1. Prisma

    Granite Brushless Sounds

    Hey everyone, I've noticed from the very beginning that my brushless granite consistently makes very uncomfortable sounds when pulling the throttle too hard, although my gear mesh is set correctly and the gears aren't damaged. It's a very high pitched sound, which made me think it's the motor...
  2. bugthing

    Kraton EZRun 4985 failure

    hi all 👋 Recently fitted a ezrun motor and esc. After a few blasts the motor started to act up and vibrate alot and eventually stopped working. I opened the motor up and discovered the rear bearing had fallen to bits, the motor is also well dirty inside. I think I can replace the bearing but...
  3. Tara

    what motor do you recommend?

    I am changing out the ESC in my felony to a castle creations 1/6 mamba monster x 8s 33.6v and what motor would you recommend to run with that?
  4. Prisma

    What to do before running new ESC/motor

    I ordered myself a Max 10 Sct and a 3660 3150Kv motor today and I was wondering what should one do before running the ESC/motor to maximize longevity? I really don't want to break it, so is there something I should do before running it? Also do you have any experience with slipper adjustments...
  5. Prisma

    Weak motor Strong ESC

    Can you use a less powerful motor with a more powerful ESC? Like for example a 3652 brushless motor that's for example rated for only 90A with a 120A Max10 SCT? Will it damage the motor or nah?
  6. Prisma

    Granite Inexpensive brushless combo

    Hello everyone, Is there a decent brushless combo suitable for the granite 4x4 under $100? I've yet to find such one. The max 10 60A is more like $150 where I come from, so idk whether or not it's worth it. Any advice appreciated
  7. Prisma

    Brushed motor clicking sound, please help!

    Hello everyone, I've been running my new V3 Mega Granite Brushed for a week now and I've just done maintenance, basically cleaned the thing and when I put it back together, I noticed that my stock brushed motor is making very uncomfortable sounds. Anzbodzy know what this is? Any help greatly...
  8. Uplift-RC

    Infraction Poseidon PRO P1527-PV22 1500kv Motor

    Thinking about stuffing one of these Poseidon Pro P1527-PV22 1500kv motor in my v2 infraction. Will be running a Mamba monster X 6s ESC. What are your thoughts and what kind of speed am I looking at #ARRMAFAMILY? Specifications: Poseidon P1515 C22 2200kv Bullet 6.5mm 4-Poles Kv Value - 2200kv...
  9. M

    Notorious Biggest motor and esc for notorious

    Hello everyone, I’m new to rc and new here so forgive me if my question are dumb. I have a notorious blx 6s and I’m wanting to put the biggest Posable motor and esc in it I can. Can anyone tell me what my options are and if they can help with what parts I need to complete this project as well it...
  10. A

    Limitless motor and esc selection

    I am new to the arrma platform and recently got a limitless. I am trying to figure out what motor I want to run. I would like to make it capable of 8s and high speeds but I also want to be able to bash it and not worry too much about temps running 6s. I was thinking a max 5 esc and a tp 5660...
  11. scottx

    Typhon Replacing part for my BLX 2050KV 390205 motor?

    Hi everyone, thank you for accepting me into this community, I have an Arrma Typhon 6S V4 since June 2020 and have been really happy with it. I recently found my motor wiggling because this plate is broken near to one of the screws where it gets narrower. Here's a video showing what is...
  12. Brian T

    Typhon upgraded Steel hot racing differential gear and input pinion now motor will not fit

    Okay so I installed a new steel helical differential gear and pinion input gear and aluminum differential carrier Case by hot racing, installed it in my upgraded Typhon Mega 550 with the HD 57 T slipper set 0.8 mod and now my motor will not go back onto this car I have been working on it for 8...
  13. Uplift-RC

    For Sale ARRMA BLX 3660 3200KV 4 POLE 3S BRUSHLESS MOTOR#AR390214 BigRock Granite Senton and 3s Typhon

    Condition is Used but in great condition. All products are removed from my RTR models. No original packaging, some minor marks or scrapes might be presented. FREE Fast Shipping with USPS Priority Mail, an expedited shipping upgrade available SPECIFICATION Motor Type Brushless Motor kV (#...
  14. RAGER RC

    Big Rock v2- Anyone know how to remove motor bearings?

    Anyone know how to remove the motor bearings in the BRCC? Or a video on how to do so?
  15. O

    [Typhon 6S] HobbyWing Motor Recommendation

    Question: I just burned through a Hobbywing 4985 - 1650kv motor (pics attached). What should I replace it with? No real budget constraints. RC Car Arrma Typhon v4 6S ESC: Hobbywing EZRUN Combo MAX6 Series Motor: Hobbywing 4985, 1650kv Pinion: Original stock 14T Tires: Duratrax Lockup C2...
  16. birdracer99

    Internal Motor Issue

    I have a HW EzRun 4274 2200kv motor that I was using in my limitless. I ran over some uneven road and it flipped and rolled. Not too much damage overall, but the motor stopped working. When I run it, it sort of cogs a bit and then dies. After opening up I found a bunch of silver dust inside...
  17. Viking

    Kraton Castle 1717 Heatsink + Fans?

    I recently installed a Castle Creations 1717 (1650KV) motor with a Mamba Monster X 8s ESC. My questions are: Do you know of any heatsinks that fit this motor? Do you know of any fans that would fit on your recommended heatsinks? For context- I’m running a Tekno 20t pinion and the factory...
  18. N

    Outcast Motor upgrade

    So wanting to upgrade my motor and esc and saw the max 5 combo with the 56113 motor . Specs on the outcast says it can hold up too 56110 . So I assume it would rub on my steering linkage , what would you guys suggest for a motor upgrade ? Let me know thanks ?
  19. MrTJox1

    Kraton TP Power

    What do people think about the TP Power 4070CM for a Kraton v4?? Is this a good powerhouse???
  20. MrTJox1

    Hobbywing vs Castle Creations for Arrma Kraton v4????

    I am looking to upgrade my electronics and motor. I'm a newbie and found HW and CC to be the standard for bashers! I'm looking at the CC- Monster X w/1515 (2250kV) motor OR HW Xerun XR8 plus w/4274 SD G2 (2250kv) motor? What are some thoughts out there..why CC over HW? Oh yeah, no comments...