1. Maxxamillion

    Mojave My Mojave - Track Existence

    Hey all, Just sharing my new Mojave ownership as of November '21. I normally drive 1/10 scale crawlers, but have raced 1/10 & 1/8 nitros years ago. This is my first go fast rc in a long time. Nothing ground breaking with my RTR Mojave. Just a track adjusted truck vs a top speed r/c. ...Looking...
  2. RCnoob21

    Sway bar upgrades

    Hey, finally got my new Mojave EXB all together and such, of course I’ve already split the sway bar link. Part number AR330483. Yes I ordered the plastic replacements, but does anyone make a metal upgrade?
  3. Mojave EXB with Proline Racing Hyrax Tires

    Mojave EXB with Proline Racing Hyrax Tires

    More fun with the Mojave EXB on the grass track.
  4. Mojave Hyrax 31.jpg

    Mojave Hyrax 31.jpg

    Mojave EXB with Traxxas modified Method wheels, Kyosho +11mm hubs, and Proline UDR Hyrax tires. Hobbywing Max 6 under the hood. Beastmode at the touch of a button.
  5. TN-RC

    For Sale Limitless, Mojave EXB, Kraton 1/5 EXB, and Granite parts *NEW*

    This Is combining my 2 previous threads and adding much more, with better prices! ARA320612 $36+Shipping (comes with 2 ARA330703) Retail $58.50 ARA320611 $34+Shipping (comes with 2 ARA330703) Retail $52.50 Mojave EXB Shock Mounts ARA320612 and ARA320611 (comes with 4 ARA330703(full set))...
  6. sebcbien

    Mojave Finally got my hands on a heavily modified Mojave EXB HW 1100KV MAX6

    Hello, I bought second hand on ebay (not very smart, I know :rolleyes: ) a Mojave EXB. The previous owner did made a lot of upgrades. The motor is the HW 5687 1100KV paired with a max6. He removed LSD diffs and put blx diffs The motor mount is a pps Scorched Rc inner fenders M2C shock caps and...
  7. Kire76

    UDR body onto Mojave

    Hi guys, today I broke really hard my mojave's body, I was thinking on using traxxas UDR to replace it, because it's cheaper, simpler than Mojave's body and both are 420mm wheelbase. Has anyone done this? Or know of any body that fits Mojave? Thanks
  8. KingKeif

    BLX185 and Mojave Questions

    Hello Everyone, First time posting anything about RC since being in the hobby since 2015. I am just now learning the details of the electronics since owning my V1 Mojave. I will try to be detailed and brief. Apologies if a thread was already created about this. The Questions: Has anyone with...
  9. 5

    Mojave Mojave 6s Servo mount flexing

    Hey all - recently picked up the Arrma metal diff housing and put earplugs in it - so nice. While I had the truck apart I was playing with it with the body off and noticed that the steering servo shifts a decent amount while steering. I saw an EXB aluminum steering servo mount but I also saw a...
  10. mandzakm

    Corner weights and spring choices for Mojave with Max6

    I built my Mojave EXB a few weeks ago and love it to death. I put in the Max6/1650kV combo. It's obvious that the right rear corner is sagging due to the extra weight. This is RTR with two 5000mAh 3s Traxxas packs, 35kg Amazon servo, DumboRC receiver and mildly reinforced body. Otherwise 100%...
  11. RC&recteq

    Mojave Mojave Front Flip Over My Head

    Definitely my biggest front flip to date! Love this thing.
  12. PureBobby

    Mojave Hey everyone new guy here. I bought a Mojave.

    Arrma. Brand new mojave, one run its dead turned it off after, not even half a battery of use. Now steering just twitches flashing red light no throttle. 1015$ in Australia. Bought it from ebay. Sorry to vent on you all but, first rc experience. Customer support here is limited. I spent...
  13. RedondoBeachRC

    SOLD / FOUND SOLD - $350 Arrma Mojave 6S Roller + Parts

    V1 Mojave Roller with: - New Typhon Katar wheels - New 10t input gear front diff (already installed) - New front springs - Random assortment of Replacement parts - EXB chassis braces, servo mount, stainless steel rear turn buckles, and rx box and battery holder - SLT3 Transmitter & SLR300...
  14. RedondoBeachRC

    Mojave Trying to fund a new build.

    What a good price to sell this Mojave roller? I wanna start a new build soon, so I’m trying to make some space and start my budget. It has Katar wheels.. only available off-road wheel I could find at the time. it does need a new input gear for the front diff.
  15. Furious Ferret

    Typhon Typhon 1/5 build

    What would be the best car for Arrma to make? In my opinion an 1/5 Typhon! :cool: Alas Arrma hasn't made one (yet ;))... To get my dream car I have to build it myself. Hopefully it can be a simple build and this tread can be a how-to guide to build one. First the math. What makes a 1/5 car...
  16. KratonKing1983


    Today I bought my 7yo a Mojave 6s setup and was running perfect he hit a small dirt mound with the left front tire and rolled truck. When I went to get it I heard the esc keep initializing. The servo as not working and when I moved it by hand the truck was totally unresponsive. The esc showed no...
  17. image.jpg


    Only Parked for a second.
  18. kSetuni

    Mojave Recommended Mojave EXB upgrades

    Hi everyone, Sorry if I missed it in the search. I also didnt see a pinned post. Is there a list of upgrades for the Mojave EXB? What about suggested builds?


    1650KV MAX 6, 25T, Scorched Goodies
  20. Here's looking at you 😉🤣

    Here's looking at you 😉🤣