1. MZA-4x4

    Typhon Battery and Charger Advice/Questions

    Hello All, I have a 3 Typhon Mega V3s that I'm slowly upgrading (me and my sons just got these for xmas). I purchased a couple of 2s, 5200mAh, 50C LiPos to use with the stock setup to have more batteries/more power & Capacity. I have a few questions/concerns about LiPos and wanted to get your...
  2. 6sKratonV1

    Kraton Mamba monster x ruining lipos?

    So I have a kraton 6s with a mamba monster x and a 1515 1650kv motor. I used a powerhobby 5000mah 100c battery and it caught fire. I got new battery straps and ran my new lectron pro 5200 mah 50c battery, it didn't catch fire but it was hot, smelled burnt and was puffed. (It has since went down...
  3. Yazman

    Used Venom 3s 5000mah 50c or new Zeee 3s 7200mah 80c for Notorious v5?

    Sorry for all the "this vs that" questions, I'm a noob trying to thin out some of my stuff (keeping the best of course). All batteries are hard case and seem to be in good condition. The Venoms are second hand and a little grungy. Which one would you go with for general bashing (I usually have...
  4. jkflow

    Anatomy of a dead Lipo

    I managed to over discharge a Lipo (1.5V per cell) and the internal resistance (IR) on the middle cell went from ~ 3mOhm to roughly 7x. (21mOhm) upon recharging. Performance went into the dumpster right along with it. Naturally the higher resistance is a sign of internal damage and subsequently...
  5. T

    Batteries keep losing cells??

    I have 3 zeee 3s 6000mah batteries and 2 supulse 25w balance chargers and a blx 100 big rock, all three of my batteries have a low cell in them and they are all not even 2 months old yet. I let them cool when I’m done running/charging before I plug them back up. And I haven’t let them sit. 1st...
  6. osteph199812

    Can Big rock handle 4S

    Can I use a 4S lipo in my big rock or is it 3S lipo only. I’m just askig because I don’t want to buy a 4S lipo and it now work.
  7. S

    Thoughts on charging vs storage

    Been doing a ton of reading on all the threads in the forum around lipo storage, etc. thank you to all. I currently have 1 bat-safe on order and was about to order a second. Then I started thinking that i will be getting a lot more batteries and that will get expensive really fast. Now I'm...
  8. Bandit_VI

    Kraton Hobbywing Max 5 1100kv cutting out on 6s, Went up in smoke on 8s (read full thread)

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, I just got a k8 exb with a Hobbywing Max 5 1100 kv combo in it, and I tried to just make sure everything was working properly. I only have 3s 30c 5000 mAh batteries at the moment to test it, so I only ran it on 6s. I noticed that often when I would full throttle it...
  9. Prisma

    Is this Lipo safe to use?

    Hey everyone, I just pulled the battery pack out of my Granite and I've noticed the front is a little deformed. Is this pack safe to use? The damage is quite minimal, or at least it seems to be the case.
  10. Trixxstrr

    Lipo cell not reading

    So I have a 3S pack where the balance lead broke when I was out running, and made sparks when the balance wires touched. So I got a new balance wire end and cut off the old broken end and spliced it back up to the new end, but now when I connect it to the charger one of the cells reads 0. I...
  11. Prisma

    Granite Softcase lipo protection

    Hey everyone, I just upgraded my granite's slipper clutch and got my first 3S softcase lipo, only thing is; I'm quite worried about it getting dented or punctured. So the question is: how do you protect your softcase lipos? Is it okay to use bubble wrap/tape or something? Any ideas greatly...
  12. Dreary

    Arrma Typhon 3s Battery Options

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of getting a arrma typhon 3s and I have this question for you guys before I buy it. I have heard many stories of lipo fires and I don't really wanna risk it so is it possible to use two nimh batteries in series instead of a 3s lipo? Will the voltage be the same or will...
  13. KAITvsk Racing

    Do NOT buy ZOP Power LiPo batteries

    I share my experience with ZOP Power LiPO batteries. It all started on Dec / 19/2020 I bought from ZOP Power 14.8V 5000mAh 60C 4S Lipo Battery The goods arrived on 2020-12-30 and at the beginning I was satisfied with the purchase. The batteries were decent and I also rated 5+...
  14. criav

    Safe temperatures for LiPo and Spektrum Smart high temp exception

    I am using the Bat-Safe to charge my LiPos (and to store some of them). Yesterday was quite hot the whole day and I was charging my Spektrum Smart LiPos (2x 5000 mAh, 100C, 3S, HC) inside the Bat-Safe. All went good, no errors whatsoever, they weren't hot when I plugged them off. I went to drift...
  15. stevenwm

    Typhon Can the Typhon 6s use two 3S LiPo batteries?

    Thinking about getting the V5 Typhon and was curious if I could use two 3s batteries? Thanks guys
  16. snozberries

    SOLD / FOUND Mojave, Kraton EXB Roller

    Kraton EXB Roller Open box, never used. Planned on building this out, but selling off most of my collection. Includes 35kg Amazon servo and an RCScrewz kit. SOLD Mojave Stock electronics were switched with the Max6 combo. No transmitter or receiver. Servo needs to be installed. QS8 plugs...
  17. snozberries

    WTB Senton 3S V3

    Hey there, Looking to expand my collection and get something a little smaller for the backyard. The Senton seems to fit the bill for this unless someone has a recommendation. Happy to cover shipping, but probably won’t make sense for a lot of people unless they have a business account for...
  18. ColinLeonard688

    SMC or Powerhobby???

    I recently decided to change which lipo batteries and chargers I use. I used to use venom and I'm not very impressed with the performance of these for the prices. I have narrowed it down to two brands, SMC and Powerhobby. Does anybody have experience with one or both and can share some pros or cons?
  19. ColinLeonard688

    Best Lipo Batteries/Brands???

    I have been using venom batteries for a long time now and I really do not like them. Their prices are really high for the performance I get out of them. I want to switch battery brands but I always change my mind about who to go with. I'm stuck between Power Hobby, gensacearespammers, SMC, and Spektrum...
  20. Volasko

    First time LIPO Issue, should I be worried?

    Can someone provide some guidance on an issue I'm having with a GENACE 3S Lipo. When I plug it into my new DOTA D6 it won't even read the 3rd cell. I already opened up the connection end softpack and took the readings right from the high gauge wire to eliminate a balance plug wire issue. is it...