1. rumbot

    Granite Wet & dirty bashing: tips & tricks?

    Dear fellow bashers I’d like to setup my Granite BLX so it is as weatherproof as possible, so it’s going to require as minimum maintenance as possible. A bit of context: I live in Scandinavia, therefore will drive in mud, wet grass, humid gravel and dirty puddles at least 6 months a year. I’m...
  2. Arrma Typhon 6S & two Kraton 6S bashing

    Arrma Typhon 6S & two Kraton 6S bashing

    Arrma Typhon 6S & two Kraton 6S’s bashing in local dirt bowl The Kratons are fully modded and customised (Not mine!) with the Typhon as stock apart from Tbon...
  3. jhalpinjr

    Outcast Outcast 6S Mods for days-Quarantine Time Passer

    Hey all the build project has started: RPM: A Arms, Bumper, Skid Plates M2C: Aluminum Chassis, Shock Towers, Frt/Rear, Shock mount pins, Diagonal chassis Braces GPM- Too many parts to list here: steering linkages, hubs, servo mount, rods, arms suspension mounts Hot Racing: Aluminum Gear Case...
  4. K

    Senton Senton 4x4 Tire Rack Mod

    My 10 year old son got the Senton 4x4 for Christmas and loves it. He really loves the look of the desert racer type trucks and so ordered an extra set of wheels/tires to put on the back. I modeled up some simple parts and had a buddy print them on his 3d printer to make a frame to bolt the extra...
  5. S

    Senton Senton 4x4 Mods

    Anyone do any other mods to their senton mega other than the input or spur mod?
  6. InSaYnE

    Quick Nero Advice

    Guys i just need a quick opinion. I just purchased a Nero from tower yesterday afternoon. The order is placed but not fully processed. Due to the holiday weekend i do have some time to change the order. I just realized two things. One the big rock has all the heavy duty u joints and shock shafts...
  7. Raffa

    Raider My Raider XL BLX

    Hey all, I've made a forum post in the Build Logs about my journey into RC's with my Raider. I also posted a lot of information about upgrades and mods I did to my Raider including part numbers. Hopefully people find it helpful! I will be updating it periodically as I make changes to my Raider...
  8. Cconnj

    Chassis swap talion to dex8t

    so I looked at my chassis and it has a twist in it since I wrecked. I also had 2 screws pull through. Has anyone done a chassis swap with a dex8t? I have one on its way and was just wondering what I was in for. Thanks
  9. Timritchieblue

    Nero bumper mount fix

    I have been loving the Nero, while adding 50wt diff fluid, I noticed the bumper mount was broken. Was going to buy new,, but with HPI part #86048, it won't break again.