1. P

    Outcast Outcast 4s motor spins no drive

    Hi all first rc car so no experience at all. I'm having an issue where the motor spins but will not drive the wheels. Wheels spin manually and are all connected which suggests the driveshaft and diffs are are ok. The power isnt transferring from the motor to the driveshaft but I have no idea...
  2. T

    Raider Raider blown motor with new battery?

    Hi all, first time poster. Recently upgraded my Raider battery to a FLOUREON 2S2P 7.4V 6200mAh 40C. Gave it a blast for around ten minutes and was loving it until smoke started appearing from the motor - never a good thing. Car now seems underpowered (unless the battery had drained) so suspect...
  3. unclebrudy

    Motor “cap“ bent, how much trouble am I in?

    I just noticed this, and I have no idea how it happened. Apologies because I don’t know the correct terminology, but will this cause any damage? It’s driven normal and I only saw this being bent while cleaning. Thanks in advanced.
  4. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Halp my motor mounting holes are stripping!

    My 4s kraton keeps having unfortunate issues.. i tought i only had 2 stripped screws after i nose landed when my screws had loosen up(treadlock failure). Turns out i have 3 stripped screws:/ i have 2 holes left for my adjustable motor mount only.. i have a hard time emptying a baterry without...
  5. Surchaufeur

    Kraton How to fix broken mounting holes

    My kraton 4s motor today stripped two of is mounting holes i used to mesh my 13t pinion i was pushed to use the mega adjustable motor mount that i was about to sell:/ because with the stock mount i was not able to find the right holes anymore. All of that because of the stupid blue locktite who...
  6. Surchaufeur

    Kraton My bad luck strikes again

    I have slightly bended my motor mount on a nose landing on the bmx track i wa shaving a wonderful day since a long time but now i stripped bpth holes from the 13t motor holes.. and i cant use the other holes because they are non compatible the only way i can use is using the adjustable motor...
  7. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Acer racing ceramic bearings

    I recently ordered a few acer ceramic bearings for my arrma kraton 4s motor bearing still a bit concerned because of the last motor who blew up on me. Did i do the right choice? I never heard of acer racing before what are the benefits of the ceramic bearing also? I only knew a few ones
  8. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Arrma 2400kv motor bearing size and upgrade

    Im having a hard time finding the bearing size of the stock motor bearing of the 2400kv arrma motor. One of them blowed on me and i have a remplacement motor in the way. What afordable bearing upgrade are out there?
  9. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Arrma kraton 4s motor bearing failure

    Im really starting to be really sad.. i did not have any parts breakages yet but i just had a lot of bad luck with my first arrma car. Now my motor bearing completly exploded killing my motor for sure because i saw winding inside the can being in place it should not be in:c
  10. tincho2019

    Granite install brushless motor

    Hello friends, I am still not clear about the meaning of the KV in engines That is why I wanted to ask those who know: which engine is better for the senton mega 4X4? Which car will be faster? goolrc BL3660-3300KV "ESC 120A". goolrc BL3650-5200KV "ESC 60A". Thanks for the help and your...
  11. E

    Limitless Max motor length

    In the stock location what’s the max motor length that will fit the Arrma Limitless?
  12. ndoppes

    I’d like to throw it in a lake

    So, I just three weeks ago purchased a Senton 3S in which I was totally pumped on until it turned into pure frustration. Went through the manual and did everything I was told. Running the truck on 2S batteries on a flat dirt circuit on my drive way. I didn’t get but 8 packs on my truck and it...
  13. BashingBrian

    Granite longest motor for Granite

    Whats the longest motor that will fit in a Granite is it a 3670 or 3674..??
  14. Typhon6smax

    Typhon 14t or 16t pinion?

    Hi guys, I have an typhon 6s v3 (i run it on single 3s). There is an (long) story behind that but it doesn't matter. So i was wondering, the manual says the 16t pinion is only for high speed runs and not for start stop driving bashing, etc. since it is bad for your motor. But the V4 typhon...
  15. Jtfaulkner

    Big Rock 3s blx motor bearings???

    Does anybody have the part numbers for these bearings? or the size?
  16. N

    Senton Gearbox help!

    Hello Rc enthusiasts! Im new to the rc game and need some help. I purchased an arrma 4x4 mega. Within the first ten runs my motor went out, no big deal got a replacement but now i have a problem, I didnt pay too much attention when i took the gearbox apart (i needed to change my pinion gear) now...
  17. GottaGetEm

    BLX Motor Cap Blew Off While Bashing

    I am reposting this because I feel it was tagged wrong. I was tearing down the Kraton after bashing because of a clicking noise and soon noticed the end cap blew off the motor. The clicking i believe had to do with one of the small screws getting thrown around. Any ideas as to why this would...
  18. Erstadw

    Typhon motor recommendations

    Need some recommendations. I'm looking to replace my motor and esc in my typhon. Esc I'm most likely going with the max6. As for the motor im not sure. What I would like is something that I can be geared to go 100+ mph but yet still be able to gear down for bashing and maybe some track use. So...
  19. leo248

    Talion motor upgrade. Turnigy motors

    I would like some opinions/advice from anyone who has changed the motor to a lower kv in an arrma 1/8. I currently have a turnigy xk4074 2000 kv motor. Running 17/50 gearing on 4S it's right up to the limit in terms of temperature at about 65-75c (149-167f) on 4S but on 6S it goes above 90c...
  20. Jimmyjam

    Granite kv-pinion thoughts

    So in my homemade bigrock/granite conversion I'm running a 1900 kv motor with a 26 tooth pinion on 3s. It runs like a raped ape. I'm happy with it but I'm not sure when the weather actually makes it too the plus side of 0* whether or not its gonna overheat or not? Whats your thoughts?