1. Deceased

    Front Wheels ballooning Granite

    Hello everyone, I need yalls guy help asap I just changed the Spur gear bc it was completely trashed and the same thing with the pinion too. So I replaced them thinking it would fix this whole front wheel ballooning issue and it seems like it hasn't. Does anyone have any idea what it could be...
  2. IMG_8879.jpeg


    Senton 3s with Proline Ford Mustang body for Infraction.
  3. grndpa_tim

    Infraction Infraction 6s v2 - Couple of body options

    Just wanted to show a few pics of different bodies for the Infraction 6s if you are on the fence about trying one out. First one is a 2022 ProLine Protoform Mustang. My son bought me this for Christmas and I was hesitant to even try to cut, trim paint and all that as I have never done it...
  4. FastMann40

    senton body and bumper suggestions

    I have looked at a few older posts about Senton 3's body alternatives, and I recently purchased the Proline Silverado Trailboss body. I have prepped, painted, and drilled the holes for the body mounts, and I am in the middle of putting decals as well as body skid parts on. The stock front and...
  5. A

    Senton Boost shock upgrade

    Hi. I need replacement shocks for my Senton Boost. I have upgraded to the 4x4 and have put a brushless motor in it and it now mostly gets run at 3s or 2s. So looking for something durable. Will the proline shocks fit the boost model? Will the Arrma metal shocks fit? If so what springs and...
  6. S

    Senton arrma senton shcoks

    looking to put proline power stroke shocks on my senton but they would be coming from a slash 2wd, so would there be a big difference between the ones meant for the slash and the ones meant for the arrma and would they work on a arrma and fit on it with stock or rpm a arms?
  7. Bolshevikjoe

    Not ARRMA, But My First Foray Into a Custom RC (Team Associated Rival MT-10)

    New to all of this and having a fun time figuring out problems and engineering solutions. This was my first 'name brand' hobby grade truck and I got it back in February 2021. I have loved and abused this thing like crazy, but I hadn't done much to it aside from a set of RPM front arms once I...
  8. R

    SOLD / FOUND Parts for Kraton Exb, Mojave Exb, Traxxas Maxx 4S V2, Spektrum 8s, Castle 6s, Proline Badlands, Copperhead 2

    Hi All, First for sale post so be gentle. :) Times are rough so need to make up some money for bills. I still try to keep some of the toys for now (as long as I can), so trade is somewhat ok, but I would rather go for the Benjamins. Shipping and fees are on top of these prices, however, I am...
  9. tiarc

    Typhon Life with the pro line shocks on the Typhon

    Hello Arrma fam, I recently pick up a typon 3s and want to say thanks to this forum for the tips/tricks. I will most likely stick with the 3s vs the 6s as Im a fan its light weight, plus the speed is quite good relative to its cost. I have upgraded to pro-line powerstroke shocks and that comes...
  10. back on Badlands with the Arrma Kraton Exb MMX, let's go jumping 😁😁

    back on Badlands with the Arrma Kraton Exb MMX, let's go jumping 😁😁

  11. DSC_2827.JPG


    Brand new Kraton and Kyky the ice dog
  12. Arrma TaliCast MMX 8s gets new Proline Badlands 3.8, so bad ass 💪

    Arrma TaliCast MMX 8s gets new Proline Badlands 3.8, so bad ass 💪

    new shoes for my TaliCast
  13. ThrasherRC

    SOLD / FOUND Wheels/Tires

    Price is OBO and open to trades. (4) 2.8" Duratrax Stakker MT, 14mm hub. Barely used. $50 shipped
  14. NeverDun

    Kraton Proline ZR2 body fits the Kraton 6s perfectly

    Just thought to all might like it as an alternative! Gotta trim the back off, which means reinforcement is a good idea. I glued extra strips of lexan from trimming the body to the underside after painting which seems to do the trick.
  15. snozberries

    SOLD / FOUND Senton 3S V3

    Hey there, Looking to expand my collection and get something a little smaller for the backyard. The Senton seems to fit the bill for this unless someone has a recommendation. Happy to cover shipping, but probably won’t make sense for a lot of people unless they have a business account for...
  16. colesrhot

    Mojave Mojave Tire Upgrade

    Hey y’all, new to forums but have some advice. I’ve got a Mojave 6s v2 and burn through tires and strip the inner plastic hexes all the time. Recently picked up the UDR Hyrax tires and am mounting them on some aluminum Vitavon beadlocks when they come in. Working at a hobby shop, I’ve been able...
  17. Arrma Senton 3s

    Arrma Senton 3s

    Tire Upgrade, from stock to Proline Badlands 2.8
  18. Arrma Senton 3s

    Arrma Senton 3s

    Tire Upgrade, from stock to Proline Badlands 2.8
  19. PXL_20210318_204454119.MP.jpg


    Gave the old big rock a new body. My first custom paint job
  20. Volasko

    Typhon Street Bashing Tire Setup - Help Me Choose

    I just got my hands on a V3 Typhon 6s that has been truggified with Kraton hubs. I've been in the process of taking it apart and cleaning it and just getting acquainted with the chassis overall. I came from a 3s Typhon that I got last year and upgraded a ton, but always left me wanting...