1. WoodiE

    My Arrma Mojave EXB build

    So I was most recently very humbled in receiving an Arrma Mojave EXB. Sparing everyone the emotional story (thanks again... you know who you are!) I wanted to share this build with everyone, a build that will certainly stay with me forever. Model: Arrma Mojave EXB Motor: Hobbywing EZRUN 4985...
  2. 20210407_140842.jpg


    Mojave exb beastmode
  3. Peejwk

    Mojave To mojave exb or blx?

    So I keep thinking about the mojave and just know I'm gonna end up getting one....tommarro hah. What I'm trying to figure out though is which one. What I would like to do is buy a blx and take the spektrum 150 out, put it in my exb kraton, and take the spektrum 8s electronics out my kraton and...
  4. Mooke

    Mojave Mojave EXB hard to control on grass under heavy acceleration?

    Hi there! I've had a Mojave EXB for approx 3 months but I've recently has an issue with it veering off under "heavy" acceleration (most noticeable on grass). The vehicle is for the most part stock, albeit I've changed the suspension geometry a bit, LSD centre diff to a 46t gear differential...
  5. Sunset view

    Sunset view

    No daylight? No problem!
  6. The_Otherside

    Mojave Getting back into the hobby!

    Not going to lie, but my wife and boys are going to use some stimulus money Wednesday and get back into the hobby. Owned a V1 Infraction, V1 Outcast, V2 Kraton, Slash Raptor and a TLR 22t, but looking into a V2 Mojave. I'm basically looking for you guys to motivate me on buying one. Worth it...
  7. Typhon 6s on top of monster Mojave 6s

    Typhon 6s on top of monster Mojave 6s

  8. Arrma monster mojave

    Arrma monster mojave

    Arrma monster mojave truck
  9. Steph has first drive and bash of The Arrma Mojave 6s BLX RC.

    Steph has first drive and bash of The Arrma Mojave 6s BLX RC.

    Steph has first drive and bash of The Arrma Mojave 6s BLX RC and I think she liked it. Her driving is really coming on, she will be doing back flips in no ti...
  10. Tekno MT410 vs Tekno EB48.4 vs Arrma Mojave EXB

    Tekno MT410 vs Tekno EB48.4 vs Arrma Mojave EXB

    Beautiful day for bashingLots of jumping, no broken parts :) Tekno EB48.4 Tekno MT410 Arrma Mojave EXB
  11. painlesswriter

    Mojave Mojave finally got new wheels. Snow huh. Wifes leggings for the win?

    Ugh feels like ages since I was able to drive the mojave and wouldnt you know it all the snow fell and it wasnt paddles I was waiting on. Guess its a good thing Mojave don't care lol. Good to know that it does not require them per se . And in the pinch moment wife came running out with old...
  12. Dscracing1320

    Outcast Project "All IN" Gets a New Look

    Decided to throw on a new body and tires on the mojavified swbbeast. I love being able to change up the body and wheel setup and basically have multiple rigs in one. Again project "All IN" brings me a smile to my face. Such a beast. I also have a set of UDR Hyrax tires I'll be mounting up soon...
  13. Arrma Mojave EXB 6S short clip

    Arrma Mojave EXB 6S short clip

    Mojave EXB on 6S, 1650kv 22T pinion, gensacearespammers bashing 8000
  14. TheFuzz1542

    Mojave Mojave Wheels Are Back! (for now)

    Fellow Mojave bothers, I just got a notification earlier today saying the green and gun metal wheels are back in stock at (Click Here). I went ahead and ordered a complete set for the EXB. Its treads are starting to get low and I don't want to either have to cutaway the body for...
  15. Topdeck07

    Mojave More stuff breaking...

    Hey all, I am at a bit of a loss here, as I don't know what would cause this. Got the truck running after a bad servo out of the box and now the rear lower a-arm mount has broken on both sides. My son was driving his car and took it off a small ramp he made, maybe 6-8'' high. The truck was in...
  16. Topdeck07

    Mojave Strange Problem Brand New Mojave

    Hello everyone, Hate to introduce myself this way, but I am having a very frustrating issue. My son wanted to get into RC cars, and well I thought it would be pretty fun to go back into the hobby after many many years. So, today I went down to the LHS and bought 2 Mojave 6s' , Spektrum dual...
  17. Giles3005

    Help please. Power and brakes keep cutting on and off for a second or 2. Also what upgrade springs/oil for EXB mojave heavy rig??

    Hi guys. 2 things: - Kraton v4 BLX with flysky gt5 - Mojave exb max6 1650kv with dumbo Some help please... having issues with throttle and break cutting in and our of power. It is very intermittent, sometimes it is okey but most of the time it isn't. Either on the throttle and try to...
  18. Saturday session

    Saturday session

    Driving around with my Outcast6S and Mojave EXB
  19. B

    Mojave Need help! Racing, upgrades, mods.

    So me and a few others decided to get into racing and we are building a dirt track this spring. Some with experience many years ago and some of us never raced these cars but anyway I just ordered the mojave 6s and was looking for upgrade options I want the must have upgrades and then I want to...
  20. TheFuzz1542

    Mojave Dramatically Improved The Popular Powerhobby Twin Fan Heat Sink

    I got the Powerhobby twin fan heat sink for my Mojave and immediately noticed some things about it I didn't like. The fans don't have enough "breathing room" as in the heat sink fins are very shallow and don't allow for much air flow at all, effectively choking the fans. The fans do come with...