1. WillyG.RC

    Notorious I want an obnoxious fan

    Any recommendations on a loud fan? I have a regular Arrma 35mm Fan on my notorious but want to get a loud fan for the motor. Any suggestions?
  2. Ruvi

    Felony Hello im new to the forum and i had a few questions

    I had a felony and a notorious really stock (notorious alu center diff) whats the best upgrades for these cars?
  3. R

    Kraton Thoughts on outcast v Kraton and or notorious?Drawbacks on stunt trucks?

    I can't resist horizons $70 off with a gift card purchase of $500. I'm stuck between these three. Currently have a big rock. Looking to bash and jump mostly. Wondering if theres considerable drawbacks of going with the hyper stunt trucks? Upside of going 6s, already have two 3s batteries...
  4. Junior_terrier

    Notorious Servo / wheels don't turn

    Hi guys noob again I've changed the upper hinge pin, now my wheels barely turn and don't even "re-center" by themselves, yet when i use my hands wheels fully turn and nothing seems to be blocking like a forgotten screw or something. What have I done: Calibrated the rc/ server steering travel...
  5. Uplift-RC

    Merry Christmas to all my friends and the entire #ARRMA family🎄🎁

    Everyone have a good day :)
  6. sinofallsinners

    Outcast Hey guys! I joined here to get some feedback. I’m looking for a motor upgrade, but using the stock 150a for the time being.

    I got an Outcast 6s EXB rtr on sale from Horizon for 460$ I love the truck, it quickly became my favorite RC. Well, I’m already feeling that the 2050kv is underpowered. For now, I’d like to stick with the 150a ESC, I’ll upgrade it in a few months. Anyone here tried the Holmes Puller Pro 4274...
  7. Uplift-RC

    Heading to Maggie Valley for Xams and I AM bringing MY ARRMA Notorious & my DJI Mavic Drone 🤟

    She is a complete animal
  8. Non-stop bashing and big jumps at The Pit!

    Non-stop bashing and big jumps at The Pit!

    We had a beautiful and fun day at a local sand pit with a lot of bashing, crashing and jumping with various Arrma 1/5, 1/8 and 1/10 scale RC cars. These RC c...
  9. A

    Notorious Is Notorious 6S V5 is good to buy or should I Buy some other model?

    Hi I am planning to buy Notorious V5 6S(New or used). Hence, I need some advice and suggestions >whether the Noto is actually recommended and OK to be bought Or will it be good to buy and include it in RC car list? >Is it durable enough or is it weak and fragile & breaks a lot? >Also after...
  10. JMJR07

    Kraton Kraton 6s won't turn to full right lock

    I have a Kraton 6s V5 RTR. It is fully stock as far as the electronics are concerned, aside from a DX3 transmitter and receiver that I bought from Jenny's RC out of an Outcast 6s EXB. It still has the stock ESC, motor and servo. The issue I'm having is that the steering will not turn to full...
  11. ARRMA Notorious - Four Season's Bash

    ARRMA Notorious - Four Season's Bash

  12. PXL_20220503_223855705.PORTRAIT.jpg


  13. J-Business

    Notorious Notorious 6s motor temp

    When I run my Arrma Notorious 6S on the street doing wheelies and speed runs, the motor temp typically sits at 170-175 degrees F. Should I be concerned about this? This picture was taken a couple minutes after I had hit the low voltage cut off so it had a few minutes to cool down.
  14. ARRMA Notorious - BMX Bash

    ARRMA Notorious - BMX Bash

    What will happen if the Notorious is placed in the environment for which he was created?
  15. Notorious - Such a Blast!

    Notorious - Such a Blast!

    It will never be superfluous to share the joy of a Notorious, because he gives it to everyone around him... Have fun!
  16. LudeNation

    Notorious My first 6s rc car, what would be some good first mods to do?

    Basically looking for some add-ons/mods to make it stronger exp. the tires & have a better overall experience.
  17. ARRMA Notorious 6S - Dirt Jumps

    ARRMA Notorious 6S - Dirt Jumps

    Oh, summer, summer. The next one is still six months away, and there are still unreleased things from the past. ARRMA Notorious is in his element. Rocket air-ramp-air. Enjoy both fails and successful jumps :)
  18. tobmaster

    On the road for next 5-days

    Leaving Illinois after work today for a 2400 mile college visit road trip with my family between today and Tuesday will drive and visit Iowa State, Colorado State, Kansas State, and University of Missouri. That said, my 14-year old son is coming and we are thinking about bringing my Talion EXB...
  19. Monski

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma notorious 6s v2 $400

    Hi I’m selling a Arrma notorious 6s v2 it has a few upgrades Savox servo Front and rear hot racing chassis brace Hot racing servo mount Gpm Wheely bar Spektrum esc and motor 4s reaction 5000mah 50c lipo No remote or receiver Does have a new body and a used body $400 firm shipped USA only lower...
  20. tobmaster

    Notorious 4s battery vs. 6s for general tooling around

    Still new here, and new to the Arrma world and this forum. I did search quite a bit before asking this, but nothing I found seemed to answer. As posted in introductions, my son purchased a Notorious last summer. Soon after we rebuilt it due to an unfortunate mailbox incident, I decided to...