motor mount

  1. PeighDay

    Xmaxx Motor Mount, which is the best?

    Just purchased a HobbyWing 5687 for my Xmaxx and have some Saga gears coming in as well but just need a little help / advice on which motor mount I should get. Currently my top favorite is the BowHouse RC. I like it due to...
  2. ian turner

    Motor mount troubleshooting

    Anyone know where I can buy this part circled in red at, or what the part number is I have the other 2 pieces
  3. Hector_Fisher

    Senton Arrma 3s thicker 6mm motor plate

    I didn't see specifics on this info posted anywhere, so I thought I'd share. This is for part ARA311106, the new "6mm" motor plate. If i understand correctly, it's the new normal that's shipped on the 3s rigs. I ordered this after bending my standard 5mm motor plate (running a 4068 surpass...
  4. 6sKratonV1

    Mojave Largest pinion to fit in stock Mojave exb motor mount?

    So I ordered a Mojave exb and I have the mamba monster x 8s system with the 1717 1650kv motor coming for it. The included pinion is way to small so I ordered a 21 and 23 tooth (The way I calculated it a 20 tooth would get me slightly faster speeds than the stock rtr). What I was wondering is...
  5. Prisma

    Granite Gear mesh constantly untightening itself

    Hello everyone, I just brushless upgraded my Granite Mega and it's stupidly fast on 2S, however my gear mesh fell apart after 50 seconds, the motor mount screws just won't keep in place. How can I make sure the screws will stay tight? Thanks in advance for any answers
  6. B

    Granite BLX 3S - Stuck Power Module output Shaft - Cannot Remove!

    Hello, I've had this Granite BLX 3S for a few months, I've removed the Power Module once before to clean it, grease gears. Couple months later, I want to do it again and it's stuck! I can bend each side out, but it looks like the output shaft is stuck to the rear diff input shaft, or...
  7. Brian T

    Typhon Upgrade pinion gear now motor not fitting

    Okay so I installed a new steel helical differential gear and pinion and aluminum differential carrier Case by hot racing, installed it in my upgraded Typhon Mega 550 with the HD 57 T slipper set 0.8 mod and now my motor will not go back onto this car I have been working on it for 8 hours!! Is...
  8. J

    Typhon Is this worth thinking about?

    Hi everyone! I have an Arrma Typhon v4 6s and i find myself thinking about this: Should I be concerned about the back end of my motor not being supported from the bottom? My thought is that since the motor is supported from the front, and there's all that unsupported mass at the rear, there...
  9. Hobbystar 550 3500KV, BLX adjustable motor mount, BLX spur/slipper

    Hobbystar 550 3500KV, BLX adjustable motor mount, BLX spur/slipper

    Hobbystar 550 3500KV, BLX adjustable motor mount, BLX spur/slipper
  10. RecklessRC Bashing

    Kraton Pinion slid around after being lubed up from leaky diff!

    Well, after cleaning up my leaky diff and tightening the screws that go into the spur gear and diff case, I took the kraton for a test run to see if it still leaks, it didn’t really leak but I think the leftover diff fluid (from when it was leaking) Got all over the pinion gear and lubed the...
  11. mk1mick

    Notorious V4 motor mount into V3 easy?

    Hi, new to all of this. Recently got a notorious and a kraton for me and my boy. Bought used, wasn't sure if v3 or v4, I now realise both are v3 having ordered new motor mount to find it doesn't fit! I didnt get the separate part that bolts onto the motor to slide in. I now have a broken v3...
  12. Y

    Granite Arrma Voltage Motor Mounts, and multiple Li-Po battery packs

    The title pretty much sums up my post. Hoping to find a link or something to a replacement motor mount for the Voltage and some ways to put in 2 Li-Po packs. Thanks! (First Post)
  13. PPS-RC

    PPS Kraton 8s Motor Mount Insert!

    Introducing the K8S 30mm Motor Mount insert! It is now available for preorder at PPS-RC.COM! All of the details are covered on the website but here are some key bullet points: 30mm motor spacing only You can fit up to a 62mm motor Up to a 44t pinion on the factory spur. Down to stock gearing...
  14. WoodiE

    My PPS motor and differential mount has been delivered!

    WOW. Both pieces look amazing. They came shipped in a bubble lined envelope, which contained two small plastic bags and each part came in custom 3D printed cases. The level of detail in just shipping is very impressive. Can't wait to get both mounts installed!
  15. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Halp my motor mounting holes are stripping!

    My 4s kraton keeps having unfortunate issues.. i tought i only had 2 stripped screws after i nose landed when my screws had loosen up(treadlock failure). Turns out i have 3 stripped screws:/ i have 2 holes left for my adjustable motor mount only.. i have a hard time emptying a baterry without...
  16. Surchaufeur

    Kraton How to fix broken mounting holes

    My kraton 4s motor today stripped two of is mounting holes i used to mesh my 13t pinion i was pushed to use the mega adjustable motor mount that i was about to sell:/ because with the stock mount i was not able to find the right holes anymore. All of that because of the stupid blue locktite who...
  17. Surchaufeur

    Kraton BE AWARE motor mount 3s-4s

    When ordering the arrma adjustble motor mount for your 3s or 4s arrma cars BE SURE TO BUY THE RIGHT MOTOR MOUNT. I ordered mine thunking i got the billet made one who will elimate the issue of bended motor mount and i just noticed i have the mega adjtable motor mount.. the right part is AR310898...
  18. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Bending motor mounths 4s

    Im starting getting tired of this i have to take my motor assembly aparts 1-2 runs each time.. to unben my motor mounth when sometime si hit something at 20-15kmh by accident with my front.. im looking for a front bumper now because its ridiculous to have to take apart my motor assembly...
  19. bicketybam

    Granite Why your motor module might not fit back on

    I ran into this issue a few days ago and it really had me scratching my head. I had to replace my slipper hubs because I over tightened the slipper clutch and broke one of the halves. After I replaced the hubs I couldn't get the motor module to fully seat back into the truck. After an hour of...

    I am getting Max 6 what's the best motor for it

    Is this motor any good Tenshock X802V2?