1. Gregorinho26

    Help with Diff Oil

    Hi All. Can someone please suggest the best suited differential oil for regular maintenance on the plastic diffs on my Granite Mega 4x4. I am still running the stock 12T brushed motor and 14T pinion. 2S lipo battery. I am looking for a balanced oil....not too thick, not too thin. Thanks.
  2. BashingBrian

    Infraction What's in your diff..?

    So as the title says, I think it would be a good resource if people with an Infraction post up here what weight oil they are using in all their diffs F/C/R..!! Post up what spec your Infraction is and the type of driving you do, that way we can all learn from each other about what's works...
  3. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Differantial tunning arrma kraton 4sblx/3s

    I foxed my kraton woth new spur gear slipper clutch an pinion and now im looking foward t tune my diffs i was watching rich duperbash video and always talk about tunning and takes a lot of time before he gets it right but is it really a big thing? I new to diff tunning so i want to hear a bit...
  4. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Best grease for composite differantial

    I was wondering what would be the best grease for my arrma kraton 4s diff? Recently one of my diff blew and i think it was because of the inapropriate grease i used. I used high pressure grease semi- synthetic it has a bad smell i originaly bought this for my rustler 4x4 metal diff but now its...
  5. Nitr0EngiEx

    Kraton VIDEO: How To Clean Differential Fluid and Shock Oil! Super Easy!

    So I spent allot of time tearing down the differentials of my Arrma Kraton and couldn't help but think that there has to be something I can clean the components with to dissolve away the old diff fluid. I think I found something that is effective! Check it out!
  6. RxMonkey

    Outcast 1 Million wt Diff Oil

    I thought I’d share my thoughts on diff oil weights in the outcast. STOCK: Stock oils allow way too much ballooning of front tires. I cooked my diff and the support blocks for the cross pins actually melted into the diff cup a little. Needless to say way way too hot. The front and rear diff...
  7. Kouwe81

    Fazon Diff seal and oil

    Hello. I found a wonderfull thread which i will be using to seal my diffs ( hope it will work ): https://www.arrmaforum.com/threads/manne´s-nero-bash-build-thread.2269/ Loads of information in there, so i ordered some screws / oils, and now i hope it will work. My tires were ( and still are )...
  8. Crash Bandicoot

    Diff oil weight

    Hello, I've lunched my composite idler gears in the gearbox of my 6 month old Mega Fury, which now runs a 4000kV brushless 3s setup and larger monster truck wheels. My Fury is a 100% basher, running mainly on grass and dirt, with occasional asphalt runs. I'm putting together new metal...
  9. E

    Talion 20,000,000 diff oil

    Is it ok to use 20,000,000 diff oil in. The talion and the kraton. Center diff only? I use it in my xmaxx. Just curious if manufacturers have different parameters for the center diffs. If it’s to thick, maybe 1,000,000weight? Thanks guys
  10. ThatDrewGuy

    Diff's almost empty on new Talion

    So the Talion that I just bought a couple weeks ago had a little mishap in a skate park.;) Bought a couple replacement parts and fixed it right up. Figured I would go ahead and change out the diff fluid on all three to get rid of some of the ballooning, and fit my driving style a bit. I'm new...
  11. E

    Kraton Kraton diff oil handling?

    How would my kraton and for that matter my talion handle if I put 500,000 cst oil in the center diffs and 100,000 in the front and rear diffs. Just curious. I’m ready to upgrade the oils in them both. I’m not a hard bashes,,,mostly on pavement and grass. Thanks guys
  12. chevys10zr2003

    Differential oil brands & where to get

    I am looking into getting more differential oils. I want to try a bunch of different weights as well as stock up. I have always used Associated differential oils and have never had a problem with them. The only issue is that a lot of the oils seem to be out of stock everywhere I have looked or...
  13. crankestein

    Oil Viscocity mix calculator

    http://www.scriptasylum.com/rc_speed/oil_mixer.html On the top menu bar, its different formula combos for gearing, scale speed etc...
  14. E

    What oil weight for Granite mega diffs?

    What weight oil are you guys running in your granite 4x4 maga. I’ve got the diffs out now ,,have to decide before I put them back together...thanks guys.
  15. Grat

    Diff grease or fluid?

    Hey guys. I have a 2016 granite blx I got used. First time doing maintenance inside the diff on this guy. I opened it up and is there grease inside the actual diff?? Or is it just old fluid that got all gooey?? I emailed arrma but they were no help. The comparison sheets on arrma-rc site say...
  16. Rob70

    Senton Diff Oil in Senton 6s

    I got a Senton 6s. I changed Diff Oils last year and i can`t remember what i filled in then. In the Manual there is 7000cst front & Rear Diff. And the middle diff is 10000cst (10k) i want my senton more drifting, i want that the rear breaks lose. how can i get there? on my table is 10K & 30k...
  17. Newbee53882x

    Diff oils

    What are the best cst oils to use in the arrma typhon?...stock is 10000middle 5000 front and rear. My mate uses 100000 in the middle and gets massive wheelies!?
  18. H

    Typhon Typhon v3 diff oil setup

    parking lot racing with typhon running 60k center diff oils front and rear are stock, my rear is always coming out on throttle need guidance on diff oil setup.. I’m also running sweep gt8 treaded tires medium compound and I feel like they need more grip.. suggestions appreciated
  19. Ulaan

    Kraton Oil differentials

    I read some threads about oil differentials for kraton/talion but i don't understand the right setup for bashing, can someone suggest his experience and remember to say if you use wt, kt or cst oil, it's important because there is a great difference between them, thanks.
  20. N

    Kraton Best diff settings for drifting?

    Hi all, i'm just wondering which F/C/R diff settings (meaning: oil weight) would you recommend for someone mainly interested in drifting (so rear wheels spinning). Stock is 10/10/10, what would you think? Thanks for all the help!