1. Rons RC

    Rons Rc Is Partnering With Badtouch Breakers

    So, @Badtouch The basher and @Rons RC struck a deal to handle distribution in the UK. This means that for customers in the UK, shipping will only cost you €5.90. 🤙 You can't bash that!!!😁 Big shout out to @Badtouch The basher for agreeing to do this. It's not every day you find someone willing...
  2. Typhon6smax

    Typhon Truggifying a V3 Typhon

    Lately I came up with the idea to truggify my V3 Typhon. Thing is, I don't know what I need to change to truggify it. Does anyone have experiences with this? What new parts do I need, and do I need to change setups?
  3. Malti

    Senton spare parts - what to pre-buy?

    Seeing locally parts are a pain to buy, what parts would you suggest I slowly stock before I end up with a car in the garage and can't drive ( believe me it will happen XD ) Got the 4x4 Brushless on the way thanks in advance. ps - are places like banggood and hobbyking good for parts? are...
  4. C

    Kraton Integy parts

    Not sure if they are really new, or if I just missed them for a whole year, but I just noticed that Integy now had a whole bunch of parts for the Arrma Vehicles They aren't specifying the caliber/quality of the aluminium they use, but they are billet machined (which mean CNC I guess). I'm not a...
  5. iLikeRCs

    Kraton Where to get Cheap Arrma Parts?

    Is there something like a chop up shop for Arrma Parts? I've heard of that....
  6. Bigdog3890

    Granite Are Mega and 4x4 parts interchangeable?

    Are mega and just the 4x4 blx parts interchangeable such as a arms c hubs steering blocks all that ? Looking at buying it all from Gpm
  7. Ahlwardt9

    Talion Talion parts

    I just bought the Talion 6S and I’m having a hard time finding parts. Haven’t broke anything per say but my local hobby shop doesn't carry many parts for it. I would like to find upgraded and replacement parts I can order to have on hand. Any suggestions on where I can order parts would be...
  8. Blondtourage

    New to RC - Best parts to replace?

    Hi Everyone, I'm relatively new to the world of RC, purchased my Granite about a week ago and I've been enjoying the hell ot of it. Had to do a servo repair day one, and learned it is a pretty common error. I decided I'd like to replace that servo with a more robust and potentially metal part...
  9. Chandlerayotte


    Has anyone ever stripped one of these? I noticed my fazon upon acceleration was spinning out in one direction. After I looked I noticed it wasn't what I thought it'd be but instead the wheel ! Also I can't get one of the wheels off! lol I think maybe the hub pin is stuck in it but I've tried...
  10. Metal ANYONE!

    Metal ANYONE!

  11. P

    Raider Raider parts to have handy?

    what are good parts to have handy that break often or ones you would consider upgrading right away on new raider xl/blx. Already have new badlands tires and new shocks from trackstar.
  12. NoRCoRyX


    just to know if it fits on my kraton it seem to be very similare..... Mugen 1/8 MBX7R Eco * ALUMINUM SUSPENSION ARM HINGE PIN MOUNTS... Someone have both to let me know...
  13. Bryan.u159

    Parts coming from Hong kong for arrma Nero?

    Hey guys this might be a weird question but in just wondering if anyone has had experience with parts coming from China? Specifically Hong kong? I'm from the USA. Has anyone else had parts or quality parts shipped from this region? Hope I don't sound to terrible.... Link below to parts ordered...
  14. tigerljj1

    Kraton Typical replacement parts

    Hi fellas. Just got my Kraton and driving up from SoCal to Portland with my 5 yr old to visit friends and their 5yr old. We now all have RCs. My son has an HPI Bullet MT Flux for a while so I'm pretty set with spare parts for his. Any recommendations on what I should be ready to replace on...
  15. Reubydoobe

    Outcast TD330644 Shock end part number

    Anyone know the part number for the bit on the end of the shock. Broke it just now and need to search for a new one. Will this part work? Thanks guys Team Durango TD330644 Ball Cups - Bumper And Body Mount Set
  16. Kraton111

    Kraton Kraton storage and parts box???

    Looking for a plastic tote that the kraton would sit flat in and also looking for the best option for carrying parts and charger?
  17. Ironeagle

    Senton parts upgrade

    I'm having a difficult time finding upgraded parts, I realize it's not traxxas and so there aren't as many places to grab upgrades, but could anyone throw me the names of some good places that do have upgraded parts? I'm looking at TBONE racing bumpers, currently.
  18. GaryT

    FYI - STR parts SALE - Tower Hobbies

    FYI - Tower Hobbies has STRC parts sale going on if interested. Slight discounts. Good thru Feb. 4, 2017
  19. camy67

    Raider wheres the best place for upgrade parts?

    Hi all, wheres the best place for upgrade parts ? Thanks
  20. Tim211150

    Discontinued AR340002 parts?

    Looking for part # AR340002, can't find it anywhere. Everywhere I search its been discontinued. Any Ideas?