1. grihn

    SOLD / FOUND 2 NiMH Batteries for Sale - $20 shipped

    I have 2 NiMH batteries for sale. Neither of these batteries have any/much use on them, I just don't run NiMH. I'd rather these go to someone who does than just leave them sitting or throw them out. $20 shipped (both batteries) within the contiguous United States. Arrma 1800mAh, 7.2v, 0 cycles...
  2. Dreary

    Arrma Typhon 3s Battery Options

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of getting a arrma typhon 3s and I have this question for you guys before I buy it. I have heard many stories of lipo fires and I don't really wanna risk it so is it possible to use two nimh batteries in series instead of a 3s lipo? Will the voltage be the same or will...
  3. W

    Senton Question About Battery charge rates on NiMh

    Hello everyone! im having some questions about charging my batteries, the stock battery is a 8.4v 2,400mah nimh, the first 5 or 8 cycles where with the stock charger at 0.7amps, it takes 3 and a half hours to charge, recently a bought a better charger that can charge at 1amp, 2, 3 or 4 amps...
  4. S

    Raider BLS - looking for NIMH + Charger

    Hello from Germany! I am an absolute beginner and am hoping to get some help :-) 3 years ago I bought the Raider BLS (red) and used it only twice. Now I want to revive and drive it with my son. Unfortunately I am missing the ADC-N7 charger and NIMH 3300MAH 8.4V akku. I‘m not able to...
  5. Trixxstrr

    NIMH voltage issue

    So I'm pretty new at all this still, bought the Senton 4x4 brushed a few months ago which came with a nimh 2400 mah 8.4v battery and the wall trickle charger. So I bought another battery, at 5000 mah 8.4v one (gensacearespammers). The first few runs were great. Then I got a Radient Ascend charger from...
  6. Trixxstrr

    Senton A few questions about my new Senton 4x4

    I just bought my first RC, a Senton 4x4 Mega Brushed. And I have a few questions that I haven't really been able to find an answer for searching. 1. I've taken it out a few times now and got a blinking light after running hard for under 10 minutes. The manual says maybe overheat? But it's been a...
  7. ajdragon

    Arrma 4600mah NiMh battery Question

    Hi By any chance does anyone know what the C ratings would be for the Arrma 4600mah NiMh battery back? I put mine into my Pro MT 4x4 with a WP-SC8 ESC, and 2100kv motor, and the battery got really hot after one short run, and I figure the C rating may have been way to low for the WP-SC8.
  8. Rdub

    Recommend me a battery charger

    I'm sure there's info on here.... But I figure I'd throw this question out there again. I'm an oldie who's becoming a newbie again. Im currently using the old MRC rb 465 charger from the days of late 80's early 90's. Looking for a charger that will do my Nimh packs and the LiPo's I will...
  9. invzibl

    Best LiPo/NiMH for the money?

    Best battery for the money for our Granite BLX's? Don't want to break the bank but want the best I can afford
  10. ARRMAgeddon

    ac/dc nihm/lipo charger

    I would like to get my self a nihm lipo charger I have looked around theres tons of chargers out there I have no idea theres that much of chargers out there And makes it really hard to chose one I just need a simple Ac/dc 120v to 240v nihm lipo charger Able to fast balance charged 2s to 6s...
  11. McPace

    8.4 volt ok?

    Noob battery question here. If I increase the voltage of the battery I'm using that's ok right? or are there limits based on what your motor can handle? I'm running a stock 2014 granite mega and want to buy a 8.4v 4200mah NiMH battery. Although I think this one would have an issue fitting in...