1. P

    Lipo charger

    What's the best budget lipo charger, I no you get what you pay for but I need to find a good cheap on of a good used one to have till about feburary an then I will be able to buy a good one any help greatly appreciated
  2. CrashBoom

    So 6S is insane

    I took my Notorious out for quick maiden run tonight . . . crazy! I've never driven anything over 3S, and that is a not overly fast 6x6. I learned there is a fine line between doing a wheelie and completely launching the Notorious onto it's back. On an unrelated note, the real-steel effect...
  3. Jeremy in WI

    ISDT Q6 finally set up

    I wanted this to end up as a travel charger for our ridiculous amount of camping trips we do every year. I think it turned out pretty decent. I used a parts bin from work (I hope they don't miss it) and vented for the power supply. It packs up nice, and I can use it for a few batteries in...
  4. F

    Battery charging question... Please help

    I got the SKYRC D400 and I want to parallel charge 2 True Spec Premium 11.1V 5400mAh 135Amps/90C on one port and True Spec Premium 22.2V 7400mAh 149Amps/90C with G10 plates on the other port. What settings do I put in the charger for each port? Thanks Alex
  5. W

    Do LiPo's really blow up that much?

    I've been out of the hobby for 20 or so years. I'm coming back and a lot has changed. The articles I've read about LiPo's makes them sound like grenades ready to go at any moment. My questions are, do LiPo's really blow up a lot? If charged properly, are they safe? Where do you guys recommend...
  6. R

    Venom duo pro

    When setting up a battery for long term storage..when the battery is still fully charged do i discharge it down to 3.7v or do i just put it in storage mode and the charger will take it down to the required voltage..
  7. S

    My Tutorial on changing your LiPo connector to an EC5

    This is the easiest and cleanest way to solder an EC5 on your LiPo battery.
  8. paulybatz

    How to store a LiPo battery

    What type of cases do you use??? I saw one that holds a few batteries. Then thought if one went. There goes all your batteries. Also do these things spontaneously go or just during charging and use? If they're in storage voltage, is there a worry???
  9. D

    Turnigy Graphene Panthers

    Anyone using these LiPos? And if so what are your thoughts on them?? Got a new Kraton and wondering the best battery to use. Thanks in advance for your advice
  10. NitroStar

    Gearing setup for 4s

    Before I start trying gears, this 4s vs 6s is new to me. So, if the stock 12 tooth is good starting point for 6s, then what would be the same good starting point for 4s batteries? Same pinion (seemed slow compared to my 8th scale buggy with 1900 kV motor), or the larger 14 tooth?
  11. paulybatz

    Lipo use and maintenance

    I am not Sure what to do with the battery. I got the setup second hand. Not sure if the battery is 100 % How do I check it Also how do you maintain a battery / etc. I charged it last night. Ran it last night for about 5 mins and today for 10...still has charge. Not sure if you just leave...
  12. S

    4s overheat issue

    Hello so i have a issue with my new outcast have about 15 batteries through it im running 4s on my outcast with stock gearing and it gets up to 200 sometimes with mild bashing i checked for resistance and gear mesh all the necessities and everything checks out the esc never goes past 110 i...
  13. RC Surfer

    Granite 4x4 3s BLK 1st upgrades

    1st upgrades....Loki aluminum locking wheel nuts (since one disappeared) and I added a Castle motor fan to the existing Arrma heat sink. Figured it was better adding it to the giant heat sink than to remove it and strap it right to the motor.
  14. Vulcan603

    Swollen lipo on first charge :(

    Sad to report I still have not driven the Senton since buying it last week. Just charged my new Basher Lipo at 1c and this happened !! I not have a near fully charged lipo in the garage with what appears to be a faulty swollen cell. I have raised with hobbyking and given evidence. My...
  15. B

    Zeee 2s lipo battery

    Has anybody have any time on these batteries" Never owned lipos. They will be for an Arma Senton 4x4 BLX 3s. I...
  16. D

    Can I use a 11.1v 3s battery on my sons Arrma Senton

    I ordered a 7.4v 2s battery and I received a 11.1v 3s will this damage the electronics on his senton or will it be fine
  17. 2fast4u

    Interesting Lipo testing

    Just stumbled upon this. Not sure if anyone has seen it. Too much to post so just a link.
  18. jbl_91762

    Newb Question about 3S Lipo

    Just got back into RC's having nitro buggies for years and first time with Lipo. Im running 6S on my new Kraton V3 which are from Peak Racing 45c 11.1v 5kmAh. So I've read and learned to store lipos at 3.8V via internet. So I run the truggy till its basically at a crawl and figure ok the...
  19. S

    I can't decide which 4s LiPo to get

    I can't decide on what 4s battery to get for my Typhon
  20. bluedeval03

    Hobbymate D6 Duo Charger

    Anyone know anything about the Hobbymate brand of chargers? Specs look interesting on it, most impressive is the price at $149.90 which kicks in the skeptic side of me...