1. deathmachine76

    Notorious v5 Power button/cover?

    So I guess I went a little too hard the other day with my Notorious and the little round rubber power button said bye bye. Does anyone by chance have a fried esc or a power switch with that button that they’d be willing to sell? Or does anyone know where to find a replacement? I’d be forever...
  2. Arrma Notorious on the start

    Arrma Notorious on the start

    Just a bit drifting on the gravel....but already hurt my legs 😬
  3. Notorious starting with a wheely

    Notorious starting with a wheely

    Background is the Hallstättersee
  4. DSC_3101.JPG


    Notorious body on my Kraton Exb
  5. ARRMA Notorious 6S - Winter Bashing Without Ramp

    ARRMA Notorious 6S - Winter Bashing Without Ramp

    Winter is not a reason to stop bashing. But if you can't do without a ramp in summer, then in winter ARMA Notorious allows you to create tricks literally at every step.
  6. Notorious body gets a new paint, now is ready for my Kraton EXB

    Notorious body gets a new paint, now is ready for my Kraton EXB

    my first ever rusty paint job
  7. Infraction666

    Notorious body in iridescent color

    Painted this Notorious body last weekend I'm been using Tamiya iridescent pink to gold Can't decide if I like it or not, body is super nice but the color 🤔
  8. Notorious body for the Arrma Kraton Exb

    Notorious body for the Arrma Kraton Exb

    One more body for my Arrma Kraton Exb
  9. Screenshot_20211009-211435_Instagram_remastered.jpg


    Can not wait for winter to hit again. Anyone running paddles?
  10. Erik_Hall_13

    For Sale M2C chassis for Notorious/Outcast

    Used (but not trashed) M2C 7075T6 chassis, front brace, rear brace, and rear brace to shock tower brace. Everything is still in really good condition, nothing is bent/broken. Definitely wasn’t sending it Rich Duperbash style. I ended up turning my Noto into a Kraton so it’s just sitting in my...
  11. aahwhatever2

    Talion Best motor mount

    Hey guys… This is for the Talion EXB or similar “latest release” trucks. Not trying to start a trashing thread. I just want to know, who makes the BEST motor mount? I would like to compare/contrast the PPS-RC vs scorched and ?others? I like the looks of the roto motor mount and how it...
  12. Loon_tune

    Notorious Snapping steel rod

    Hey guys and gals! I've got a ridiculously overpowered notorious (check my build thread) and i keep snapping those pins that go through the hub and axle. Like, everytime i go to bash, street or whatever, one or more of them snap. Is it my wheel extensions? I got some i think 10 or 20mm offsets...
  13. M

    Punch settings notorious v4

    Hey guys, I just picked up a second hand v4 notorious, and was wondering how to change the punch setting to something a little higher? I can find information for a v5 but not a v4 unfortunately. Any help would be appreciated!
  14. H

    Kraton Are stock 6s electronics (motor/esc) any good?

    I've got a super-sized 1/10 scale basher that i'm thinking could make good use of the larger motor and lower kv from the 6s setup (2050kv and 150A esc). It's currently running a 3150kv motor and 130A esc on 3s and I have it geared to suit my speed. I'd plan to run the new setup on 4s and gear...
  15. Unusual

    Outcast EZRUN max 6 esc on new exb rtr outcast or v5 notorious

    Hi guys. Do you know if the max 6 with the 4985SL (1650kv) motor and esc would fit on the 6s outcast on notorious platforms?
  16. TheSpev3000

    Notorious Notorious battery dimensions

    Im about to buy a notorious and i looked at the dimensions for max battery size, the 6s batteries im looking up are just a hair too wide and if i take 2 3s hardcases (which i would prefer) and stack them they would be 4mm taller than the allowed space, did anyone have an issue with this with any...
  17. SaltyLocal

    Kraton Father and son basher

    Hey Folks! As some may know, I recently purchased my son a Big Rock for his 6th Birthday (many thanks to all you members who assisted with my questions). To say he loves it would be an understatement. However, I’d like to purchase another RC to bash with him. We aren’t looking for a speed demon...
  18. KABOOM - One of my favorite pictures, when I ripped this MASSIVE triple 💪💪

    KABOOM - One of my favorite pictures, when I ripped this MASSIVE triple 💪💪

  19. notorious


    Fresh build
  20. Buzzlightyear

    Kraton Notorious body fit on the Kraton

    I have a kraton that I bought with the body messed up was trying to find none ugly truck body's. But I want to know if the notorious body would fit on the kraton 6s