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  1. Ori


    First time out
  2. bicketybam

    Outcast Hobbystar 4082 Motor in Outcast/Notorious

    What are your thoughts about running the Hobbystar 4082 size motor in a Notorious? I have the 4092 1730Kv in my Kraton and it's awesome. Unfortunately RC Juice is out of stock but I saw the smaller 4082, which might be an easier fit in the shorter wheelbase chassis. It comes in 1600Kv or 2000Kv...
  3. 20181123_202725.jpg


    Remembering the first day we met
  4. 20181123_202609.jpg


    Remembering the first day we met
  5. 20181123_202009.jpg


    Remembering the first day we met
  6. 20181123_201909.jpg


    Remembering the first day we met
  7. 20190330_233446.jpg


    Factory fresh body, back in Blue
  8. 20190330_233524.jpg


    Factory fresh body, back in Blue
  9. 20190330_233509.jpg


    Factory fresh body , back in Blue
  10. T-Bone Racing

    T-Bone Racing enters the world of Arrma forums

    Hey guys, I'll start off by introducing myself, I am Jeff and will be handling all Arrma form activity for T-Bone Racing. I have been with the company for over 8 years and am currently sitting as one of the co-owners/Brand manager! A big initiative for us this year is to be more connected...
  11. D

    Bug body on a Notorious...need body mounting ideas

    I'd like to reuse this body I painted up for my Traxxas Rally. I think it looks great on the Notorious/Outcast. I just need to figure out alternative rear body mounts. Would like to see pictures of what you guys have come up with.
  12. VW Bug Body For Arrma Kraton, Outcast, and Notorious Review.

    VW Bug Body For Arrma Kraton, Outcast, and Notorious Review.

    In this video Khloe and I test out and review this awesome bug body from Ebay. Check it out here: Not only will we review this VW Bug...
  13. Tskluzak

    Notorious Solved my Noto/Outcast Body post issues.

    I kept losing or stripping my Body post on my notorious so here is a easy tip to keep that from happening. Zip tie them the shock towers and problem solved. Lol.
  14. Tskluzak

    Notorious Anyone finding that the Notorious Body breaks easy?!

    Hi Guys, so I have had my Notorious for 3 months and only take it out on the weekends. First thing I did is reinforce the inside with a ton gorilla tape. After a few sessions I noticed the body started cracking by the doors. So I added some firm foam on the top to give it extra support so it...
  15. D

    Notorious Is there a way to speed limit a Notorious?

    I would like to get my son a bigger 1/8 size truck. What he doesn't need is the power of my Notorious. Can you dentune the electronics so he gets speed/power limited. Then increase both has his skills increase. I know the first step would be less battery. What's the least amount of "S" it...
  16. EBECD350-F9A4-4E73-8009-13B3E494D585.jpeg


    Proline Ford on a Notorious. Man I need an airbrush.
  17. apocalypse

    Notorious Is everybody running the 16t pinion?

    Before I put the torch to my truck, is everybody running the 16t pinion?
  18. I

    Tower 2 Tower brace for Notorious

    Does anyone know who makes a Tower-2-Tower brace for the notorious?
  19. B

    Are Kraton shocks the same as the Notorious shocks?

    Wondering if the arrma Kraton shocks are same shocks that are on the Notorious. Size and legth what not.
  20. Rampant Lion

    Newbie Notorious 6s body question

    I just ordered a blue Notorious 6s 1/8 and I'm wondering which aftermarket bodies will fit without modifications. I see clear, blue and black available, but I'm interested in other custom styles that will replace the stock stunt truck body. Thanks!