1. HoodieBoy

    Outcast Electronics upgrades

    So I was thinking of replacing my Outcast 6S EXB electronics with better ones. I was searching for cheaper options so these aren't the best of the best, but they are still good for the price. Does anyone have a better suggestion? These are my favourites: ESC & motor combo: Hobbywing Max8 & 4274...
  2. PerditionsFlame

    Futaba R404SBS-E receiver

    Hi all Has anyone got any experience with the Futaba R404SBS-E receiver in combo with the Futaba10px? Would it have good range when used in my Kraton 8s EXB? I have already purchased it but not yet installed it.
  3. Yazman

    DX5 Rugged and SR515 telemetry capable stock?

    I'm trying to figure out that sweet Kraton I bought from McClain210, but that radio is like a computer, and even after reading the manual and playing with it, I'm super confused. I'm finishing my Phd at school, but I feel like I'm still too dumb to understand this complicated transmitter. Does...
  4. HotSauce1983

    Talion Issue with Trim After Landing

    Hey There!! Happy Arrma you to all.. The issue I have which is with Talion 6s v4 and Granite 3s blx. I was thinking maybe it was car until I got talion in this week.. All stock except dif fluid change on talion and sealed bearings for both.. Before and after tear down to make these changes I...
  5. J

    Dumborc 4 channel vs 6 channel

    Hi everyone, I have decided to replace my STX2 with a dumborc radio as it seems like a good cheap option. I was going to buy the 4 channel as it is cheaper and I don't need the extra channels or the gyro feature that to 6 channel version comes with. Can anyone tell me if there are any other...
  6. J

    Is the STX2 Really that bad?

    Hi everyone, I have ordered an Arrma Senton Blx, it is stuck in Australia though because of this whole virus thing :( . I have done heaps of research on the car and there seems to be a huge debate over the STX2 radio. Is it really that bad? I guess it depends on your opinion or maybe some are...
  7. Dukeofpeckham

    Kraton Best radio / transmitter system for Kraton 6s

    I’m new! Just bought my first proper RC since getting jealous of my sons FTX Outlaw. Seen a load of reviews saying that the transmitter (is that the right term?) isn’t that good that comes with the Kraton 6s as there’s delay. What would anyone recommend as the best one to get? Cheers in advance!
  8. D

    Typhon How do I bind my Arrma Typhon receiver?

    I Have a Arrma Typhon and my esc and reciever are not connecting i have binding plug but were do i plug to reset esc?
  9. jkflow

    SOLD / FOUND Tactic TTX300 Radio with TR326 Receiver from my V3 Talion $30

    I have a lightly used and fully functional TTX300 with receiver, just add batteries. $30 shipped. Paypal only and you pay the fees. Free local pickup and would drop it to $20 if I don't have to ship. (Tampa/St.Pete area) I pulled this out of my Talion a couple packs into it.
  10. mje19d27

    Kraton I Just Discovered How Terrible The Spektrum STX2 Is

    Just installed the Rx/Tx from my V3 Typhon (Tactic TTX300) on my V4 Kraton after noticing the lag and unpredictability of the stock Spektrum STX2 set up. WHOA.. what a difference that made! It is much snappier and controlled. Feels like a completely different RC. I threw on my Savox 1210sg servo...
  11. dillon_mitko

    Looking for new radio

    I’ve been running the flysky fs-gt3b for a while now and I’m ready to upgrade to something better... especially after my cousin drove an outcast straight into it and now the antenna is falling off?. But I’m looking to stay under 100(including a 2nd or 3rd receiver) model storage is a must as I...
  12. 60DEF693-B38E-4F80-A62D-73EBAC5C06A3.jpeg


    Upgraded the Radio on the V4 - Futaba 4PM for the win.
  13. Jarrma

    Kraton Looking for suggestions on upgraded RC controller

    Looking for recommendations for a controller that I can use for multiple cars also will I have to outfit each car with a like reciever. New to the RC world
  14. The Twingo Lord

    Thoughts on Flysky FS-GT3B radio

    What are your guys’s Experiences with flysky? Is a Fs-gt3b a good idea to purchase? It would be my first non RTR radio btw
  15. pa_fullsend

    Having issues with Spektrum DX5C in my 6s Kraton

    Okay so I bought the dx5c so I could consolidate on my radios and because of the overwhelming hatred of the stock arrma radio. I got the version with the srs6000 receiver and threw it in my 6s kraton. I bined it like the manual said and made sure throttle brake reverse was all good and set...
  16. BashingBrian

    Infraction How do you adjust the Arrma Infraction steering endpoints

    As the title says... How do you adjust the steering endpoints..?? Can't find it in the manual anywhere, or maybe it doesn't have that adjustment..?
  17. K

    Futaba 3pv or 4pm

    Hi there, Using a spektrum dx4c currently and majorly lacking range. So my choice would most be based on the range. Now the Futaba 3PV has got everything I need basically. But the 4PM seems more advanced and has more options but is basically a 100 bucks more expensive. But thinking about the...
  18. SteveC

    Senton Radio delay in both the throttle and steering

    Please help. I just purchased a Senton 3s and I am having radio issues. I've tried re binding the spektrum radio, and re setting the end points. No matter what I do there is a huge delay on the radio on both throttle and steering!!! I feel like i just wasted 300 bucks on this thing!!!
  19. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Dumborc 6channel transmitter with gyro

    I recently bought the dumborc 6channel transmitter with a gyro to remplace my crappy stx2 from my arrma kraton 4s. And so far im blown away it claims to have abs and 400meters view range. I only menaged to go at 200meters before being unable to see where the car is but menaged to make it come...
  20. M

    Kraton What is CH3 used for on the Kraton 4S

    Hi guys. So I’m upgrading the receiver in my Kraton 4s And while swapping it out I noticed that it’s using 3 channels. The usual steering and throttle, but then an extra one coming from the motor. What’s this for? I’m slightly bemused.