1. triplebeastalpha

    Putting out Li-Po fires with Washing Up Liquid / Dish Soap??!!!

    Anyone heard of putting out a Li-Po fire with with washing up liquid? Or dish soap for our American friends😉. Just saw this post on Reddit and it intrigued me, might put a bottle next to my charge station, just in case 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. FH-RC

    Typhon Typhon 6S - Raised Body for 2x 3S Batteries

    Hi guys. I thought I give you a quick info on how I finally solved my issue with fitting 2x 3S LiPos in my Typhon, hoping that some of you can make use of it when facing the same issue. The body was always too low and there was no way fitting these in. Here is the solution: Kraton front...
  3. Lorentz82

    Granite No ESC startup beep, lipo counting?

    Hi there :) just got my son a Granite 3S V3. Its an awesome truck but i have som issues right out of the box. We run it with a Spektrum 2S 5000mah 50c battery, also brand new. When powering on there is no lipo count beeping what so ever. All we get is a green led 1 blink, thats it. Also...
  4. michicrm

    Spektrum Firma 130A

    Hi all, I bought a Firma Spektrum 130a and installed it in my vorteks. I ran a couple of batteries and when I charges my lipos again it said that the cell voltage was barely 3V. I read everywhere that going below 3.2V will kill the batteries. When I looked into the programming of the esc I...
  5. AndiW

    LIPO voltage difference between two batteries

    Hi, after driving with the Outcast 8S EXB the two 4s packs always have about 0.1V difference per cell. One battery 3.5, the other 3.6 for example. The batteries are brand new 4s 6700mah, that i've just used maybe 5 times yet. Is this normal or is something wrong with the lipos? thanks in advance
  6. Cunningham1420

    Typhon Amazon Ovonic Battery Sale

    On Amazon if you search for the Ovonics 5200mah 80c 3s LIPO it went on sale today for $23. Don't know how long they'll be on sale but it's through Ovonics Direct and shipped by Amazon. I just got #3 for $72
  7. Snakey76

    Vorteks Vorteks MEGA LIPO

    Hope everyone is doing well? Just wondering what sort of size and power lipo with mAp you can run on the Arrma brushed systems?
  8. J.Rambo

    Lipo Charger. What are you using?

    Whats up Arrma Fam? I want to know what lipo charger the general population of "bashers" are using. What are you using? I'm not in the market for a new one. Just thought it'd be cool to see what the hot snot on chargers these days are. Anyway, I'm using: Dynamite Passport Ultra P2 for...
  9. S

    Smoke Detectors...

    Anyone know what Smoke Detectors are best for Lipo fires? Searching found there are 3 types of smoke alarms on the market: ionization, photoelectric and a combination of both. However, my searching really hasn't shown which type is most use full in the event of a lipo fire or if either are any...
  10. D

    2s lipo wont charge (Dissconnet Battery) on charger

    Any idea why this Zeee 2s lipo won't charge ? I check each cell and they are both around 3.75v Any help would be great rather not throw away a lipo that was used about 4 times
  11. ChriswithaC

    Vorteks Boost motor upgrade!!!!!

    Hey guys and this is my official first post here so be gentle lol 😂. Ok so after a 15/16 year break from the RC hobby I've come back to it and my brilliant wife has just purchased and preorderd the brand new Arrma Vorteks Boost in red for me ( lucky boy eh ) . As I used to race 1/10th touring...
  12. Draven

    SOLD / FOUND DFW - Granite 3s Hobbywing Max10 SCT, 5000mah 3s lipo, extra body, spare parts

    Album $220 cash or zelle only, pick up in Lewisville TX. It needs receiver, transmitter, battery charger. Selling to fun rock crawler build. Arrma granite 4x4 brushless with more than $250 in upgrades. -Hobbywing EZRun MAX10 SCT Sensorless Brushless ESC/3660SL Motor Combo (3200kV) -Hot...
  13. Hector_Fisher

    How do you repair a lipo hard case?

    I think the battery holder in the kaiju isn't taken care of my batteries like it should. Both packs look pretty mangled. Granted I had some hard hits today (broke my front bumper), the truck is still fine. Guess the kaiju just took out the abuse on the batteries. Should I just pull the pack out...
  14. Knightfall

    Spektrum S155 and S150 don't see my Spektrum G2 Lipo

    This battery is only a couple of months ago, and maybe 15 charges? Suddenly neither my Spektrum S155 or S150 "see" one of my G2 batteries. The other one is fine and charged without an issue. I went for my usual run this morning in my Mojave. Nothing seemed out of the norm and I had my usual...
  15. LudeNation

    Senton Balance Discharging/Dating Lipos & Voltage Log.

    One of my Spektrum lipos died after 3 months and maybe 4 or 5 charges. Cell 2 went bad. To help hopefully prevent that from happening again I purchased a Venom Pro lipo Checker. Making a volts log per cell & all, with lipo packs dated of arrival(last pik). Any tips I should know, as I'm now...
  16. C

    LiPo Storage Help

    So I‘ve always used my Traxxas balance charger for my Hoovo lipos and when storing, it discharges them to half capacity (3.85v/cell). I recently got a new charger: the Tenergy TB6B. It’s great, but when I put my lipos through the store function it only discharges them to 3.92-3.95v/cell...
  17. C

    Kraton LiPo Storage help

    So I‘ve always used my Traxxas balance charger for my Hoovo lipos and when storing, it discharges them to half capacity (3.85v/cell). I recently got a new charger: the Tenergy TB6B. It’s great, but when I put my lipos through the store function it only discharges them to 3.92-3.95v/cell...
  18. WoodiE

    What is your RC LiPo of choice in 2022

    This is the 2022 version of the "What is your RC LiPo battery of choice"... yeah it's March and I'm a little late, but it's better than never. ;) :D Since RC LiPo companies come and go and RC LiPo batteries technologies are constantly changing and improving. We are doing an annual thread and...
  19. Luckyboots420

    Hey where to plug blalace plug

    Hi hoping this is an easy question I have a S150 spektrum charger I bought with my arrma granite. It came with a smart battery. Well a friend of mine gave me a battery with a balance port problem is the plug on the battery has 3 prongs and the charger has 5 prongs
  20. MZA-4x4

    Typhon Battery and Charger Advice/Questions

    Hello All, I have a 3 Typhon Mega V3s that I'm slowly upgrading (me and my sons just got these for xmas). I purchased a couple of 2s, 5200mAh, 50C LiPos to use with the stock setup to have more batteries/more power & Capacity. I have a few questions/concerns about LiPos and wanted to get your...