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    Kraton WIP
  2. autolex

    Typhon Typhon 6S+ (1/7.5): My attempt at a reliable dirt track buggy

    Hello All! I have a Typhon 3S that's been stretched and repowered and such for the asphalt. I'm a middle aged dude with kids, but being in saint louis and having the Dirtburners track local to me I decided to pull the trigger on a second Typhon so we could all play. Current Pic for Interest...
  3. kyoto

    PPS Grublock Mount W/ Spektrum 780KV Brushless motor

    Considering upgrading my Mojave to 8S with a 1/5 scale motor. Looking at the Grublock motor mount from PPS to mount the motor but the website doesn't directly say if it can support 1/5 motors and horizon hobby only provides the outer diameter of the motor. Anyone knows if it can?
  4. Ivgot2manyRC

    Typhon Winter project. Complete NEW restoration with upgrades V6

    I got a Used & abused 6s typhon from eBay for 150$ I couldn’t pass it up. With a little TLC and $$$$ I’m gonna have this thing looking like a 2021 v6. Lol ? It came with hot racing bulk head covers front and rear :) GKA chassis braces, hot racing motor mount/diff cover that I won’t be using...
  5. PPS-RC

    PPS Kraton 8s Motor Mount Insert!

    Introducing the K8S 30mm Motor Mount insert! It is now available for preorder at PPS-RC.COM! All of the details are covered on the website but here are some key bullet points: 30mm motor spacing only You can fit up to a 62mm motor Up to a 44t pinion on the factory spur. Down to stock gearing...
  6. WoodiE

    My PPS motor and differential mount has been delivered!

    WOW. Both pieces look amazing. They came shipped in a bubble lined envelope, which contained two small plastic bags and each part came in custom 3D printed cases. The level of detail in just shipping is very impressive. Can't wait to get both mounts installed!