1. Ramjet

    Kraton Arrma Kraton V3 - Exploded view diagram with some pages rotated - Enjoy!

    Arrma Kraton V3 - Exploded View Diagram (Rotated) - I rotated some of the pages so all of them can be read on a computer without tilting your head 90 degrees. Enjoy!
  2. B

    Outcast Arrma Outcast manual (I removed all the non-relevant stuff)

    Hey all I made myself a short version of the Arrma Outcast manual and would like to share it with you all. I find sifting through the original manual a bit annoying as there's other cars included as well as other languages. All I did was remove the non-relevant pages and languages other than...
  3. Scion_348

    Raider Original Mega

    I’m looking for the manual to the original ARRMA raider with the black 70a brushed esc. It’s no where on. The ARRMA site and the ARRMA site has half its history wrong.
  4. WoodiE

    RC Manuals

    Hey guys I wanted to point out to everyone we have a resource for RC manuals. So if you're looking for an RC manual or have a hard to find one that you'd like to share then head over to!
  5. Mustangman66$

    Granite BLX reassembly

    I am getting ready to put my granite back together rear assembly and wanting to know if I can get some help with putting it back together. I looked all around for step by step and no one has no details on put It back together let me know what is the easiest
  6. WoodiE

    Arrma Nero Parts List and Manual

    Arrma Nero Manuals and Exploded views Arrma Nero BLX 6s Manual: Nero Manual (mirror) Arrma Nero BLX 6s Exploded Parts: Nero Exploded (mirror) Arrma Nero Parts List AR220037 - Shock Maintenance Set (2 Pairs) AR220038 - Diff Maintenance Set (1 Diff) AR310476 - 15t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)...
  7. N

    Noise from rear when turning wheels manually

    Hi, I have a new Arrma Fury that I have run about 4 times with no issues. Recently when I turn the rear wheels by hand I hear a ticking noise coming from the rear end. Is this anything to be worried about?
  8. WoodiE

    Arrma ADX-10 Manual

    Arrma ADX-10 Manual Arrma ADX-10 Manual
  9. WoodiE

    Vorteks Arrma Vorteks Manual

    Arrma Vorteks Manuals Arrma Vorteks BLX Manual Arrma Vorteks BLS Manual Arrma Vorteks MEGA Manual
  10. WoodiE

    Arrma Senton, Talion & Typhon Manual

    Arrma Senton Short Course Truck Manual Arrma Senton BLX Manual Arrma Senton Media
  11. WoodiE

    Arrma Mojave Manual

    Arrma Mojave Manual Arrma Mojave MEGA Manual
  12. WoodiE

    Kraton Arrma Kraton Manual and Parts List

    Arrma Kraton Manuals Arrma Kraton BLX Manual Arrma Kraton Parts List AR220029 - CENTRE DIFF SET 50T (1pc) S AR220033 - CVD DRIVESHAFT SET 182.5mm (2pcs) S AR220041 - F/R DIFF SET 43T SPIRAL (1pc) S AR310427 - GEARBOX CASE SET (1pc) S AR310428 - COMPOSITE CENTRE DIFF MOUNT S AR310429 - SPUR...
  13. WoodiE

    Arrma Granite Manuals

    Arrma Granite Manuals Arrma Granite BLX Manual Arrma Granite BLS Manual Arrma Granite MEGA Manual Arrma Granite Media
  14. WoodiE

    Arrma Fury Manuals

    Arrma Fury Manuals Arrma Fury BLX Manual Arrma Fury BLS Manual Arrma Fury MEGA Manual
  15. WoodiE

    Raider Arrma Raider Manuals

    Arrma Raider Manuals Arrma Raider BLX Manual Arrma Raider BLS Manual Arrma Raider MEGA Manual Arrma Raider MEGA (380011)