1. ajdragon

    Arrma 4600mah NiMh battery Question

    Hi By any chance does anyone know what the C ratings would be for the Arrma 4600mah NiMh battery back? I put mine into my Pro MT 4x4 with a WP-SC8 ESC, and 2100kv motor, and the battery got really hot after one short run, and I figure the C rating may have been way to low for the WP-SC8.
  2. Rdub

    Recommend me a battery charger

    Im sure there's info on here.... But I figure I'd throw this question out there again. I'm an oldie who's becoming a newbie again. Im currently using the old MRC rb 465 charger from the days of late 80's early 90's. Looking for a charger that will do my Nimh packs and the lipo's I will...
  3. invzibl

    Best LiPo/NiMH for the money?

    Best battery for the money for our Granite BLX's? Don't want to break the bank but want the best I can afford
  4. ARRMAgeddon

    ac/dc nihm/lipo charger

    I would like to get my self a nihm lipo charger I have looked around theres tons of chargers out there I have no idea theres that much of chargers out there And makes it really hard to chose one I just need a simple Ac/dc 120v to 240v nihm lipo charger Able to fast balance charged 2s to 6s...
  5. McPace

    Mega 8.4 volt ok?

    Noob battery question here. If I increase the voltage of the battery I'm using that's ok right? or are there limits based on what your motor can handle? I'm running a stock 2014 granite mega and want to buy a 8.4v 4200mah NiMH battery. Although I think this one would have an issue fitting in...