mamba 2

  1. sebcbien

    Mojave Mojave EXB - More suspension travel - Mamba Monster 2

    Hello, I'm looking more and more to the Mojave EXB. I thing it could be my next purchase. There is just one thing that I would like to see is better suspension travel, like in the UDR and Losi Baja Rey. I own the UDR and the way that this thing land after a jump is always "uh !?! :oops:" (even...
  2. E36Mtek

    Senton Senton 6s with mamba monster 2 combo

    any of you guys running the Senton 6s with a mamba monster 2 combo?
  3. Happy673

    Castle mamba monster 2 has driven me 2 the edge

    So I have a kraton with a castle mamba monster 2200kv 1515 motor , was working ok but was getting low voltage cutoff when a couple of times because some dirty pos at the hobby shop sold me 14 gauge adapter to run to batteries that I didn't need. I figured it out and ditched the adapter and put a...
  4. Kratonage

    Kraton Castle mamba x 2 motor and esc combo problem

    Anyone experiencing power loss under full throttle with this set up in their kraton?
  5. Senton 66

    What would you do? CC momba 2 or X

    Tower hobbies has a sale on castle creations products. ... $209.27 on the momba 2 and $240.00 on the X. Each come with the 2200kv 1515 motor. With the additional cupon $35 I'm looking at $175 or $205.