1. Ghast

    Typhon This is my Typhon. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

    Hey y'all. This build thread is to document modding and bashing my new Typhon 3s. Feel free to make mod suggestions along the way. The goal of this build thread to experiment and try different things for fun. Let's start. ------------------------------------------------------- ~~~ Here is the...
  2. Spider978

    Arrma Online Car Show March 21st 2021

    Okay...Im really going out mind waiting to the 17th for my new Kraton 1/5 EXB. So rather than get more on my wife's nerves. I wanted to kick off an Arrma Car Show! Do you guys have any pics? If so post them and their nick names. This is what I call my "Fab Five". (Shhh somebody's going to the...
  3. S

    Typhon Typhon picture gallery

    Show me your pictures and videos of your Typhon with what's done or not done to it. Here is one of my from its 1st 6s all stock bash session at the BMX track
  4. Faffy123

    Outcast My Arrma Outcast

    Thought I would post a couple of pics of my outcast
  5. Maneman2005

    Outcast Post those Kraton Outcast Senton Arrma pics here.

    I want to see what everyone is doing with Arrma vehicles!! Show whatever u got!!! ✌Love n Rc
  6. WoodiE

    Random Picture Thread

    Post 'em up. The vette reminds me of the one my dad restored a few years back... wonderful cars!
  7. ARRMAgeddon

    Arrma rc pictures show it off :)

    Was smoking my cigarrette when i took this picture lol came out great i think Now its your turn please a little description of your picture is better