1. Alexipc

    Felony New Arrma Models for 2022?

    Good afternoon, since thanks to this forum I decided to buy the Arrma Felony, before I buy I would like to know if anyone knows anything about the release of the new models in the Limitless, Infraction or Felony line? Thanks
  2. vetteman1000

    Limitless Limitless Firma 4074 2050kv Spektrum 150a ESC 6S 5000mAh 100C

    I was thinking about buying an Arrma Limitless and putting in the same electronics that my Talion EXB has: Spektrum 150a ESC Firm 4074 2050 kV motor Spektrum G2 6S 5000 mAh 100c battery Spektrum Servo S652 Spektrum Receiver SR6110AT Using the RC speed calculator online...
  3. Maxxpower1989

    Limitless project the flash

    For the following winter i decided to build my first true speedrun car based on the limitless its a work in progress. I haven't deciced which kind of battery's i am going to use but its between the cnhl 4s 9500mah when back in stock or the turnigy graphene panthers 4s 6000mah. The body i am...
  4. Z

    Firma 160a Combo Brakes

    I recently got the Firma 160a Combo for my Arrma Limitless, and the braking force is extremely weak. I understand that the Limitless has very tall gearing, but does anyone know if it comes out of the box with less than maximum braking force?
  5. Infraction666

    Bittydesign Seven65 Limitless

    Just finished painting this Bittydesign Seven65 body, it's a ekstra body for my yellow Limitless And some new silver Hoons
  6. DSC_3061.JPG


  7. Arrma Limitless 8s MMX gets new chassis, wheels and a lot of new parts

    Arrma Limitless 8s MMX gets new chassis, wheels and a lot of new parts

    lots of new parts like the chassis, wheels, wing, front end, complete spool, new axels, cvd at rear, new battery trayalmost everything plastic think to, new ...
  8. Infraction666

    Limitless Seven65 Update on my Limitless MMX 8s

    Yeah my all day Limitless with Mamba Monster X 8s with a 5687 motor It's has got new parts since last time i showed it Chassis, old one is toasted Wheels Axels all way around Wing completely Lot of new plastic Splitter Spool completely Bearings New diff completely front and rear Red wheel nuts
  9. BenBigfoot

    Limitless Limitless 8s spektrum

    So I bought a limitless with few upgrades and spektrum 160a combo. Not really familiar with Spektrum, I preferred Blx to be fair. What are peoples thoughts on the 160a? Good for 100mph plus?
  10. Wisconsin John


    ARRMA-CUSTOM LIMITLESS TOYOTA GT1 (8S-ELECTRONICS) - NEW Specifications: Drivetrain: 4WD (5mm) Shaft Drive FANS: QUAD 40MM TORNADO FANS SET ON MOTOR Final Drive Ratio: .85:1 Ratio with 34 tooth pinion and 29 tooth spur gear) Max Battery Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.8 x 1.5 in. (139 x 46 x 39mm)...
  11. TN-RC

    For Sale Limitless, Mojave EXB, and Granite parts *NEW*

    This Is combining my 2 previous threads and adding much more, with better prices! ARA320612 $32+Shipping (comes with 2 ARA330703) ARA320611 $32+Shipping (comes with 2 ARA330703) Retail $52.50 Mojave EXB Shock Mounts ARA320612 and ARA320611 (comes with 4 ARA330703(full set)) $60+shipping...
  12. RedondoBeachRC

    SOLD / FOUND Infraction Body $300obo

    Taking offers on this Infraction body I painted. Has some small flaws like some spots with overspray and bleeding. But for the most part, not really noticeable.
  13. 8s Monster Arrma Limitless MMX 👑👑 pure drift on GRP velocity 🤘🤘🤘

    8s Monster Arrma Limitless MMX 👑👑 pure drift on GRP velocity 🤘🤘🤘

  14. Freaking fast Arrma Limitless 8s, speed pull, drifting og lots of tire marks

    Freaking fast Arrma Limitless 8s, speed pull, drifting og lots of tire marks

    my all day beast on 8s
  15. chadanthony1

    Limitless Throttle issue?

    I just completed my arrma limitless build. It’s a castle 1717 1650kv (sensored) , mmx8s and rc6gs radio. I was out for the first time with it and for some reason it is faster in reverse than forward. Any ideas?! I can post pics of the project if it’s needed. Thanks in advance!!
  16. chadanthony1

    Limitless Arrma limitless pinion problem

    I purchased an arrma limitless and put it together. I was wondering why the factory 27t pinion and 34t spool do not come close to meshing. Motor mount is as close as it will go towards the spool. I even purchased a 30t pinion to see if the size difference would help and it still doesn’t mesh. Am...
  17. KratonKing1983

    First Limitless build

    Hey guys just a quick thread on a Limitless I just built for my kids and I. Powered by 1717 and MMX Running on 6s and 8s Gearing 27/34 Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I did the whole 100 plus mph XO1 and ofna gtp2e, but this chassis seems much more promising. There are a lot of...
  18. Horhe

    Total gear ratio on 4WD limitless! Abstract dilemma

    Hi all, First post here besides the introductory one :). Second of all, I have a bit of a struggle understanding some things related to the calculation of the RPM @ wheels. Here's the data: I am looking to calculate [email protected], for an Arrma Limitless. The configuration is the following: -...
  19. 221kph/137mph 💪🤪🤪🤪 finally past the 200kph🇩🇰😎 limitless gt goes fast

    221kph/137mph 💪🤪🤪🤪 finally past the 200kph🇩🇰😎 limitless gt goes fast

    absolutely stock about this new pb
  20. RedondoBeachRC

    SOLD / FOUND SOLD - $350 Arrma Mojave 6S Roller + Parts

    V1 Mojave Roller with: - New Typhon Katar wheels - New 10t input gear front diff (already installed) - New front springs - Random assortment of Replacement parts - EXB chassis braces, servo mount, stainless steel rear turn buckles, and rx box and battery holder - SLT3 Transmitter & SLR300...