1. Arrma at an airstrip!

    Arrma at an airstrip!

    Featuring an Arrma limitless which hit 106mph, Kraton 8S and 6S, Mojave, Typhon 6S, Senton 3S and a guest appearance by my old BSD desert storm flux V2 (2S) ...
  2. Arrma limitless

    Arrma limitless

  3. Arrma limitless

    Arrma limitless

    Ready for Sunday
  4. suchtragedy

    Infraction Another Limitless-to-Infraction Build

    Welp just finished my first ever 6s truck. I must say that compared to the 3-4s trucks this has a lot more going on from an engineering standpoint than I imagined. Anyways here's the summary of my limitless roller build turned Infraction. Specs: - Hexfly Hex6 160A esc (6s version, sad panda...
  5. Arrma Limitless.jpg

    Arrma Limitless.jpg

    All set, just waiting for a test run day!
  6. Eastbaychris510

    Wow! Differential blow out! Only had the limitless one week!

    Wow! I’ve only had to limit less for one week, and drove it may be 10 times max. And I’m only running Mamba Monster X, with a 6s Arrma motor. I was going to put some time and effort in this one.... but now... I may not even rebuild it... Arrma tough my A&$!
  7. A


    Hey guys i have an limitess with the spektrum frima 1250kv motor and mamba 8s esc gearing 34T spur an 30T pinion an after 2 passas goes 103mph but motor is 170 degrees an esc is 70 fan hasnt even kicked on my question is will da kill mode / TP 4070 fit on da chassis without having to drill...
  8. bAdNeWs-89

    Best tyres

    Hi guys new here and new to the arrma limitless. im currently waiting on parts to finish my build. But videos I've been watching on the net there seems to be a lot of tyres blowing out at high speeds. Can anyone recommend the best tyres for top speeds and mid temps.
  9. Chrome and Red Typhon / Metallic Red and White Limitess

    Chrome and Red Typhon / Metallic Red and White Limitess

  10. J

    Limitless power options with max5

    I’m trying to set up my limitless, I put my old vorza Electronics in there And quickly figured out it’s not gonna cut it. I’d like to run the stock spur in the original motor configuration. Went out and bought a hw max5 and shoehorned it in on the passenger side. I’d like to run 6S but have a...
  11. 90756844_814718625700790_590015054909276160_n.jpg


  12. limitless4.jpg


  13. LimitlessTyphon.jpg


  14. limitless2.jpg


    I like fans
  15. The Red Baron

    The Red Baron

    Ready to fly
  16. Ti shafts

    Ti shafts

    "ScorchedParts" Infraction/Limitless titanium drive shafts..!!! Mmmmmm😉
  17. N

    Limitless Arrma Limitless diff lockers

    Hey, im building my limitless for drag racing. I already have my motor, esc, and car setup. I was searching facebook and saw someone who makes front and rear diff lockers for the limitless. Now my question is, do they actually help and if so what advantages do they have. These diff lockers are...
  18. Comp0

    Big Blue (Limitless build)

    I was fortunate enough to win my Limitless in a facebook competition. I haven't built a rig in over 15 years (Tamiya TT01) so thought it was a fun opportunity to go all out. Spec: Motor: TP4050 1700kv ESC: Hobbywing Max5 Transmitter: Flysky Noble NB4 Batteries: 2x Turnigy Graphene Panther...
  19. KiTris ExtremeRC

    SOLD / FOUND SupaHD 8mm Centre Drive Shaft Set Limitless/Infraction

    -SupaHD 8mm Centre Drive Shafts for the Limitless/Infraction I will only sell them in the European region (Germany would be preferred). I've ordered them from AmpedRC in Australia and they took quite a while. I couldn't wait so I already got another set somewhere else. If you're interested just...
  20. GMballistic

    Limitless What did you do to your Limitless today?

    So with the Limitless finally hitting the shores around the world I thought it would be interesting to start a thread for all the new Limitless owners to post pictures of what they're doing to their new RC's. Whether it be small mods, massive motors, new bodies or maybe just videos of burning...