1. Volasko

    Typhon Street Bashing Tire Setup - Help Me Choose

    I just got my hands on a V3 Typhon 6s that has been truggified with Kraton hubs. I've been in the process of taking it apart and cleaning it and just getting acquainted with the chassis overall. I came from a 3s Typhon that I got last year and upgraded a ton, but always left me wanting...
  2. Markus Madsen

    Newly painted arrma Keaton 6s body

    What do you guys think of my newly painted arrma Keaton 6s body
  3. T

    Kraton 6s Kraton V3

    Looking to sell this project to fund another. Proline Ram body (dukes theme) Sweep belted tires and wheels Savox servo Rpm arms Everything works as it should Has not been run since upgraded.. 350.00 + shipped lower 48 Paypal accepted
  4. M

    Senton 3S BLX Best Tire Setup?

    Hey guys! Enjoying my new Senton but the tires unfortunately ripped on a local course I run. What tires will give me the best traction on hard packed dirt with some dusty? Here is a video of the course I go to: Thanks!
  5. Lumsdenaj

    Lumsdenaj's Notorious

    Watch this space.
  6. 20200109_215124.jpg


  7. 20200109_215139.jpg


  8. 2E20DD62-7CC4-4B26-9CCE-315EDD93C9E6.jpeg


    Custom made 2.8 proline super scampers cut down and mounted on Kraton 3.8 rims
  9. 706AEDD9-86FF-4853-ACF0-4BD326C337B0.jpeg


    Custom made 2.8 proline super scampers cut down and mounted on Kraton 3.8 rims
  10. 5F16017E-845B-4C32-85FB-5B0DE2929C4A.jpeg


    Custom made 2.8 proline super scampers cut down and mounted on Kraton 3.8 rims
  11. nomis38

    Senton Mildly Modded Senton, :)

    Ive done a few minor mods to my Senton, 1: baja buggy body with light bar, and some decals i made and cut out of vinyl from hobby lobby 2: made a custom mesh chassis debris guard out of screen/shoogoo/staples/velcro 3: chassis brace, cutrain rod/plastidip/hotglue 4: badlands style tires...
  12. Richman

    Proline Monster Fusion on Senton

    hi guys, I have now found the perfect body for my monster senton. the Proline Monster Fusion. The best shorty body for my big truggy wheels (Louise T-Apollo). For the paint I used tamiya ps colors.
  13. servalac

    How many here vents their tires through the rubber ?

    Like the title says, how many here vents their tires through the rubber ? I have never vented any of my tires but read about and it's suppose to make water and dust stay out, even Pro-line used a single vent hole on their Trencher 40-series. Tried the 3/16" brass tubing method on some old...
  14. Arrma Siren

    Arrma Siren

    71 TransAm body on the custom built Armma Siren, based on the TP Parts extreme. First time out and it's a quick little cat for sure.
  15. Rcnerd

    Kraton New shoes on The Kraton Proline Badlands MX38

    Hi all- Just threw some Proline Badlands MX38's on the Kraton. I love how they look, but after ripping them outside in the snow tonight, I am worried they are too big for what I do. Bashing, Dirt/Grass racing, etc. They have a ton of surface area so it feels too sticky and more clumsy than...
  16. RcA

    Proline mx38 badlands outcast fitment

    full lock M2 compound
  17. Little Rock

    Little Rock

    Big Rock with Proline Raptor Body
  18. slpcrf450x

    Outcast Outcast Roll Cage

    Has anyone here tried putting the roll cage from the Outcast on a different body such as the proline C10? I was thinking about ordering a body to try it but thought I would ask here first.
  19. mansour545

    Ballooning easy fix for Badlands and trenchers tires

    Hi guys It have been long since my last post and I have upgraded my Fazon a lot Traxxas lock pins for all 4 CVDs and 2 Diff drives TRA5145 Hot racing CVDs NRO288V02 in front Hot racing CVDs NRO200E02 in the back Aluminum rockers NRO27M01 X 2 sets for all wheels Leopard motor LBP4082/2Y 1600kv...
  20. Unusual RC

    How to fill your shocks? Pro-Line tutorial/101

    Very nice (although bad quality audio) 101 from Pro-Line how to fill membrane shocks