1. Furious Ferret

    Mojave Monster Mojave NL

    As you can see in my introduction I own a Mojave for some time now. The car already has quite a few upgrades but more upgrades are on the way from the UK. :cool: Zoals je kan zien in mijn introductie heb ik al een tijdje een Mojave. De auto heeft al een behoorlijk aantal upgrades, maar er zijn...
  2. Jamart85

    EXB diff shim location options

    Have an EXB diff taken apart and adding the 13x16mm shim on the outside of the diff ring by the bearing is a bear (Dad joke). Have some 8x12.7mm shims that fit in between the diff ring and bearing. This should work the same as the 13x16mm shim right? Any cons to this? Also would adding a shim...
  3. M

    Mojave Mojave electronics issues

    I’ve been having an issue recently with my Mojave. I’m leaning towards the receiver being bad but I’m not sure. It turns on and has a delay before I’m able to turn or anything. When I try and drive it, it’s all fine for about a minute. The throttle just cuts off like theirs no signal and it just...
  4. J

    Mojave Mojave exb diff issues

    Need help have the Mojave exb and having front diff issues and kind of just getting in the hobby. It’s like the front is locking up sometimes just need a parts number to fix the issue.
  5. W

    Mojave Mojave 8s build

  6. Synthesis

    Mojave Motor/ESC suggestions for Mojave EXB

    Hello guys, I have been doing a lot of research and wanted some input on which one to put into my new Mojave EXB. This is my first Arrma product, I'm excited to try it out. One of my other vehicles, a Proline Pro MT 4x4 has a Hobbywing EZRun Max8 2200kv system but I am wanting to go with a...
  7. TheFuzz1542

    Mojave My Ever Growing Mojave EXB

    This is my Mojave EXB build log how ever this baby has a lot more work on the way! As of right now I have the common Spektrum Firma 150 Amp ESC and the 4270 - 2050kV motor with a 19 tooth pinion for the wet conditions the next few months are going to bring but for the dry time racing and bashing...
  8. Surchaufeur

    Boiling plastic should become the number one thing to do before upgrading

    . I have been boiling critical plastic parts like body posts and A arms on my new arrma rc trucks. When i compair the plastic who was not boiled bs boiled. The Differance is night and day. For example i was able to bend my exb arms of my kraton to a banana shape by hand vs no boiled who i almost...
  9. Big bro little bro. 6S power!!!!

    Big bro little bro. 6S power!!!!

    Body from my 3s senton fits nicely on my 6s. Great option too keeping my V4 senton body in good shape. Mojave on sweeps ?
  10. Jamart85

    Outcast Hybrid bug, please help!

    I have the Kraton EXB for less than a month already and I want to build a hybrid now lol! Would like to stay on a budget but I know that's not possible haha! I've read bits here and there and I'm thinking of a SWB chassis with Mojave arms on 2.8s. a Mini Outcast/Noto stunt truck. What...
  11. HeroZero1

    Mojave Mojave oil n fluids

    My Mojave is still pretty new only about 5-6 runs. I wanna get in and service all the diffs and shocks. Replace fluids. Also have read stuff about shiming, watched some vids on it but any other advice would be appreciated. For the diff f/c/r what should I use and also where is a good place to...
  12. TheFuzz1542

    Mojave Testing Ver 1 Of The Passenger Compartment GoPro Mount.

    I wanted onboard video from my Mojave EXB and wanted the GoPro inside of the passenger compartment due to it being better protected and I like the view the camera gets inside the roll cage. Due to the arms of the "driver" and "navigator" there wasn't a flat enough surface to mount the camera so...
  13. A

    Mojave New Mojave EXB owner and some newbie questions

    Hi Everyone - just got a Mojave EXB and have some questions. Sorry, I'm new to large scale RC - so please go easy ;) 1) Since I have to add electronics I was looking at putting in the Hobbywing Max 6 with Hobbywing 4985/1650KV. a) How does this compare to the stock BLX ESC...
  14. kyoto

    Help with Mojave Conversion

    I recently bought the Kraton 6s v5 and i want to convert it to the mojave. I’ve never done a conversion and i don't really see any guides on converting a kraton to a mojave. Just need help creating a parts list for everything on this conversion
  15. ?? Just Send It  ?? ?

    ?? Just Send It ?? ?

    Yellow Mojave body/wheels wasn’t my first selection but for bashing it’s perfect!!! I can see it a lot better. Way more than I can with the red/black body & wheels on. Dam near can jump my whole yard! And I’ve got a huge yard. I love 6s!!! With powerhobby 100c :) get some!
  16. RC Mini Meeting Schiedam 14-11-2020

    RC Mini Meeting Schiedam 14-11-2020

    A short jumping/driving session with three RC cars. Location: Schiedam Tekno EB48.4 - MAX8 combo Tekno MT410 - MAX8 combo Arrma Mojave 6S - Leopard 160A comb...
  17. RC Mini Meeting Nesselande 08-11-2020

    RC Mini Meeting Nesselande 08-11-2020

    RC Meeting @ Nesselande Jumps, Backflips and Crashes! Arrma, Tekno and Traxxas My cars: Arrma Mojave EXB - Leopard 160A - Hobbywing 1650kv - 20/50 Tekno MT41...
  18. B

    Arrma Mojave Wheel and Tires?

    Does anyone know of wheels and tires for the Mojave other than the 6s Katars? I can’t believe they didn’t update the wheels when they made the 2020 version. Mine keep rounding out the hexes and I can’t afford to buy new wheels every other run. It’s ridiculous.
  19. .AJ.

    Mojave AJ’s Mojave EXB

    Had this beasty turn up this morning Combo arrives tomorrow, the HW Max6 1650kv, I still need to decide on a servo, but I can’t buy one for a week or so, so plenty of time to work that one out ?
  20. aametzger

    Mojave Mini Me Mojave body arrived!

    I got my painted mojave body in the mail today!. thanks @Gabe8501 The design was based off of my custom Ram 1500 color scheme. I need to get a black replacement TBone racing front bumper to finish the look (ordered red by accident)