1. simonthomas13

    EXB Motor and ESC Combo

    Hi all, I'm giving myself a right headache trying to decide which ESC and Motor combo to install in my EXB when it arrives late August (In the UK). This is my first roller so my #1 priority is something simple to install, i'd like to avoid modifying anything if possible. I'm not after the...
  2. ArrmaGraniteState603

    Broken Motor Shaft bearing caused friction inside motor housing, is my motor salvageable?

    Granite 3S BLX Bearing at the end of the motor shaft inside the motor housing broke today, causing the shaft magnet thing to rub all over the inside of the almost circuit board looking material that it’s supposed to spin around. I’ve got most of this black soot off the shaft itself but...
  3. J

    Kraton Motor and ESC Upgrades

    Hello im new to RC. Purchased a kraton 6s v4 a couple of months ago... I Absolutely love it ! Its kept me occupied through the lockdown anyway. Just looking to start to upgrade a few things. Any advise on motor and esc upgrades ? Also where can I get a decent motor heat sync fan and aliminum...
  4. JDarby05

    Kraton 8s MOTOR/ESC Upgrade

    Debating this motor and esc upgrade MOTOR: 4-POLE SENSORED BRUSHLESS, 2028-800KV ESC: MAMBA MONSTER X 8S, 33.6V Motor Mount...
  5. H

    Kraton Arrma kraton 4s motor/power module stuck

    I got the truck 3 days ago and is was a bit dirty so I wanted to take out the electronics so I can clean the inside, firstly that red block was really jammed in but that came out but the motor unit just will not budge, I've looked up videos and they just slide out with ease. Am I doing something...
  6. Yas

    Motor cable tidies...?

    After a few jumps and tumbles the 3 motor cables on all of my RCs flop around and end up askew in a bundle even when using the built in cable runs, sometimes with the bullet pins half pulled out Does anyone know of an aftermarket cable tidy that will keep my ESC and motor cable straight and in...
  7. SupraNik1910

    Granite Blx Motor Question

    Hello everybody, I finally got a brushless motor for my Granite Mega. I have a question about the pinion gear though. Is this the right gear for this motor? Something doesn't seem right here.
  8. Arrma92

    Spektrum 1250kv motor and esc issues

    I have a Kration 8s it came with the spektrum 160 esc and 1250kv motor. just last night it started giving me issues. I don’t have any throttle control UNLESS I take the motor B line out of the esc then it starts to work. When I pull the motor b cable out the esc boots up normally. With the...
  9. Clint5969

    Kraton Motor plate washers no good!

    Two motors, the built in washers failed. Hope arrma soon makes them thicker at that part! For now think I am going to start adding something underneath the motor to support it.
  10. M

    Outcast Outcast 4s

    Using my 4s outcast this morning and after one jump I could hear a rattling, so took everything apart and singled it down to the front motor bearing being worn out. I pulled it out and replaced it put everything back together. Now when I go to use it I have power when I lift my RC off the...
  11. Buglebasher

    Senton Senton 3s BLX

    Gotta think, that I got a lemon. My wife bought me the Senton 3s for Christmas. It's been in a state of constant repair ever since. The front bumper failed within a few days. Replaced with a T-bone racing bumper, well worth it. Couple weeks later, the motor starts cogging. Horizon sent me a...
  12. iLikeRCs

    Kraton Planning on getting Trenchers 40 series - do I need to gear down to 11T Pinion?

    I am planning on buying new, bigger, heavier tires for my kraton - will I need to gear down to an 11T pinion? I already have a Hobbywing motor heatsink and fan
  13. iLikeRCs

    Kraton Motor (or esc) broke out of nowhere...

    About 3 Hours ago, I was driving my Arrma Kraton 6S Blx on 6S LiPo (temperature outside: about 10°C or 50°F), but suddenly, it stopped and the motor was kinda jammed up. I then took the body off and noticed a burnt smell.. Oh god... I suspect that it overheated as the temperature outside was...
  14. ArrmaDave80

    Infraction Infraction motor heatsink/fans advise and links

    Hi guys I’ve just got the infraction and keen to get a heatsink and fan combo for it to keep the motor running cool as much as possible. does anyone have a link to a set up I can buy for it please ? It’s the standard motor in there. Heatsink and either a big single or dual fans wanted for...
  15. P

    Outcast Outcast 4s motor spins no drive

    Hi all first rc car so no experience at all. I'm having an issue where the motor spins but will not drive the wheels. Wheels spin manually and are all connected which suggests the driveshaft and diffs are are ok. The power isnt transferring from the motor to the driveshaft but I have no idea...
  16. T

    Raider Raider blown motor with new battery?

    Hi all, first time poster. Recently upgraded my Raider battery to a FLOUREON 2S2P 7.4V 6200mAh 40C. Gave it a blast for around ten minutes and was loving it until smoke started appearing from the motor - never a good thing. Car now seems underpowered (unless the battery had drained) so suspect...
  17. unclebrudy

    Motor “cap“ bent, how much trouble am I in?

    I just noticed this, and I have no idea how it happened. Apologies because I don’t know the correct terminology, but will this cause any damage? It’s driven normal and I only saw this being bent while cleaning. Thanks in advanced.
  18. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Halp my motor mounting holes are stripping!

    My 4s kraton keeps having unfortunate issues.. i tought i only had 2 stripped screws after i nose landed when my screws had loosen up(treadlock failure). Turns out i have 3 stripped screws:/ i have 2 holes left for my adjustable motor mount only.. i have a hard time emptying a baterry without...
  19. Surchaufeur

    Kraton How to fix broken mounting holes

    My kraton 4s motor today stripped two of is mounting holes i used to mesh my 13t pinion i was pushed to use the mega adjustable motor mount that i was about to sell:/ because with the stock mount i was not able to find the right holes anymore. All of that because of the stupid blue locktite who...
  20. Surchaufeur

    Kraton My bad luck strikes again

    I have slightly bended my motor mount on a nose landing on the bmx track i wa shaving a wonderful day since a long time but now i stripped bpth holes from the 13t motor holes.. and i cant use the other holes because they are non compatible the only way i can use is using the adjustable motor...