1. Ionlyhaveabigrock

    Big Rock Arrma 3s Big Rock. No steering. Throttle On 3rd Channel

    Hello, Everyone! Hoping For some Arrma Help! I recently Purchased A Arrma Big Rock. It's a great little basher. But Randomly in operation, The steering stopped. I thought it was the servo, but that servo is fine! I began fiddling with it and found that the throttle is now on the "A" And "B"...
  2. slick2500

    Vintage Team Associated RC10B2 rebuild.

    Over the summer I stopped at a yard sale and found this vintage Team Associated RC10B2 buggy with 3 sets of wheels/tires, 3 Futaba transmitters(with only one battery holder that is missing a tab) 2 chargers, 5 random cans of paint, a dead 1200mah nicd battery, Novak Rooster brushed esc, Trinity...
  3. Micromodder

    What are you working on today?

    I just thought this would be a nice way to share non Arrma projects. Here's a few pictures of a Revolt 30 I bought used and overhauled.I'll be racing this boat in the P-limited class. I gave the entire boat a carbon/kevlar inlay from the transom to the bow.I made the battery tray from hobby...