1. fabiankrieger

    Hobbywing MAX6 motor noise

    Hi, When I manually turn the pinion, sometimes I hear a click. Is that normal? Hear this video:
  2. Unusual

    Outcast EZRUN max 6 esc on new exb rtr outcast or v5 notorious

    Hi guys. Do you know if the max 6 with the 4985SL (1650kv) motor and esc would fit on the 6s outcast on notorious platforms?
  3. B

    Gearing and Temps Question

    Hi guys, just purchased an EXB and have a question about gearing. It’s currently running: TP4050CM 2300kv motor Max 6 esc 12t pinion 50t spur I’ve only run one 4s pack (all I have currently) through it just to check it over. The run was only in my garden but used quite a lot of full throttle...
  4. B

    Kraton EXB with max6 and TP 2300kv motor

    Hey guys, I’m new to the world of Arrma 6s so please be gentle! 😂 I’ve just bought a used Kraton EXB rtr which was reasonably priced; it has a max6 esc and TP 2300kv motor fitted (picture attached). Didn’t know much about the max6 but thought that sounded like a sensible combo. However, just...
  5. notorious


    Fresh build
  6. snozberries

    SOLD / FOUND Mojave, Kraton EXB Roller

    Kraton EXB Roller Open box, never used. Planned on building this out, but selling off most of my collection. Includes 35kg Amazon servo and an RCScrewz kit. SOLD Mojave Stock electronics were switched with the Max6 combo. No transmitter or receiver. Servo needs to be installed. QS8 plugs...
  7. DSC_1965.JPG


    My Infraction
  8. Giles3005

    Help please. Power and brakes keep cutting on and off for a second or 2. Also what upgrade springs/oil for EXB mojave heavy rig??

    Hi guys. 2 things: - Kraton v4 BLX with flysky gt5 - Mojave exb max6 1650kv with dumbo Some help please... having issues with throttle and break cutting in and our of power. It is very intermittent, sometimes it is okey but most of the time it isn't. Either on the throttle and try to...
  9. Uplift-RC

    WTB Looking for a good condition Max 6 ESC

    If anyone knows anybody OR if you have one thats slightly used, please hit me up and PM me! Thanks, Uplift-RC
  10. SubNova91

    Kraton EXB: Too close for comfort?

    So I purchased the M2C Racing ESC mount for the Max6. Well made and all around great mount, but the ESC is much closer to the motor shaft than I feel comfortable with. The mount says fits EXB and 6s trucks. Thoughts?
  11. Terrance

    Kraton Best fan setup for Max 6 Combo with the 1650Kv motor?

    Just wanted to get an idea for the best fan setup for the above mentioned combo. I see the Ntf, and Dust Devil combos which are on the expensive side for sure. What I guess I wanna know is are they worth the money or do you guys have other options that work fine without breaking the bank...
  12. H

    Kraton Max6 ESC Mounting

    Greetings all, I have seen that the Max6 has been an extremely popular combo on these forums, alongside a 4092 [I got a 1650Kv] motor. After waiting cause of the postal delays, I got a few upgrades , including the Max6 system. My challenge is that the max6 does not fit on the orignal esc...
  13. Lride Chart

    Kraton 3D Printed MAX6 fan adapters

    Bash on brothers. Thanks to @Slevin I have a functional adapter for a 40x40mm fan for the Max6. Great upgrade!
  14. E

    Big Rock Max 6 in a Nero?

    Well I ended up frying my BLX200 after abusing and mudding the truck very, very hard. So as an alternative and upgrade, I decided the superior performance of the Max 6, was worth the minor struggle of fitting it into the smaller space. Has anyone done this yet so I can get a few pointers, or am...
  15. Rcproponent

    Kraton v4 build

    Used to have the hobbywing max6 esc, a hobbystar 4082 1600kv 4 pole motor. Now I need to replace the esc that I stole... Have a max8 combo ready to go in, or just a max8 esc and I can keep the 1600kv? Which would be better? power hobby servo hot racing servo mount I’ve been having issues...
  16. Primarrma

    Infraction Infraction with Max6 and HobbyStar 4092 1480Kv on 8s

    So I got bored yesterday and so I decided to install my Max 6 and Hobbystar 4092 combo into my Infraction after I wasn't getting the performance I wanted with the stock combo. This car is a weapon out of the box and all I'd done to this point was change out the steering servo and tires. I run...
  17. Supershadrap

    Max6 how to fit on a Kraton, help please

    How do you install this beast on that small piece of plastic? Any ideas? I see many of you have done it but I can't find out how to do that. Thank you!
  18. xmartin216x

    Kraton 6s V4 Build

    Kraton 6s V4 Total "Beefcake" Mod
  19. Lumsdenaj

    Lumsdenaj's Notorious

    Watch this space.
  20. Zach

    Kraton Hobbywing max 6 and 4985 motor combo

    I have a V4 Kraton and have heard I may have to shim the motor mounts. Anyone know for sure if I will or won't have to shim to make the motor fit?