1. Jerold

    Scheduled Maintenance

    Do you follow the maintenance schedule in the User Manuals?
  2. JustOutForARip88

    Kraton Looking for some advice on maintaining truck and links to parts that will fit Kraton 4s v2 blx speed monster!

    WANTING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BLACK FRIDAY SALES!🇨🇦 Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great day! I'm looking to toss a bit of cash at some cosmetic as well as any possible performance upgrades that will fit my Kraton 4s v2 blx for sure. I found alot online but no sellers seem to be sure if it...
  3. A

    Kraton 8s diffs issue

    Good afternoon, after a full service of my kraton 8s there are a couple of points. The first is the dangling differential cups, the second is the input gear in the bulkhead moves back and forth, along with the outer bearing. I don’t know if it’s worth leaving it this way, and what can be done...
  4. rumbot

    Granite Wet & dirty bashing: tips & tricks?

    Dear fellow bashers I’d like to setup my Granite BLX so it is as weatherproof as possible, so it’s going to require as minimum maintenance as possible. A bit of context: I live in Scandinavia, therefore will drive in mud, wet grass, humid gravel and dirty puddles at least 6 months a year. I’m...
  5. AristonC

    Recommend small/portable air compressor?

    I've been digging through old threads and found a few links to air compressors but most suggestions appear to be at 1 gallon or more. Where I live, I don't have space for an air compressor tank so I've been researching if something like the below would work together. AmazonSmile: Kensun AC/DC...
  6. MrT

    Granite Looking for knowledge.

    New to RC. Got Granite Mega V3. So much to learn and understand re maintenance and possible future upgrades. What are the best sources of basic maintenance/upgrade info that I could read/watch (apart from the manual) Don't feel like I want to bug you guys with the most basic of questions non...
  7. J

    Granite Granite 4x4 3s blx bearing swap

    Does anyone know where I can find a how to for a bearing swap in a granite 4x4 3s blx? I have a fast eddy kit coming in the mail and need to find where all the bearings are going to go. Besides the exploited view of the parts does anyone have a simpler way?
  8. Uplift-RC

    Notorious SundayFunday Maintenances

    I am going to be installing my #MC2racing 16mm ZRC Bleeder style shock cap kit. I only bought one kit b/c I wanted to try it out first on my#v4 #Notorious before i install another kit on my #v3 #KRATON. Also, going to be changing out my shock oil on both 6s rigs and a little glue action on the...
  9. W

    Senton Question about Maintenance

    Hello! I just bought my first Rc car and decided to go with Arrma Senton 4x4 550 (brushed) and I have a few questions regarding maintenance, what should I look for when using the car? Apart from cleaning it and drying it when it gets wet I’m not sure what else should I keep and eye on to prevent...
  10. Uplift-RC

    Granite What does everyone use to clean after a day of bashing in the dirt?

    I just bought a new ARRMA Granite 4X4 and I just wanted to get some feedback on what everyone uses to clean up there trucks after a muddy bashing? Also, since this is my first ARRMA RC 4X4 Truck. what all maintenances should be done to it ? Thanks, FLSharkvictim
  11. Typhon

    Typhon Typhon spring cleaning/maintenance/upgrades

    As spring rolled in on me quickly this year i desperately needed to do some maintenance, cleaning, and upgrading. Found some worn out parts that got overlooked last season. I found a shattered bearing in a hub, a bent cvd axle, bent upper shock bolt, bad diff gasket, input shaft cups front and...
  12. LtGhost08

    Arrma Nero w/ diff brain maintenance

    Hello everyone. I have been reading a lot of the posts on this forum, love it here! I traded for a used Nero and I think I will be doing some service soon (shocks, diffs). My question is what are the stock shock weights and diff oil weights? and from there what should I use? I feel like this...
  13. dpricenator

    Kraton Cover me, I'm going in!

    So I have found the time to go in and do all the maintenance I have been wanting to do. The wife is going on a girl’s trip for Tuesday and Wednesday Nights. I am thinking that should be plenty of time to get through everything I need to do. It’s not a short list either, but it should be...
  14. WoodiE

    How do you clean your RC?

    I have seen a couple threads and even get emails asking this question, how do you clean your RC? So I thought I'd share how I clean all of my RC's, plus others can share their methods as well. How to clean your RC How I have always cleaned my RC's have been to use a 50/50 mixture of water and...
  15. A

    Nero maintenance/cleanup

    Hey guys, I just ran my Nero in some wet grass conditions and came back to a very messy cleanup. Just wondering how you guys clean up after a wet/grassy bashing session. I know the Nero is waterproof so is it safe to just hose it down? And should I be drying it out or just let it dry after...
  16. Julian

    Servicing / maintenance questions on Nero

    ok - I am still new and learning about these trucks. I wanted to ask about what servicing involves. How do I service my diffs? What oil do I use? Hell - what do I do? I also understand that I need to screw tight a few screws when I get it Monday. Especially the steering arm screw that Afro...
  17. Jerry-rigged

    Cleaning R/C bearings

    Running in water - A lot of RTR's - including the Arrmas - are Water Resistant. Yes, I know Arrma and others say Water Proof, but that is not true. My fishing buddies have a saying - water will destroy anything that is not water, or fish. :) You can't stop water, you can only slow it down...