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    Only Parked for a second.
  2. kSetuni

    Mojave Recommended Mojave EXB upgrades

    Hi everyone, Sorry if I missed it in the search. I also didnt see a pinned post. Is there a list of upgrades for the Mojave EXB? What about suggested builds?


    1650KV MAX 6, 25T, Scorched Goodies
  4. Here's looking at you 😉🤣

    Here's looking at you 😉🤣


    Mojave Mojave Speedrun Issues

    Some of you have greatly helped me out this build, and I very much appreciate you. I’m currently stuck in the 80mph range. To me it seems like the biggest issue is my steering. It’s really difficult to keep straight. I’ve tried adjustments for both toe-in/out, and neutral. Still difficult...
  6. Cirasa

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma Mojave Green Wheels & Tires

    I bought an used EXB that came with these RTR wheels/tires. The previous owner ran these 5 times, I ran them once on the beach and once on grass. I bought a set of stock EXB wheels and I'm selling these to recoup some of the money. Plenty of tread left and hexes are in perfect shape. Thanks...
  7. snozberries

    For Sale Mojave, Kraton EXB Roller

    Kraton EXB Roller Open box, never used. Planned on building this out, but selling off most of my collection. Includes 35kg Amazon servo and an RCScrewz kit. SOLD Mojave Stock electronics were switched with the Max6 combo. No transmitter or receiver. QS8 plugs. Might be willing to part out...
  8. Inside the Mojave

    Inside the Mojave

    Scorched chassis, v5 stock system upgrade, hotdog Kevlar bar, all tbone plastics, M2c chassis braces. Baby that’s all ya need!
  9. Vinyl wrapped mudflaps

    Vinyl wrapped mudflaps

    You see all that looking good
  10. Sleek and simple

    Sleek and simple

    Strong & sturdy only upgrades from here on out are broken parts lol
  11. kasey

    Mojave Mojave tie rod

    hello! my friends tie rod came out in his mojave and we can’t find the screw that goes in it. could anyone help?
  12. Dscracing1320

    Mojave Mojave Full Throttle Non Stop Dust Devil (video)

    This truck is a blast to drive on the ragged edge. Is it the quickest around my backyard oval? No. Does it make me grin from ear to ear? Oh hell yes! 6000mah 100c 1730kv full throttle non stop pack dump. I LOVE THIS RIG
  13. D

    Mojave Mojave differential maintenance

    How often do you check/replace the differential fluid on your truck? Also, does anyone have a good how-to video I can reference for the best way to do this? I feel like I took apart more of the truck than I needed to and wonder if there is a better/easier way to do it . . .
  14. colesrhot

    Mojave Mojave Tire Upgrade

    Hey y’all, new to forums but have some advice. I’ve got a Mojave 6s v2 and burn through tires and strip the inner plastic hexes all the time. Recently picked up the UDR Hyrax tires and am mounting them on some aluminum Vitavon beadlocks when they come in. Working at a hobby shop, I’ve been able...
  15. Dosx82

    Mojave So to all my arrma peoples

    I have been working on a Mojave exb build I have Kraton rpm arms all around Kraton drive shafts And steering links and turn buckles Iam running duratrax lockup 17mm 3.8mt Castle 1717 1260kv with 8s Kraton heat sink Working on getting fans installed mama a monster x 8s with power hobby 40mm x...
  16. WoodiE

    My Arrma Mojave EXB build

    So I was most recently very humbled in receiving an Arrma Mojave EXB. Sparing everyone the emotional story (thanks again... you know who you are!) I wanted to share this build with everyone, a build that will certainly stay with me forever. Model: Arrma Mojave EXB Motor: Hobbywing EZRUN 4985...
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    Mojave exb beastmode
  18. Peejwk

    Mojave To mojave exb or blx?

    So I keep thinking about the mojave and just know I'm gonna end up getting one....tommarro hah. What I'm trying to figure out though is which one. What I would like to do is buy a blx and take the spektrum 150 out, put it in my exb kraton, and take the spektrum 8s electronics out my kraton and...
  19. Mooke

    Mojave Mojave EXB hard to control on grass under heavy acceleration?

    Hi there! I've had a Mojave EXB for approx 3 months but I've recently has an issue with it veering off under "heavy" acceleration (most noticeable on grass). The vehicle is for the most part stock, albeit I've changed the suspension geometry a bit, LSD centre diff to a 46t gear differential...
  20. Sunset view

    Sunset view

    No daylight? No problem!