1. A

    Senton Mojave 4s vs Senton 3s

    Hi Members Please advice I am looking to buy a SCT. With Arrma Mojave 4s and Senton 3s Which one to consider? My preference is fun,drivable and durable. I am preferring Senton as it's little less in price compared to Mojave but I could extend the budget if Mojave outscores Senton. Kindly...
  2. A

    Mojave Arrma Mojave 4s Vs Senton 3s blx

    Hi Members Please advice I am looking to buy a SCT. With Arrma Mojave 4s and Senton 3s Which one to consider? My preference is fun,drivable and durable. I am preferring Senton as it's little less in price compared to Mojave but I could extend the budget if Mojave outscores Senton. Kindly...
  3. PittsburghJason

    Outcast Servo saver solved! Outcast, Kraton, Big Rock, Mojave, Granite, Senton, Vorteks, Typhon, Vendetta

    Posted this on fb not long ago and figured I would share here. Did some research and fixed the servo saver once and for all. No box cutting either, just cut the tip of the servo saver and space the servo with 10mm spacers. It's that simple with the right parts. Treal Aluminum 7075 Servo...
  4. maxel

    Mojave mojave 6s rear bumper flew off and screw thread got stuck in the diff

    Hello first of all, I'm new to the arrma family and also to this forum. Three weeks ago I got my fancy red mojave:love: and have been driving it almost every day since then. Yesterday a friend and I were jumping down some stairs in the city. During a very unfortunate jump, the mojave got...
  5. M

    New here, just wanted to show off my custom mojave body!

    Everything you see besides factory decals is painted, this was my most detailed body ive ever done. And i love how it turned out!
  6. topazsparrow

    Mojave Mojave 4S steering loss?

    Have 2 batteries through my new Mojave 4s - I'm new to RC cars and this thing blows me away. I had a couple good crashes though this past weekend because the steering seeming just stopped working randomly at the worst possible times (usually while going fast). It seems to fail to turn left...
  7. AndreiGah

    Mojave Problems with my new Mojave 4s

    Greetings to all, comrades. After 15-20 minutes of riding, strange things begin to happen with my mojave 4s. The steering servo “sticks” and the “GAS” also jams, the result is in the video, but don’t worry, I got away with a slight scratch. The 4s battery is fully charged, serviceable, new. The...
  8. MrGreen187

    Mojave Bash with new Mud Flaps!!

    Gotta say, I flipped this beast a solid 20 yards end over end....held up pretty well!! 😂 Pretty good Amazon buy. Lol Also they def help keep the rocks and mud spray down. Damn I love a good bash after a crazy rain storm!! Absolutely filled with mud. 😅 Scorched fenders need to hurry up. Lol
  9. jtcrane

    Mojave Mojave upgrade

    Hello, new to the forum! Looking to make a decision on what to upgrade first. I’ve never done a motor/ESC swap and I’m looking to either upgrade my Mojave to 8s or Vendetta to 6s. Now, I’ve heard that I can just go ESC upgrade and leave the stock motor in the Vendetta and that will give me some...
  10. RyanC1332

    Can’t figure out wheel nut

    So I got the Mojave 6s last week and I can’t figure out how to get the wheel nut off I couldn’t find anything on if it’s the ol righty tighty lefty loosey or backwards I’ve tried both ways but felt I was putting wayyy to much pressure on it and wanted to find out for sure before I snapped...
  11. R

    Vorteks Center diff install on Vorteks

    I've been intrigued by the center diff on the new 4s Mojave (and I assume the rest of the 4s lineup soon). I really love my Vorteks and figured it would be a great addition. However, the diffs and housings have been on backorder for a bit. I managed to find some shops that had them in stock...
  12. LosWafra

    Mojave Armma mojave with Xrt tires

    Hey this is my first post hope you will enjoy.1250kv 19t pinion kraton arms with m2c extension 3d printed hex adapter got some trimming to do, and hope the diffs will survive :oops: Thanks for your time.
  13. Daniel026

    ESC problems

    Hi guys, last weekend the boys and i wanted to go for a bash session. Packed with 5 full battery's we went to the location. As soon I turned on the Mojave the counting of cell's where not heard and no throttle.. Only steering. The ESC is blinking 4 times green. Trying to pulling out of the...
  14. obessedwithrc

    Mojave "Superlite" Mojave [Build Thread]

    Okay, so I'm doing it. I'm going to build a "Superlite" Mojave. Parts ordered. I will post updates as they come in and I start building the truck. I may have questions, too, like whether or not I should use the limited slip diffs or just keep them open.
  15. RedondoBeachRC

    Arrma Mojave Azure Promo Body

    Pics and paint job done by Dade-Way Graphics on FB and IG Can’t wait to get this mounted up.
  16. Daniel026

    Upgrade part for ARA330606

    Hi all! First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Daniël from Holland, owning a couple bashers and some drifters and crawlers. After a week i'm a proud owner of the Arrma Mojave. But i have a problem with my front lower suspension arm. The left side shows cracks already! Now i'm...
  17. Fiercetatsu

    Limitless Would this work ?

    I have a off road limitless/felony/infraction It runs 8s and uses the 6s kraton arms, diffs and suspension. I was wondering if the kraton, outcast or mojave bumpers would fit the limitless chassis ? It’s dirty because I was running it late last night through the mud and bushes (with different...
  18. rdav

    Mojave Arrma Mojave Motot Case Screws

    Hello all I had the oddest thing happen the other day while I was enjoying my Mojave, I was driving it and all of a sudden it ground to a screeching hault. Naturally I tried to get it to move under its own power but it seemed like it seems like the brakes were ceased as it wouldn't move. So I...
  19. ChemEng

    SOLD / FOUND NIB or Like New Mojave EXB

    I know it’s a long shot but I’d like to buy your new/like new/gently used Mojave EXB. Did you buy one and never get around to using it? Did you try it and it wasn’t your cup of tea? Well I’ll gladly take it off your hands.
  20. LibertyMKiii

    Mojave Project Aero Max - Arrma 6s based speed runner

    I would like to introduce to you a new project of mine. This one is going to be called Aero Max as the goal was to reduce the aerodynamic frontal area of a 1/7 scale-sized car. It will be a speed runner so I have placed it in the speed run builds part of the forum. This project has 3 phases...