1. Pfaulk54271

    CV's Popping out

    Having some issues with the Talion and 2x Kratons popping front cv's out of the outdrives and bending shafts. Any common tips or fixes for this? It's always the right front CV!
  2. Thumper01

    Voltage Series Diff Outdrive Issues?

    I'm just wondering how many of you are experiencing diff outdrive breakages with your Voltage series? It seems to be a somewhat common issue. Asphaltlou here on the Armma forums, as well as the guys over at Big Squid RC have had this happen. For those of you who have experienced this: What...
  3. MrGame

    BLX Diff Outdrive

    Does anyone make stronger outdrives and stubs for these Granite trucks? I just ran on 3S for the first time and mangled the crap out of both of them. 3S is a blast though :)
  4. ajdragon

    New reason to upgrade axles and out drives

    Hi While comparing my new CVD to the stock axles and dog bones, I noticed something strange about the axles and out drives. It would seem that the Arrma axles and out drives have a funnel shaped hole to them "Top Image" , where as most other RC company's use cylinder shaped holes "Bottom...