1. Primarrma

    My ESC goes into "Brick" mode on camera after changing punch setting...

    Here is a video of my Kraton's BLX185 going into the green flash of death, I haven't been able to recover it, and I now have to wait till next week to get an answer from the Australian distributer.
  2. Marcus terry

    Outcast 13 runs in. Loving it, time for diff. maintenance?

    This thing is a total beast though after you initially break a few parts to get used to it like wow the throttle adjust on the controller is perfect for letting your friends drive it .ran the thing thru a foot of water accidentally and its perfectly fine engine stays cool .I just realligned my...
  3. cw kraton v2

    help with punch level

    I have a kraton and i have read the whole Manuel but, im confused on how the punch control works... It goes from level 1 to 9, but doesn't say what 9 is or 1 is. can anyone tell me what a higher level punch does or a lower level does. Thanks!