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  1. When the mail arrives!!

    When the mail arrives!!

    I’ve got about 3/4 of the Upgrades/parts for my stretched tailon! Hopefully I can pull it off.
  2. Blondtourage

    New to RC - Best parts to replace?

    Hi Everyone, I'm relatively new to the world of RC, purchased my Granite about a week ago and I've been enjoying the hell ot of it. Had to do a servo repair day one, and learned it is a pretty common error. I decided I'd like to replace that servo with a more robust and potentially metal part...
  3. Granite Upgrade Part #'s

    Granite Upgrade Part #'s

  4. Mustangman66$

    Granite BLX reassembly

    I am getting ready to put my granite back together rear assembly and wanting to know if I can get some help with putting it back together. I looked all around for step by step and no one has no details on put It back together let me know what is the easiest
  5. WoodiE

    Arrma Nero Parts List and Manual

    Arrma Nero Manuals and Exploded views Arrma Nero BLX 6s Manual: Nero Manual (mirror) Arrma Nero BLX 6s Exploded Parts: Nero Exploded (mirror) Arrma Nero Parts List AR220037 - Shock Maintenance Set (2 Pairs) AR220038 - Diff Maintenance Set (1 Diff) AR310476 - 15t Mod1 Pinion Gear (1pc)...