1. S

    Recommended motor for on-road racing 1/7?

    I'm 5 months into RC now and after modding my ebuggy, and I think now I wanna get a Limitless now. I was thinking of getting the Castle Creations 1721 2400KV brushless but on PerfectPassRC site, it says "This motor is intended for single passes only; allow time between runs for the ESC...
  2. Kowal

    Fireteam Problem with motor mount

    Hi! Yesterday i got my first Arrma RC... and I have a problem. (I didn't even start it) I would like to change the motor(because I have a different ones ) And I cant unscrew motor mount. Inner or outer. they don't move at all, Also heating doesn't help. how can i take it off? share your tips...
  3. Deceased

    Pinion gear recommendations?

    Hello everyone! I recently I been noticing that my pionion gear seem to ware off very fast I would run it for like 4ish hours 3(2s) and 2(3s) in my local hobby town. Is there a recommended material to look for on the pinion gear? Or is something else the problem they look like shark teeth. I...
  4. Tatebowman124

    Tp 4070 2250kv Heat Sink and Fan suggestions??

    I have newly acquired a TP motor and I am now looking for a fan setup and heat sink. I want the best i can buy to protect my goodies. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is for my Infraction build.
  5. Deceased

    Kv motor explanation

    Hello everyone! I have some questions about the Kv rating on motors I currently have a Castle Creations Copperhead 10 Brushless ESC / 1412-3200Kv what does the 3200kv even mean? I also want know if I ever wanted to try a different ESC with he same CC motor I have how would I know if it can...
  6. E

    Granite 4x4 upgrade made engine smoke!

    We just upgraded my son's Granite boost with a 4x4 kit. The thing was super fun and amazing, however the engine got hot, I actually saw some smoke, and it smells horrible, we stopped driving it and let it cool then finished the battery with pulling the 4x4 drive line but it still smelled bad...
  7. R

    Granite Grom Fan Options?

    My gf, a close friend of mine, and I all just walked out of our LHS yesterday with 3 groms (one of each color). We seriously got an hour or so run time on these little groms. That isn't an exaggeration. We have really tight knit, shallow carpet in the basement and we made a few jumps out of the...
  8. Warby

    TP Power motors. Please explain.

    So I now have a new Limitless V2 that needs a power plant. I started researching TP motors but I now have more questions before I hand over my cash and order it from overseas. It's by far the most I will have spent on a motor or any individual RC part in fact, so I want to ensure I get it right...
  9. H

    RC Car Motor issue: Intermittent Forward Operation, Smooth Reverse

    Help I'm experiencing an issue with my RC car and hoping someone might have encountered a similar problem or can provide some guidance. Problem: Forward Operation: When I press the throttle button for forward movement, the motor doesn't operate smoothly. It appears to get stuck...
  10. gtsop

    Big Rock Motor sounds weird

    Not super experienced with RC but I just installed a new motor mount and the motor doesn’t sound right. Was wondering if you guys had any input on fixing or if it’s just me Thanks in advance
  11. makinrc

    Granite Used Arrma granite is having problems, it is able to run very slow but when it picks up speed it stops

    Hello! I bought a used Arrma granite and it is having problems. it is able to run very slow but when it picks up speed it stops. I am using the stock nimh battery. not sure if that would effect it. sometimes I can just pull the throttle and sometimes it goes sometimes it turned off and back on...
  12. Heinz

    Cracked Slipper

    Ok, so I’ve been getting a little carried away at the skate park doing back flips and I’ve been hearing a slight grinding noise. Today I took the motor mount out for the first time and noticed a massive crack on the slipper clutch. Do I need an entire new part or can the cracked part be...
  13. C

    Looking to upgrade my motors

    I recently purchased a 1/10 Senton 4WD V3 Mega 550 Brushed Short Course Truck and I'm looking forward to upgrading it. I was wanting to change it to a brushless system and run it off LiPo cells. My problem is I would like to put a 5700 kv motor in, but I still have the stock gearing system. I'm...
  14. rdav

    Mojave Mojave Motor Case Crews

    I was bashing my Mojave the other day and the back case of the motor fell off due to the screws backing out. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know where I can get replacements/what size these are?
  15. rdav

    Mojave Arrma Mojave Motot Case Screws

    Hello all I had the oddest thing happen the other day while I was enjoying my Mojave, I was driving it and all of a sudden it ground to a screeching hault. Naturally I tried to get it to move under its own power but it seemed like it seems like the brakes were ceased as it wouldn't move. So I...
  16. djdjdjshsh

    Does higher kv mean more speed or not

    So I’m confused on how the motors work and the specifications and what they mean, for example I have a typhon 3s and the stock motor is 3200kv 3660 and I was suggested a 2650kv 4068 motor and was told it was faster, but the kv are lower so I wasn’t sure if it was faster or slower or had any clue...
  17. djdjdjshsh

    Motor is overheating

    So I got this motor on amazon (photo below) and it’s overheating I have a 25t pinion on there and I’ve been suggested that’s what is making it overheat, also when I installed the pinion I really had to jam it on there to fit idk if that could be a reason but I wanted to point that out as well...
  18. S

    Hobbywing Motor 5687SL (1100kV) on Limitless V1

    Just wondering if the Hobbywing 5687SL would fit on the stock motor mount on the V1 Limitless? (on any gear ratio)
  19. six7jedi

    I want to make some Talion changes

    I plan on dumping my 160/1250 combo into it. Anyone know if it'll fit? Everything is stock and I don't want to make any mods other than esc, motor and esc.
  20. aim4min

    Am I insane for attempting this modular ESC/BEC/CapPack harness?

    I have a new Max6 on order with a 4895 1640kv motor for my aging Kraton 6S v4, but with a lot of heavy M2C upgrades. I'm adding even more goodness to my beast. Anyways, am I crazy for trying this: I want to do some experiments and have maximum flexibility - so i want to create a custom wiring...