1. JFK RC

    Building Best Running Mojave

    What’s up Arrma fam!!!! New RC hobbyist here. Picked up my first 2 weeks ago at the recommendation of my brother (ZK RC) and it was an infraction. THING IS INCREDIBLE. Ended up buying a Mojave this week because of how much I love arrma and RC. This is my first roller, so I’m so stoked to build...
  2. smotley

    Mojave Need some ideas boys!

    So i have a Armma Mojave at the moment and as of late i built a 50 degree ramp....... which as we all know correlates to how much my wallet hurts due to broken parts from the moon launches.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: However- i geared up to the factory speed pinion and i need a better cooling system. I...
  3. O

    Hyrax for Mojave Here I Come!

    3 hours of painstaking work with a razor blade, drill set, and dremel set. Now I can run the UDR Hyrax on my Mojave without paying the $200+ investment into the Vitavon wheels which I've read rub and have design issues. $20 for a set of wheels that will work after 3 hours! Was it worth it...
  4. kyoto

    Pinion gear sliding away from spur

    Currently having problems with the pinion gear sliding down the motor shaft. The grub screw is using red thread locker and is tighten fully and isnt even getting undone. Yet the pinion is still slowly sliding. Any ways to prevent it? Is it because there’s no flat side on my pinion? (I am using a...
  5. kyoto

    PPS Grublock Mount W/ Spektrum 780KV Brushless motor

    Considering upgrading my Mojave to 8S with a 1/5 scale motor. Looking at the Grublock motor mount from PPS to mount the motor but the website doesn't directly say if it can support 1/5 motors and horizon hobby only provides the outer diameter of the motor. Anyone knows if it can?
  6. MambaSenton

    Mojave Post Your Mojo❗️

    Finally finished my Mexb, Would like to see others. Post a few pics, Pop the hood🤟
  7. Drjt

    Mojave Is Spectrum Trash? New Arrma Mojave electronics failure!

    I used to love Arrma... now I'm having trouble with every model... I should say with the spectrum components in 3 new models... first the vorteks steering servo, then the outcast servo and radio, now the mojave servo and esc... all within a few packs of running... It's getting so ridiculous...
  8. P

    Kraton Kraton XL questions

    Ok guys so i got myself a Mojave exb on trade recently and although i love the platform already ive just always wanted to build myself a kraton XL, and so my question to you guys is is it worth it to convert the Mojave over into one or should I find a kraton and go from there? Is it more work...
  9. DTW

    What is this wire on my ESC?

    Hey all, I am a Mojave noob and just finished running it for the second time and noticed this unplugged wire hanging off my ESC after cleaning. Can you tell me what it is? It doesn't have long enough wiring to reach the receiver and it looks like it plugs into itself?? Thanks, Dennis
  10. Moirae

    Mojave Mojave EXB: Do a barrel roll!

    lol the Mojave is awesome.
  11. tobmaster

    Notorious 4s battery vs. 6s for general tooling around

    Still new here, and new to the Arrma world and this forum. I did search quite a bit before asking this, but nothing I found seemed to answer. As posted in introductions, my son purchased a Notorious last summer. Soon after we rebuilt it due to an unfortunate mailbox incident, I decided to...
  12. 20220116_222601.jpg


    Just got done with a day of snow bashing!
  13. I

    Kraton ARRMA 6S FAMILY TREE?? Does one exist written down?

    As Above really... I'm New to Arrma, and bought a 6s EXB Kraton last year as a way to get back into RC, wanted the 1/5 EXB, but had to be realistic on size and ability/places to run it... (and my own ability to control it!!!) So I've read a fair bit around the Forum, and have seen multiple...
  14. Rob66

    New tire option for mojave ?

    Found these tires online : Anyone had any experience with these tires on a mojave 6s v2 ?
  15. Mojave OEM 45.jpg

    Mojave OEM 45.jpg

    Practice day on the grass track with the EXB.
  16. 6sKratonV1

    Mojave Largest pinion to fit in stock Mojave exb motor mount?

    So I ordered a Mojave exb and I have the mamba monster x 8s system with the 1717 1650kv motor coming for it. The included pinion is way to small so I ordered a 21 and 23 tooth (The way I calculated it a 20 tooth would get me slightly faster speeds than the stock rtr). What I was wondering is...
  17. Mojave OEM 4.jpg

    Mojave OEM 4.jpg

    From our IG feed; mojavevalleyrcadventures. Absolutely love this machine.
  18. Jason999

    Mojave esc problem SPMXSE1150

    Owned for almost a year now but has been MIA for about 4-5 months for parts (they take a while to get here). Finally have all the parts and plugged in the esc and it's just giving me steering and double green beeps. I've been trying to find out how to fix the problem for a few hours now. I've...
  19. Maxxamillion

    Mojave My Mojave - Track Existence

    Hey all, Just sharing my new Mojave ownership as of November '21. I normally drive 1/10 scale crawlers, but have raced 1/10 & 1/8 nitros years ago. This is my first go fast rc in a long time. Nothing ground breaking with my RTR Mojave. Just a track adjusted truck vs a top speed r/c. ...Looking...
  20. RCnoob21

    Sway bar upgrades

    Hey, finally got my new Mojave EXB all together and such, of course I’ve already split the sway bar link. Part number AR330483. Yes I ordered the plastic replacements, but does anyone make a metal upgrade?