #InnovationRC Sony A7iii DJI Osmo Action LEN...
  4. E

    Limitless Max motor length

    In the stock location what’s the max motor length that will fit the Arrma Limitless?
  5. hoonigan

    Infraction Is the Arrma Infraction and Limitless the same chassis?

    Hello Guys Im little bit tired. Been Painting My House. Also changed Brake Rotors and Pads in two of my real 1/1 cars. Got some Paintjob left. I need take a Break soon, just enjoy life. Drive alot RC cars couple days. To my Question: Is the Limitless and Infraction same Chassie? What i...
  6. K

    Infraction New Arrma Limitless and Infraction RC's!

    Someone knows what's up? I'm curious.