1. #ARRMArcfanboy4life

    Limitless Arrma limitless v1 build.

    I finally decided to do a build log. So, here we go. Disclaimer: I don't take many pictures, so this thread won't have many pics. So, I did something stupid about 2 weeks ago. I live in the middle of nowhere, so I don't have a good place to drive it. This stupid purchase arrived on Thursday. I...
  2. Arrma Limitless V2 XLX2 2028 test pass on 6s stock 39t spool. 101mph 161kph

    Arrma Limitless V2 XLX2 2028 test pass on 6s stock 39t spool. 101mph 161kph

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  3. S

    Hobbywing Motor 5687SL (1100kV) on Limitless V1

    Just wondering if the Hobbywing 5687SL would fit on the stock motor mount on the V1 Limitless? (on any gear ratio)
  4. RedondoBeachRC

    For Sale Arrma and Hobao VTE2 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Kits

    $150 shipped Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Kit: - ABEC9 (ABEC7 for the steering column bearings) - Silicon Nitride balls - 440c Steel Rings - metal shields - pre-oiled Sizes: 5x11x4 (2) - Diff house 6x10x3 (4) - steering 8x16x5 (10) - diffs, wheels, spur 8x19x6 (2) - diff house 15x21x4 (4) - wheels...
  5. #ARRMArcfanboy4life

    Infraction I need your help

    I want to buy an arrma all road car, but I don't know which one to get. I just plan on doing some street bashing and don't have any plans on speedrunning. I really like the felony's looks. I don't want to spend $1k+ on a limitless with some nice electronics. I have heard the infraction is the...
  6. Speed and drift day, Arrma Typhon Street Monster XLX2 on Hoons and 6s

    Speed and drift day, Arrma Typhon Street Monster XLX2 on Hoons and 6s

  7. Infraction666

    Typhon Limitless V2 Pinocchio spool in a Stretched Typhon Xlx2

    Been working on my stretched Typhon with a Kraton chassis and Talion body 😋 Mounted up with Xlx2 Esc with the 2028 1100kv big can motor now and those limitless gp5 diff with 2,8 Ratio The new longer Limitless V2 spool fits in my Typhon with 102mm shaft front and rear. The old shaft's was 112mm...
  8. RedondoBeachRC

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma Limitless, Infraction and Felony Titanium Springs

    Ultra stiff titanium springs for speedrunning. $10 each spring + shipping $5 or if you buy 5 or more free shipping Specs: - 39mm length - 60f-lb - made from same grade material as racing valve springs
  9. Infraction666

    Arrma Limitless V2 custom paint

    Yeah finished my Limitless V2 body this morning It's a candy red ish 😉
  10. Infraction666

    Limitless Limitless V2 XLX2 150mph ++

    Been working on my Limitless V2 this weekend My goal is 160mph at least 😁😁 I needed to swap out the motor mount because it's didn't fit the big motor , i don't have the 56 mount for the new Arrma mount Swapped out the 39t spool gear with a 29t, the front cup on the new spool is great, really...
  11. Lennart

    castle 1717 1650kv vs TP 4070cm?

    I need some help choosing the better motor for castle mmx8s ESC. I want to build a 1/7 track car. Weight is probably like 5.4kg, geared to 70-80mph on 8s. Pricing for either combo would be identical here in Germany (420€). 1) TP motor with 1800kv or 2200kv, weight 650 grams, 75000rpm. So the TP...
  12. RedondoBeachRC

    Protoform GTR custom color attempt

    Protoform GTR and me trying to create a custom color using Tamiya’s polycarbonate (lexan) paint. 1/2 a can of the Iridescent purple/green. However, I wish I would’ve done the entire can. Then I laid down a few layers till I used the entire can of Anodized Champagne Gold Usually with the...
  13. 230kph / 145mph Arrma Limitless GT Xlx2. New PB.

    230kph / 145mph Arrma Limitless GT Xlx2. New PB.

  14. Infraction666

    Limitless 160mph++ Limitless GT Fc100 Xlx2 is ready now

    After long time I now have this limitless for speedrun, hoping to get over 160mph then i would be really happy Also first time on foam wheels Just need to be checked for going straight then i go for it 😊 Running with Xlx2 2028 motor set Savox 2290 servo Custom rc upgrades titanium shaft...
  15. Arrma Limitless GT Fc100 Xlx2 2028 gets lots of upgrades, finally ready to go Speedrun

    Arrma Limitless GT Fc100 Xlx2 2028 gets lots of upgrades, finally ready to go Speedrun

  16. Jerold

    Limitless Battery location - Should I be concerned?

    After flipping my ESC orientation and making more 8AWG/8MM extension cables for the motor I found out that the motor wires are too high with the center mount ESC. Note the bullets for the motor wires are towards the back of the car. They poke straight up and high the body. So that was a wast...
  17. Infraction666

    2 Delta Plastic Fc100 GT Limitless body

    Finally got both finished for my Speedrun Limitless GT, hopefully my black foam wheels is coming tomorrow to get those yellow wheels off My favorite is this neon red and orange mix body My Spare body when the red gives up Lot of work in the blue and white one
  18. RedondoBeachRC

    Limitless The Budget Limitless Drag Build

    This is a drag build I quickly built using some spare parts. Includes: - Used Limitless Roller - Stock Diffs (3.308 or 43/13) - 46t Infraction Diff (1 mill diff fluid... I think?) - Spektrum 2050kv motor w/ 25t pinion - MMX8S ESC - CHNL 90C 6000mAh gplus 4S LiPo - Radiolink RC6GS v2 w/ R7FG...
  19. RedondoBeachRC

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma Limitless Roller

    Local Sale Preferred (90278) Los Angeles $250 Limitless roller
  20. Limitless goes crazy with Gopro, Hugh burnout

    Limitless goes crazy with Gopro, Hugh burnout