1. rflx

    Senton Need help troubleshooting noise

    Hey forum đź‘‹ My Senton 3s is producing some unsettling sounds and i'm having trouble finding out what the issue is. Before it started, i had opened up the motor (everything looked fine), changed to a 15t pinion, changed the diff syrup (100k/30k), put on 17mm hex adapters and buggy tires and...
  2. Mr7wun8

    Kraton I can't figure this out

    I've looked around and found a similar thread, but there wasn't an answer that fit my issue. I get a grinding gear noise whenever I brake or reverse. It didn't happen stock, only since I changed the diff oil in all three diffs. I thought it was the rear, so I rebuilt it today and took it out...
  3. dillon_mitko

    Kraton Weird noise please help

    I’ve been having this problem for a while and have tried everything. My brothers kraton is making a really bad noise. It sounds like gears grinding or something like that. And every time we run it thru it to see if we can get the problem to break itself the center diff always blows. I’ve tried...
  4. Ktc888

    Kraton Nasty noise from center differential

    Sound like the centre diff I have had it all apart. Teeth are all perfect (checked it over and over again) Thought it might be the pinion slipping on the motor but it's nice and tight Opened up the diff. All cogs inside are great Any suggestions would be appriciated
  5. Swift518

    Kraton Is this pinion noise normal?

    I recently broke the stock pinion and replaced it with a Robinson 12T mod1 pinion from the LHS. Ive read these pinions sound different but Im wondering if this sounds normal? The spur gear is centered on the pinion and I believe the mesh is proper. Im not having any heat issues, it just seems to...
  6. Mr Bojenkals

    Arrma Nero 6S BLX. Assistance Req'd...please:/

    Hey there fellow Arrma owners! I was in the market for a new r/c as I've been in the hobby for almost 14 years now, although I've only had experience with nitro. I decided I waned to go electric as nitro just got too expensive and time consuming. I've been a long time Traxxas owner, but wasn't...
  7. T

    Kraton Kraton front diff problems

    I replaced everything and this is what the front sounds like. The rear is hardly heard new bearing pinion gear ring gear housing and spider gears not sure what's making noise