1. Tskluzak

    Anyone finding that the Notorious Body breaks easy?!

    Hi Guys, so I have had my Notorious for 3 months and only take it out on the weekends. First thing I did is reinforce the inside with a ton gorilla tape. After a few sessions I noticed the body started cracking by the doors. So I added some firm foam on the top to give it extra support so it...
  2. D

    Is there a way to speed limit a Notorious?

    I would like to get my son a bigger 1/8 size truck. What he doesn't need is the power of my Notorious. Can you dentune the electronics so he gets speed/power limited. Then increase both has his skills increase. I know the first step would be less battery. What's the least amount of "S" it...
  3. EBECD350-F9A4-4E73-8009-13B3E494D585.jpeg


    Proline Ford on a Notorious. Man I need an airbrush.
  4. apocalypse

    Is everybody running the 16t pinion?

    Before I put the torch to my truck, is everybody running the 16t pinion?
  5. I

    Tower 2 Tower brace for Notorious

    Does anyone know who makes a Tower-2-Tower brace for the notorious?
  6. B

    Are Kraton shocks the same as the Notorious shocks?

    Wondering if the arrma Kraton shocks are same shocks that are on the Notorious. Size and legth what not.
  7. Rampant Lion

    Newbie Notorious 6s body question

    I just ordered a blue Notorious 6s 1/8 and I'm wondering which aftermarket bodies will fit without modifications. I see clear, blue and black available, but I'm interested in other custom styles that will replace the stock stunt truck body. Thanks!
  8. Rhett

    Piggy back shocks for Notorious

    I want to get piggyback shocks for my notorious. They are 116mm front 135mm back. Can anyone tell me what I can get if I can go smaller just a bit?
  9. T

    Steering question

    Just opened up my new nortorious. Going to be installing the servo mount. And a few other things. I noticed that if you try and turn the wheels by hand the servo arm wont move at all. So I went thru the set endpoints and the servo moves the wheels when powered on fine. But I still cant get the...
  10. DSCN0082.JPG


    Everytime I look at this truck head on I think of that Disney cartoon Cars.. Just the front end looks like a face to me lol Love it!
  11. DSCN0081.JPG


    My Notorious with 3.8" Trencher Xs 1/2 inch offset on all 4.
  12. Frankfuerter5000

    Loud clicking noise when free rolling

    Is it normal to hear a loud clicking noise if rolling with no power ? My notorious is loud and non of my other Rc cars make noise like that when free rolling .
  13. JordanF

    Max 6s stock gear speed

    On my notorious im seeing 52-56 mph stock pinion 6s what is everyone else seeing. Only videos I have found seems to be down near 46mph
  14. PowerDubs

    Cheaper to LWB a Notorious or those body and wheels on a Kraton?

    I'm new here and haven't bought an Arrma yet. I like the notorious body and wheels/tires- but after watching a bunch of videos, I think I want the stability of the Kraton and it's longer chassis. Since they are both the same price initially- I can either buy parts to make a Notorious longer-...
  15. Skifflife88

    Stripped my Notorious servo

    only had my notorious for a week and stripped the servo i want to know if theres a better servo i can get for under $70
  16. CrashBoom

    So 6S is insane

    I took my Notorious out for quick maiden run tonight . . . crazy! I've never driven anything over 3S, and that is a not overly fast 6x6. I learned there is a fine line between doing a wheelie and completely launching the Notorious onto it's back. On an unrelated note, the real-steel effect...
  17. Gt rubicon

    Diff question

    Hi all, was cleaning my noto and my sons outcast when I noticed on all 4 differentials that the part where the axles/cvds fit into, on the differential is really loose and sloppy. I have done nothing to these diffs since we haven’t had any issues. Just wondering if this is normal or if I should...
  18. DSC00636.jpg


    werner's modifed arrma notorious
  19. DSC00644.jpg


    werner's modifed arrma notorious
  20. DSC00651.jpg


    werner's modifed arrma notorious