1. S

    Mojave Mud guards

    Just recently purchased a mojave. I've been itching for one almost 6 months now. It was consuming me lol. Anyway its my first truck bigger than 1/10 scale. Im loving it. I need to find a way to stop so much snow from getting into the chassis at the moment though. its not that i don't want snow...
  2. Mojavefied


  3. Mojavefied


    With a little help from my friend...🤡
  4. Mojavefied....😉


    Ready and waiting...🤙🏼😎
  5. kilodi

    Mojave Mojave Customisation

    Looking for sources on: What customisation are available? How to perform them? I am looking for a bigger receiver box so I can fit Flysky FS-FGR4 Receiver for Flysky Noble FS-NB4 Transmitter on it. FGR4s fits but then i loose the antenna and thus the range that the other one offers. Thanks...
  6. Upgrading The Arrma Mojave 6s, Just Bash It RC Chassis and braces, T-bone bumper+ fenders and more.

    Upgrading The Arrma Mojave 6s, Just Bash It RC Chassis and braces, T-bone bumper+ fenders and more.

    Upgrading The Arrma Mojave 6s, adding Just Bash It RC Chassis and chassis braces, T-bone bumper and fenders, Flysky Radio, Eco Boost 27kg servo, GPM servo Mo...
  7. Devils_Perm

    Mojave UDR wheels on Mojo

    Anyone ever try udr wheels on their mojo? I was thinking of picking up some different styles of wheels/tires to play around with. I know the udr has 17mm hubs too, thought maybe id try some if they’d fit. Just to see how they perform...
  8. mpspringer

    Mojave Flysky FGr4 Reciever + Waterproof Housing?

    I recently purchased a Mojave and absolutely love it! However the stock transmitter just does not do it for me. That said, I'm looking at purchasing the Flysky Noble NB4 transmitter. For the receiver, the wired one (model FGr4) seems to be the winning choice as it offers better distance than...
  9. Apollo412

    Mojave Mojave First Run, Mojave 1 - My Judgment 0

    Finally the weather warmed up enough here in Wisconsin to take the Mojave out for its maiden run! I have to say it is everything that everyone said it would be and even more. Had a blast until I forgot the old saying "don't give old, big kids, even bigger toys". It went something like...
  10. Mojave 2

    Mojave 2

  11. Mojave 1

    Mojave 1

  12. W

    Mojave Mojave 6S Fills up with Grass and Debris

    So I've been driving my Mojave a lot this fall, and there's a lot of dead grass in the parks where I typically drive. The issue I'm having is that the truck constantly fills up with grass, clogging the ESC and motor fans and making it overheat. I feel like making some custom side shields would...
  13. RC DUDE81

    Mojave POLL for M2C chassis etc. for the Mojave 6s.

    I have donated my Mojave chassis to Mitch from M2C so he could get an idea for a chassis. I finally bent mine pretty bad overkill jumping it..:pWe are wanting to do a poll to see how many people would be interested in a M2C chassis for it. Other upgrades could be an option as well if enough...
  14. Reubydoobe

    Mojave New ARRMA Mojave Desert Truck

    It's officially released What's everyone's thoughts??
  15. NYfan2

    Mojave New ARRMA Mojave 1/7th scale 6s truck

    Bad photo, but the new Arrma 1/7 scale SCT called Mojave is spotted. :eek:(y)
  16. ssmiljanic

    STRC Rear Hexes

    Hey there, Just thought I would post a caution about these rear hexes. Switched out stock aluminum for STRC rear red hexes with STRC rear carriers. Lost 4 wheel nuts and stripped two tires. Took it all apart and switched back and forth btw stock and STRC hex, and STRC hex clearly binding on...
  17. SFCrawler

    ARRMA DAMAGE (warning disturbing images)

    Share your RC wrecks / damage pictures and videos here!
  18. Unusual RC

    vacuum cleaning tires - how to get the dirt out?

    After a year of use without any problem, we did some bashing with my Mojave. Normally we only race, where RPM and speed are lower in order to make the vehicles go as fast as possible over the track. I use Medial-Pro tires, which really do well on loose dirt. Suddenly my battery was empty a lot...
  19. Unusual RC

    Finally spring has arrived!!!

    After a long winter (two seasons of autumn is a better description) spring has arrived! Found a new track location, and we had our first race this year. and as an addition a new BLX Fury who joined us!
  20. Cranius Maximus

    Forward Integy Shock Mod for Granite/Vorteks/Fury/Mojave

    I had been trying to find a drop in replacement for my forward shocks on my Granite due to lackluster dampening and my upper caps coming loose. 78mm was the dimensions given and WoodiE suggested the Integy MSR11 c22912 in this forum. This shock comes with variable dampening, aluminum body and...