proline racing

  1. Frumba57

    Kraton Proline Paddles solved

    Build: Kraton 6s EXB, Castle Monster Mamba X/1650 KV, Proline 3.8 DUMONT paddles. Bottom line, they hold a true track and don't balloon the car all over the place. Incredible on 6s, Insane on 8s! PS. Thanks for watching
  2. S

    Senton arrma senton shcoks

    looking to put proline power stroke shocks on my senton but they would be coming from a slash 2wd, so would there be a big difference between the ones meant for the slash and the ones meant for the arrma and would they work on a arrma and fit on it with stock or rpm a arms?
  3. S

    Senton Arrma senton 3s tire/wheel recommendation

    Arrma senton 3s tire/wheel recommendation left rear just blew out wondering if i should stick with the dboot fortresses or go with proline badlands i mostly race it on grass. Also looking to put on typhon 3s linkage's and a-arms to improve stability wondering if i should put proline...
  4. C

    Typhon Pro-line Badlands MX28 rubs on suspension

    I see a lot of people put the mx2.8 on Typhon, and I just upgraded it. but the rear wheels rub the suspensions. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  5. rcNOLA

    Typhon Can't submit yet. But here ya go.

    Bet you my 3s typhon is faster than your 3s typhon...
  6. DSC_3176.JPG


  7. Mojave EXB with Proline Racing Hyrax Tires

    Mojave EXB with Proline Racing Hyrax Tires

    More fun with the Mojave EXB on the grass track.
  8. His and hers

    His and hers

    Paint looks nice
  9. Kraton chevy 2500

    Kraton chevy 2500

    New body and white letter tires looks sweet
  10. Proline PowerStroke Outcast 4s

    Proline PowerStroke Outcast 4s

    Review and Testing of Proline PowerStroke shocks with most firm (red) springs.
  11. Markus Madsen

    Newly painted arrma Keaton 6s body

    What do you guys think of my newly painted arrma Keaton 6s body
  12. B

    Granite BLX Proline Silverado

    My son is 8 and this was his birthday present. He wanted a new body since his was eat up to the point most of it was missing. This is how it turned out, it’s my first one. I bought a Kraton today for me and it’s already torn apart down to the frame. I broke the bumper and a knuckle on its second...
  13. Steve B in Vegas

    Senton Testing out Pro Line Racing BFG's

    Good times on the track today. Been super busy, but I haven't forgotten about you guys.
  14. M

    Arrma Senton 4x4, proline flotek bash armour body

    It was a bugger to get it to fit the standard body post as it's much thicker than standard body shell but I think you'll agree I now looks the beast that it is. Arrma Senton 4x4, 3/4s. Hobbywing max10, 120a. Racerstar 2600kv 4s with 20t. Heatsink and fan. 25kg JX servo 1/8 aluminium threaded...
  15. Lumsdenaj

    Lumsdenaj's Notorious

    Watch this space.
  16. Grumpy Old Man RC

    Kraton Kraton on Trenchers

    I mounted the ProLine Trenchers on my Kraton yesterday. What an eye opener! The truck is a completely different animal to what it was on the stock tires. On 4s it was almost as wild on the Trenchers as it it was with the stock tires on 6s. With the Trenchers I can barely control it on 6s. I...
  17. godfella691981

    Granite Pro-Line Brute Body

    I am just wondering if anyone has bought the Pro-Line Brute Body for their Granite 3S BLX? I am considering buying one but don't know if it will fit properly since it was designed for a Traxxas Stampede. I know I will have to make new holes for the Granite body posts I just want to know if...
  18. bicketybam

    Kraton Pinion size for Proline Tenchers

    I am curently running the larger of the two pinions that come with my Kraton. ESC and motor are stock. I picked up a set of Proline Trenchers today and was wondering if I should drop back to the original pinion being that the Trenchers are both heavier and taller. I'm worried about hear issues...
  19. TpPartsRcXtreme

    Outcast Tparts RcXtreme's ARRMA Outcast LWB 6s BLX

    Ok, that NIB Kraton 6s BLX, just been standing finaly i took ma time to tune it.. -------- 100% Stock BESIDES. Outcast body Lowered and shorter wingmount Internal shimed diffs 5k rear - 150k mid - 60k front Proline Shockwaves on Outcast rims T2T brace. ----------