1. nomis38

    Senton Mildly Modded Senton, :)

    Ive done a few minor mods to my Senton, 1: baja buggy body with light bar, and some decals i made and cut out of vinyl from hobby lobby 2: made a custom mesh chassis debris guard out of screen/shoogoo/staples/velcro 3: chassis brace, cutrain rod/plastidip/hotglue 4: badlands style tires...
  2. arrmaracing

    Talion Nitro Kraton or Talion conversion

    Hey Guys, Yes I know you guys are like why don't I just buy a nitro vehicle etc but the reason why I want to do it with my arrma vehicles is I like to be different and I have a ton of spare parts for my arrma vehicles already. Lets keep this positive and if you can give any tips please comment...