1. Warby

    Storage charging urgency?

    Hi all, how important and urgent is it to storage charge lipos? Does it need to be done after use, at end of the day or only if they are not going to be used for a few days? I only have a cheap balance charger with led indicators at this stage so I'm manually checking the batteries with a...
  2. moldy bong

    Outcast how do you clean your RC's?

    So I did a quick search and didn't pull anything up in the forum. So instead of asking how to clean my dirty outcast I'll instead ask how you clean your Rc's. I have seen multiple ways on YouTube and in my Google search. I normally just throw it in the bathtub and spray away. But that was with...
  3. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Should i switch to xt90 connectors?

    I have a kraton 4s with traxxas connectors i know what your going to say arrma vehicle with traxxas conectors XD. I had a traxxas car before and i had all my batteries with the traxxas plug. I was wondering if i change to xt90 will i increase performance and battery life?
  4. J

    Can you run a 3s on stock electronics?

    My son has a brushed granite and he lost the battery. I tried one on my 3s 30c lipos from my crawler on it (yes i moved the jumper for LiPo). It runs fine at part throttle but after 5sec or less at full it shuts down. LiPo monitor never alarms and shows full voltage? Any answers. Can you run a...
  5. P

    3s lipo shut down differently

    Yeah guys, so I've been running my senton and I noticed that one lipo shut down at 11.6 each cell at 14% and one shuts down at 10.8 with 4% both are 5400 mah with 50c. And both are from the same company I think. Lhs put a sticker on it.... Any ideas?
  6. Omerta

    looking for a second battery.

    Hi, Arrma fam. Been looking at purchasing a second battery as one 5000mah 6s is not enough any recommendations been looking at hobbyking's following batteries:
  7. Eastwolf1228

    Kraton 6S Hard case vs soft case (for Kraton v4)

    Dear Arrmy, I've just sold my Granite and (hard case 3S) and about to order the V4 Kraton and a battery. Soft pack 6S batts are considerably cheaper than hard packs. If soft packs are safe, then why are hardpacks even a thing? Should I spend the extra to get a hardpack? My likely usage...
  8. OwensDad

    Typhon Arrma Typhon 3S Battery Recommendations?

    After long deliberations, I decided to go with the Arrma Typhon 3S. I don't know what my problem is, but I can't find many 3S batteries with the IC5 connector. The reviews on what I am finding aren't the best. I'm looking minimum 5000mAh and something larger than a 30C. Where are you folks...
  9. Big Rock

    Big Rock

    A while ago i bought myself the new Big Rock is one Hell of a Truck!!😜😜
  10. MidroTea

    Kraton Are these 3S Lipos going in the Kraton v4?

    Hello, i would like to buy 2 of these ( ) and drive with 6S. They go in the Battery Tray but only without the cover. Are someone of you build your own cover or fix the Batterys...
  11. hoonigan

    Storage Charging Lipos ???

    I have read people storage charge lipos even day before they drive next day. What is this? I run self about 3-4 packs day right now. Also my Kids have start drive RC. they do the same almost. Totally we run 10-12 packs daily with different cars. I have hell charge already everything. How to...
  12. Surchaufeur

    Lipo having sweet smell

    One of my lipo hardcase has a sweet smell to it... he is not puffy or hot he has been in storage mode for quite a while now. I can just smell it when i put my nose next to the exit of the wires
  13. jsytaz

    How to properly treat lipos

    So I know about charging with a proper charger at the correct rate and all that, and that you should “storage charge” when not using for awhile. I have a protek rc prodigy charger which makes it easy. So my question is about charging a lipo when it’s not “dead” Say I properly charge up my 4s and...
  14. SSSF

    LIPO discharger

    I got fed up with discharging my LIPOS at home after crashing my car. It takes hours to do on most LIPO chargers, especially if multiple batteries need to be discharged back to storage voltage. So i decided to create a circuit that discharges a LIPO. design principles: safe easy to use set...
  15. E

    Typhon 3s battery question

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is room in the Typhon body to stack 2 3s shortie lipos (the short lipos are thicker than the regular size), anyone know? Thank you!
  16. Knust

    Outcast Lipo's getting hot

    Anyone have issues with lipo's getting hot? I run 4s in my Outcast turned into a Kraton. 2 5200 50c batteries. They get around 140-145 at the end of a bash. I run a 16t pinion, motor is around 140, and esc is around 130.
  17. Surchaufeur

    2 2s lipos in series

    I recently had a rustler 4x4 vxl and i had a 6000mah 7.4v 60c lipo. Now it has been sold i have an arrma 4s kraton blx and im stuck running it on 3s i only have one pack. I was wondering can i buy another 6000mah 60c 7.4v of the same brand and run them in series? The pack i have is 2-3 months...
  18. stuartd

    Time to replace ?

    Any advice on whether this is ok or time to get rid?
  19. L

    Can I plug batteries with different mah in my Kraton V4?

    Hi, I have 2 Voltz 3s batteries with 3600 mah and just bought 2 Voltz 3s batteries with 5000mah. I expected to be able to fit the 2 5000mah together in my Kraton but they are too high unfortunately. Can I combine a 3600mah and a 5000mah together without damaging the batteries or the Kraton...
  20. Tskluzak

    Kraton Do I need to dispose of my Lipo?

    Hi Guys, I have a 4S Lipo that has one cell dropping really low. Went out to drive and and LPV today. 3 of the cells were at 3.8 and 1 cell was at 3.47. Tries to put it in storage mode and the low cell is slowly going up. After an hour and a half it’s up to 3.63. Not sure if I am wasting my...