proline racing

  1. G

    Pro-Line Brute Body

    I am just wondering if anyone has bought the Pro-Line Brute Body for their Granite 3S BLX? I am considering buying one but don't know if it will fit properly since it was designed for a Traxxas Stampede. I know I will have to make new holes for the Granite body posts I just want to know if...
  2. bicketybam

    Pinion size for Proline Tenchers

    I am curently running the larger of the two pinions that come with my Kraton. ESC and motor are stock. I picked up a set of Proline Trenchers today and was wondering if I should drop back to the original pinion being that the Trenchers are both heavier and taller. I'm worried about hear issues...
  3. Thomas P

    Tparts RcXtreme's ARRMA Outcast LWB 6s BLX

    Ok, that NIB Kraton 6s BLX, just been standing finaly i took ma time to tune it.. -------- 100% Stock BESIDES. Outcast body Lowered and shorter wingmount Internal shimed diffs 5k rear - 150k mid - 60k front Proline Shockwaves on Outcast rims T2T brace. ----------
  4. Spar69!

    Proline Badlands 3.8

    Anyone know the size difference ( outside diameter/width )between the stock Talion Katar tires and the Proline Badlands 3.8 ? ( Not the MX38's )
  5. BigMatt131

    Proline Mashers on outcast?

    Wondering if anybody has ran proline 3.8 mashers on an outcast. I know they balloon like crazy on my e-maxx and come close to hitting the body. Wondering if I would have issues with them hitting.
  6. cordell12

    Proline Enforcer - Kraton

    Can someone who has the Proline Enforcer body on their Kraton show me a pic of the rear body mounts. I am using the Proline Extended Front and Rear Body Mounts (T/E-MAXX) (all they had in stock). If I mount the shaft of the post against the rear shock tower, the body post will be too close to...
  7. G

    BLX Proline rat rod

    Will the proline rat rod1/8 body shell will fit to new talion
  8. Nero678

    Proline xmaxx bead lockers.

    Would the proline bead lockers for the xmaxx fit a Nero?
  9. Rcnerd

    New shoes on The Kraton Proline Badlands MX38

    Hi all- Just threw some Proline Badlands MX38's on the Kraton. I love how they look, but after ripping them outside in the snow tonight, I am worried they are too big for what I do. Bashing, Dirt/Grass racing, etc. They have a ton of surface area so it feels too sticky and more clumsy than...
  10. pasipple$

    Typhon V3 w/ MX28 Badlands on F11Wheels

    Pretty new to RC and definitely new to Arrma. Just purchased a set of MX28 Badlands tires mounted on F11 17mm rims directly from Pro-Line. Bought this setup after seeing a YouTube video by Aussie RC Playground. However, the tires appear too big for the Typhon. The inside of the tire sidewall...
  11. pcpguy

    Talion tires and wheels

    just got my talion and put the proline badlands on. seems very crazy side bite. the stock wheels are much smaller but handle so much better. whats the stock tire and wheels set size would like to get another set of same size and little better grip tires any tips or suggestions pictures help
  12. tigerljj1

    Best glue to stick Kevlar thread on outside of badlands

    Hi fellas. Any recommendations on a great strong waterproof flexible glue? Bought Kevlar thread to string on my tires on the outside to prevent ballooning. Heard folks doing this but they don't mention glue used. Thx!!
  13. R

    Proline gladiators on fury mega blx

    I put some proline gladiators on Fury Mega BLX and I'm getting no traction on front tires whats the fix?
  14. J

    Running Trencher X's on 6s...

    Anyone do this? I know it's not recommended but I just wanted to see what other people's thoughts are.
  15. Richman

    BLX My Senton Build

    Here is my Arrma Senton V2 modification in a 1981 Ford Bronco. The color is green aluminum effect with white stripes. front and rear bodymount LED Lights come later. ;)
  16. Unusual RC

    How to fill your shocks? Pro-Line tutorial/101

    Very nice (although bad quality audio) 101 from Pro-Line how to fill membrane shocks
  17. cuprada

    Did anyone try the proline RockRage?

    I saw a picture of the Proline RockRage and they look very nice. Can anybody show me a picture of them on the Kraton? I don't know if they are to big. I hope you understand my English, I am from Germany and my English is not very good. Thanks at all
  18. DOUGER

    tires and wheels

    just got my badlands hope they rock in the snow
  19. justatree

    A proline street fighter alternative tire by Dynamite

    I wanted to ask because they seem really similar to the proline tires. I wonder if any of you have the Dynamite speedtreads robber?
  20. LunchBox

    Painting a Proline Body with Liquid Mask!

    Ok I use liquid mask a proline Chevy c10 body fr the stampede A 1" paintbrush and a xacto hobby knife (not pictured) and duratrax gunmetal grey and blue flash and a white backing spray(not pictured) I painted the whole inside of the body with the liquid mask 3 or 4 even coats. Let each coat...