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  1. ndoppes

    I’d like to throw it in a lake

    So, I just three weeks ago purchased a Senton 3S in which I was totally pumped on until it turned into pure frustration. Went through the manual and did everything I was told. Running the truck on 2S batteries on a flat dirt circuit on my drive way. I didn’t get but 8 packs on my truck and it...
  2. BashingBrian

    Granite longest motor for Granite

    Whats the longest motor that will fit in a Granite is it a 3670 or 3674..??
  3. Typhon6smax

    Typhon 14t or 16t pinion?

    Hi guys, I have an typhon 6s v3 (i run it on single 3s). There is an (long) story behind that but it doesn't matter. So i was wondering, the manual says the 16t pinion is only for high speed runs and not for start stop driving bashing, etc. since it is bad for your motor. But the V4 typhon...
  4. Jtfaulkner

    Big Rock 3s blx motor bearings???

    Does anybody have the part numbers for these bearings? or the size?
  5. N

    Senton Gearbox help!

    Hello Rc enthusiasts! Im new to the rc game and need some help. I purchased an arrma 4x4 mega. Within the first ten runs my motor went out, no big deal got a replacement but now i have a problem, I didnt pay too much attention when i took the gearbox apart (i needed to change my pinion gear) now...
  6. GottaGetEm

    BLX Motor Cap Blew Off While Bashing

    I am reposting this because I feel it was tagged wrong. I was tearing down the Kraton after bashing because of a clicking noise and soon noticed the end cap blew off the motor. The clicking i believe had to do with one of the small screws getting thrown around. Any ideas as to why this would...
  7. Erstadw

    Typhon motor recommendations

    Need some recommendations. I'm looking to replace my motor and esc in my typhon. Esc I'm most likely going with the max6. As for the motor im not sure. What I would like is something that I can be geared to go 100+ mph but yet still be able to gear down for bashing and maybe some track use. So...
  8. leo248

    Talion motor upgrade. Turnigy motors

    I would like some opinions/advice from anyone who has changed the motor to a lower kv in an arrma 1/8. I currently have a turnigy xk4074 2000 kv motor. Running 17/50 gearing on 4S it's right up to the limit in terms of temperature at about 65-75c (149-167f) on 4S but on 6S it goes above 90c...
  9. Jimmyjam

    Granite kv-pinion thoughts

    So in my homemade bigrock/granite conversion I'm running a 1900 kv motor with a 26 tooth pinion on 3s. It runs like a raped ape. I'm happy with it but I'm not sure when the weather actually makes it too the plus side of 0* whether or not its gonna overheat or not? Whats your thoughts?
  10. godfella691981

    Motor Upgrade recommendations

    I have an Arrma Typhon 3s BLX, I would like to upgrade the motor on it but I do not want to order the wrong size. According to Arrma the stock BLX motor is a 3060 3200kv. Well when I do a search I cant find a motor with the same diameter can, I have found plenty 36 diameter motors but no 30s. I...
  11. MrTitanium

    Motor options?

    Say I wanted to upgrade motor/ESC combo in my Big Rock 6s, what one would one suggest? Curious...
  12. Mikemcl48

    What is the highest c rating to can run in a brushed motor?

    What is the highest c rating to can run in a brushed motor with a lipo 2s? I run a 5000mah 25c. Can i run a 50c or will it burn the motor up? Will it give it more punch or does it matter?
  13. Brewcity414

    Senton Can a faster motor be installed on the Senton 3s?

    Can you put a faster motor into the senton 3s?
  14. jason inman

    granite 4x4 blx 3s motor upgrade

    recently got involved with arrma rc vehicles never messed with arrma brand before and happy did so. my first was the granite blx3s 4x4 bought 2 months ago and then i bought the kraton 2018 v3 model (havnt ran it yet) i recently stumbled upon a 2050kv 4366 kraton v1 red can motor like new...
  15. Slicktmi

    4082 hobbystar motor 1600kv

    Hello i searched the forum found lots of useful info about this topic but didn't find what i was looking for so my question is will this motor be enough for 4s and 6s bashing without heat issues and no fan? I know it can be used with the stock esc being its only 130amps but i want something that...
  16. Crash

    Leopard or hobbystar motor question

    I've never run leopard or Hobbies Star Motors but they seem to have a pretty decent track record. For those of you that are running these, can you run the 4092 at 1480 KV with the kraton blx185? I'm doing a rebuild right now but most of my attention is going to be on most everything except the...
  17. isnogoud

    Outcast Arrma Outcast Hot motor after 6s run

    Hi, Im new to this forum and i am also new to the rc world. I just bought an arrma outcast v3 and took it for a ride. Im using a 5000mah 6s lipo battery. I drove it on grass. The grass was cut and not to high. After about 20mins the esc cut of the power due to the cutoff function. After i...
  18. D

    Typhon Motor temp

    Hi guys running 6s 16t pinion motor running hot any ideas to lower temps and what temps should I stay under?
  19. arrmatyphon

    castle or hobbywing

    Hi just wanted to know a bit more about the hobbywing 2200kv vs the castle 2200kv. Hobbywing says its 3000w and castle says it 60k rpm. I have the hobbywing in my typhon but after another motor for a different car. Is there any advantages over both motors like torque, power, rotor size etc or...
  20. [Yeah Racing Dual Fan Motor] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [Yeah Racing Dual Fan Motor] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Keep them motor temps low with a couple fan motors & heatsink by Yeah Racing.