1. ColinLeonard688

    SMC or Powerhobby???

    I recently decided to change which lipo batteries and chargers I use. I used to use venom and I'm not very impressed with the performance of these for the prices. I have narrowed it down to two brands, SMC and Powerhobby. Does anybody have experience with one or both and can share some pros or cons?
  2. ColinLeonard688

    Best Lipo Batteries/Brands???

    I have been using venom batteries for a long time now and I really do not like them. Their prices are really high for the performance I get out of them. I want to switch battery brands but I always change my mind about who to go with. I'm stuck between Power Hobby, gensacearespammers, SMC, and Spektrum...
  3. Volasko

    First time LIPO Issue, should I be worried?

    Can someone provide some guidance on an issue I'm having with a GENACE 3S Lipo. When I plug it into my new DOTA D6 it won't even read the 3rd cell. I already opened up the connection end softpack and took the readings right from the high gauge wire to eliminate a balance plug wire issue. is it...
  4. Prisma

    Battery connector question

    Hello everyone, I was wondering about the connectors on some of the batteries I'd like to get. The question is; if a battery comes with pre supplied 4mm bullet to deans cables, can I just get similar cables with ec3s on the ends? Or will it cause trouble. Thanks for any advice in advance
  5. WoodiE

    What is your RC LiPo of choice in 2021

    RC LiPo companies come and go (rip SPC) and RC LiPo batteries are constantly changing and improving. So to stay current, we are doing an annual thread and what to know what you thank are the best RC LiPo batteries. Tell us which LiPo batteries have offered you the best performance, lifespan and...
  6. S1mon

    ISDT Q8 not charging lipo’s, failing buck (self)test

    My ISDT Q8 doesn’t charge my LIPO (3S, different brands) anymore. The batteries are correctly recognised (showing number of cells, voltage etc). Once I start charging, it changes to the “charge” screen and the timer starts but nothing else happens. The A and mAh remain at zero, regardless of how...
  7. R

    Just picked up a Kraton 8S, need battery recommendations!

    Hi fellas! So with the help of this forum, I made my decision between the Losi DBXL-E 2.0 and the Kraton 8S. My main deciding factors were the input from all of you and also the countless videos of watching DBXL's rolling/flipping over when at speed. Now, I still haven't ruled out...
  8. davetron22

    Battery Quality, Best Choice

    All my lipo batteries, both 2s and 3s, are venom batteries. I'm wondering if that's a good choice? They work great and have been durable but I'm wondering if I'm paying for the name so to speak? I jump my vehicles constantly and run them hard. Also does the c rating really matter? My 100c...
  9. Resu

    Is it time to say goodbye...

    ... To my lipo or may I still use it without risks? I'm not that sure but cells voltage and internal resistance is still fine.
  10. L3phturn

    Battery temps 4S vs. 6S

    Hi Asylum peeps. So I have this new Notorious 6S. LOVING it. Only run 6 packs through it. So far only on 4S. A single HRB 5000 mAh 50C. Yesterday evening we had our longest bash session yet and I was checking temps. We ran the pack down to 3.7v /cell. After the run I noticed the battery itself...
  11. Leewilson7

    Granite 3s Lipo for EZrun Max10 with 3660 motor at 3200kV

    So, I recently upgraded to the EZrun Max10 with 3660 motor / 3200kV. I’m a little paranoid about buying a 3s battery now. The 2s battery I bought for the Arrma Granite Mega was 100C. That turned out to be way too high of a discharge rate and I quickly burned up the stock brushed motor -...
  12. N

    Help Me Pick A Charger + LiPos for Kraton 6S

    Update 7/23/20 : Purchased HOTA D6+ per many of your reccomendations. I'm still looking for good Lipos and preferably on Amazon with Prime Shipping. 7/13/20 I just picked up a used Kraton 6S V4 and got one run on it before breaking the front bumper. While I'm waiting on parts, I am in need of a...
  13. E

    ISDT Q8 2/4pcs

    I recently bought an ISDT Q8 and after charging a couple of batteries I noticed that it said 2/4pcs on the screen for a second I thought it was how many batteries I had charged but I have done at least 3 so does anybody know what it means
  14. E

    Typhon Arrma Typhon 3s battery tray

    I recently purchased my first arrma model and already have several lipos most of which are slightly too large to fit in the batter tray (I have 4 of the same model it is around 6 1/4 inches long) and was wondering if anybody knew how to extend the battery tray
  15. JDarby05

    Kraton 7600mah LiPo battery but the charger maxes out at 7amps

    I have a quick question I was hoping to get answered. I’ve done plenty of research but I’ve found one post that answere the question and I’m not sure if it’s right or not.. I bought LiPo 3s 7600 75c batteries to add to my 3s 5200 50c set. When I bought my charger from a hobby shop I was...
  16. Y

    Granite Arrma Voltage Motor Mounts, and multiple Li-Po battery packs

    The title pretty much sums up my post. Hoping to find a link or something to a replacement motor mount for the Voltage and some ways to put in 2 Li-Po packs. Thanks! (First Post)
  17. T

    Senton Red light blinking on brand new Senton

    I have a brand new Senton and the red light is flashing on the ESC. I am running a LiPo battery and I got it to work but shortly after I crashed it and needed a part that I had to wait 8 weeks to get. I put the new steering knuckle on it and when I turned it back on the red light was flashing...
  18. Arrma92

    Battery cell issues

    I just purchased another rig ( kration 8S ) With that a few new batteries.X2 Dynamite - 5000mah 4s & X2 gensacearespammers 7200mah 4s. Both battery sets have about 10 runs on them. I’ve always used them in matching sets. Always been stored and balanced charged. 3 days ago I had to return one of the gen...
  19. Close Enough

    What are your opinion on HRB batteries?

    Any opinions on HRB batteries? Wasn’t sure if it’s a get what you pay for deal with them but they market to a lot of big RC names. They are quite a bit cheaper on amazon than compared to the dynamite brand.
  20. dillon_mitko

    Charging a LiPo w/o balance?

    The balance port came off the wires on my hrb 4S 5000mah LiPo and I was wondering how big of a deal it is? My charger has a mode that’s just LiPo charging instead of LiPo balance charge but is it going to ruin the battery? And if so is there a way to put it back on without soldering? Thanks in...