motor mount

  1. Zerthar

    BLX Screw of motor mount stripped - what to do?

    Hello I´ve been driving my Outcast only once since I bought it and that was in Spring time. After the first run I noticed the center diff is leaking - it looks like a the diff fluid ran out. It´s a mess in the chassis. I did find the time to disassemble until today. After removing the rear of...
  2. Crash

    New kraton parts

    Castle 1717 big block and HR diffs! Was gonna go with Tekin but someone here mention this motor and its water proof.
  3. Bigfella

    A solution found to the Hot Racing motor mount/center diff fitment problem...

    Like many I bought the Hot Racing motor mount and center differential holder. They are well made parts and the motor mount offers unheard of convenience when servicing your truck. The major problem is that when used together, they create front and rearward play in the center differential that...
  4. C

    Custom motor mounts anywhere?

    I have castle 780kv brushless motor trying to put in my Arrma talion.
  5. mfedders96

    Does the Granite 2016 Mega have an aluminum motor plate?

    Anyone know if the 2016 mega Granite (Black and Red) has a aluminum motor plate? I'm wanting to get one and have read that if the plate is plastic it and hold the heat in. I don't know if they made this change from 2014 to 2016 granite. Thanks,
  6. McPace

    Mega Motor Mount Heat Sink

    Hello, I'm new around here and to RC. I've picked up a used Arrma Mega and have been trying to upgrade it since we've broken it a few times since Christmas. One of the upgrades I'm trying to put on is the aluminum motor mount heat sink. Although my model doesn't seem to accept it now that I've...