1. jedibabaob

    Notorious Need more robust diffs

    Have had to replace both front and rear diffs recently, I like to jump .... I make mistakes.... but on my next outing after the fix I think I’ve done it again.....clickety click..... makes me ask what upgrades could I consider as an alternative to the stock diffs if I wanted something more...
  2. 7B689695-51E9-44AB-BACD-1058D8C0ABF2.jpeg


    Gruesome twosome on the south bank
  3. C87E7896-DB78-4179-A28C-F4F290D77890.jpeg


    Love this! Live my notorious
  4. F2309BD2-7E42-462A-A7D8-7D69D834BAF0.jpeg


    Graffiti escapades
  5. 74FC31F7-AA7A-4B1C-B445-8E646804C2AA.jpeg


    Graffiti tunnel with the notorious late night adventure
  6. 2FD83DDD-3270-43C7-976F-3F8AB7BF8605.png


    My notorious 6S after having both diffs replaced 😩😂
  7. 74F35CF4-70B5-4543-8D16-FB5B5730A1E1.jpeg


    Family says hi to newest arrival
  8. ARRMA Notorious 6S - Lost in the Leaves. Autumn Bashing With Ramp.

    ARRMA Notorious 6S - Lost in the Leaves. Autumn Bashing With Ramp.

  9. ARRMA Notorious 6S - Ramp Me Up!

    ARRMA Notorious 6S - Ramp Me Up!

    Notorius and Ramp. Flip all way up. Many flips with music!
  10. Arrma Notorious Slow Mo

    Arrma Notorious Slow Mo

  11. IMG-20200724-WA0031.jpg


    Notorious Praying Mantis Typhon attack...
  12. Happy birthday big blue

    Happy birthday big blue

    The most fun investment ever
  13. Slow Mo Armma Notorious 6S

    Slow Mo Armma Notorious 6S

    Good times, scary moments- vid of first run Crappy pic quality I know but the action is something I wasn't expecting from completely stock unit and worth cat...
  14. CEA0DD43-53F0-4E10-8130-C8EF64225511.jpeg


    Angry Notorious
  15. L3phturn

    Battery temps 4S vs. 6S

    Hi Asylum peeps. So I have this new Notorious 6S. LOVING it. Only run 6 packs through it. So far only on 4S. A single HRB 5000 mAh 50C. Yesterday evening we had our longest bash session yet and I was checking temps. We ran the pack down to 3.7v /cell. After the run I noticed the battery itself...
  16. Arrma Notorious 6s vs Senton 3s

    Arrma Notorious 6s vs Senton 3s

    Afternoon racing and jumping with a Notorious 6s (on 4s battery and high speed pinion) and Senton 3s (Stock) - dad and daughter time!
  17. P_20200806_113847_vHDR_On.jpg


    Purple is always better
  18. P_20200806_113855_vHDR_On.jpg


    Purple is always better
  19. P_20200806_113907_vHDR_On.jpg


    Purple is always better
  20. S

    Notorious Wheelie bar screws snapped. Advice ?

    Hi, My original wheelie bar snapped so I ordered a metal replacements but I've found that some screws have snapped in place. I had a quick attempt at using a screw extractor drill bit but the ends aren't very flat and the drill bit wasn't biting into them. Any suggestions or advice ? I am...