programing card

  1. J

    BLX ESC programming please explain

    Hi all, im new to the hobby and cant work out the esc programming. As stated in other threads the manual seems lacking in detail on this topic. Iv searched online and youtube and cant seem to find relevant info. Iv got the car running and am 80% sure iv got it to factory setting lipo mode Can...
  2. Y


    I have the Fury with the new BLX85 electronics. Does anyone know of a compatible program box/card? I could get a Hobbywing LCD Program box for cheap, but am unsure if it will work with the ESC.
  3. Steve

    SOLD / FOUND RC Gear Shop Programming Card, FREE

    Seriously, free. RC Gear Shop ESC's were poorly made and since discontinued. I have a programming card, will never use again. Would prefer someone from the board have. PM me if interested. If you feel you have to do something, send it to @WoodiE...