1. J

    Granite Granite 4x4 3s blx bearing swap

    Does anyone know where I can find a how to for a bearing swap in a granite 4x4 3s blx? I have a fast eddy kit coming in the mail and need to find where all the bearings are going to go. Besides the exploited view of the parts does anyone have a simpler way?
  2. Uplift-RC

    Notorious SundayFunday Maintenances

    I am going to be installing my #MC2racing 16mm ZRC Bleeder style shock cap kit. I only bought one kit b/c I wanted to try it out first on my#v4 #Notorious before i install another kit on my #v3 #KRATON. Also, going to be changing out my shock oil on both 6s rigs and a little glue action on the...
  3. W

    Senton Question about Maintenance

    Hello! I just bought my first Rc car and decided to go with Arrma Senton 4x4 550 (brushed) and I have a few questions regarding maintenance, what should I look for when using the car? Apart from cleaning it and drying it when it gets wet I’m not sure what else should I keep and eye on to prevent...
  4. 4TFour RC

    Senton BLX shock bleed?

    Hey everyone, fairly new to Arrma as a brand, and I'd like to know if there are any tricks or tips for bleeding air from the plastic body shocks on the 3S line. More specifically the Senton. I can't seem to get that last bit of air out to stop that "pop up" when the shock rod is pushed in fully.
  5. Uplift-RC

    Granite What does everyone use to clean after a day of bashing in the dirt?

    I just bought a new ARRMA Granite 4X4 and I just wanted to get some feedback on what everyone uses to clean up there trucks after a muddy bashing? Also, since this is my first ARRMA RC 4X4 Truck. what all maintenances should be done to it ? Thanks, FLSharkvictim
  6. Typhon

    Typhon Typhon spring cleaning/maintenance/upgrades

    As spring rolled in on me quickly this year i desperately needed to do some maintenance, cleaning, and upgrading. Found some worn out parts that got overlooked last season. I found a shattered bearing in a hub, a bent cvd axle, bent upper shock bolt, bad diff gasket, input shaft cups front and...
  7. LtGhost08

    Arrma Nero w/ diff brain maintenance

    Hello everyone. I have been reading a lot of the posts on this forum, love it here! I traded for a used Nero and I think I will be doing some service soon (shocks, diffs). My question is what are the stock shock weights and diff oil weights? and from there what should I use? I feel like this...
  8. dpricenator

    Kraton Cover me, I'm going in!

    So I have found the time to go in and do all the maintenance I have been wanting to do. The wife is going on a girl’s trip for Tuesday and Wednesday Nights. I am thinking that should be plenty of time to get through everything I need to do. It’s not a short list either, but it should be...
  9. WoodiE

    How do you clean your RC?

    I have seen a couple threads and even get emails asking this question, how do you clean your RC? So I thought I'd share how I clean all of my RC's, plus others can share their methods as well. How to clean your RC How I have always cleaned my RC's have been to use a 50/50 mixture of water and...
  10. A

    Nero maintenance/cleanup

    Hey guys, I just ran my Nero in some wet grass conditions and came back to a very messy cleanup. Just wondering how you guys clean up after a wet/grassy bashing session. I know the Nero is waterproof so is it safe to just hose it down? And should I be drying it out or just let it dry after...
  11. Julian

    Servicing / maintenance questions on Nero

    ok - I am still new and learning about these trucks. I wanted to ask about what servicing involves. How do I service my diffs? What oil do I use? Hell - what do I do? I also understand that I need to screw tight a few screws when I get it Monday. Especially the steering arm screw that Afro...
  12. Jerry-rigged

    Cleaning R/C bearings

    Running in water - A lot of RTR's - including the Arrmas - are Water Resistant. Yes, I know Arrma and others say Water Proof, but that is not true. My fishing buddies have a saying - water will destroy anything that is not water, or fish. :) You can't stop water, you can only slow it down...