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  1. stuartd

    GoPro Interfering with receiver

    I got a GoPro session 5 and a GoPro Hero 7 recently. I'm using the normal Tactic TTX300 controller. Attached a mount to my Typhon 6s v3 and put the session on, seemed OK but the car stopped responding for a few seconds a couple of times, thankfully it wasn't WoT and no damage done but I found it...
  2. Tvcraig75

    Kraton What radio/receiver would you choose for Kraton v4?

    With all of the disappointment in the radio supplied with the new Kraton v4, please tell me what economical system would you replace it with? Not looking to break the bank.
  3. KratonLV

    Tactic TTX300 transmitter and flysky receiver

    Hi! I have issues with my tactic receiver, so I need new one. Is it possible to bind Tactic TTX300 transmitter with some cheap receiver like flysky? Or maybe some other? Waiting for reply, thanks guys!
  4. Kraton punisher

    Dx5c rugged sub trim problem

    I got a new Spektrum DX5C transmitter because I have so many vehicles decided time to upgrade. Anyways I watched some videos on trim vs sub trim and I understand that. But the problem I’m having is I have to set my sub trim all the way to 80% , and then from there my wheels are somewhat strait...
  5. J

    New Transmitter / Receiver upgrade for Notorious

    After setting my end points for some reason my receivers seems to have burned out and no longer binds to transmitter. What upgraded receiver combos are there available that work with the BLX? Do I have to look for a certain type or brand? Thanks in advance!
  6. L

    Kraton kraton v3 and what radio

    what radio and receiver do you use in the kraton
  7. TraverseCity420

    I miss TSM, Has anyone put a trx reciever in there bigrock?

    As I have completely scrapped at least 2 traxxas vehicles I have a grip of spare parts sitting around waiting to be used for something stupid like putting it in an arrma vehicle for example. I think I read somewhere someone put a trx receiver into there arrma but i'll be damned if I can find...
  8. Coopsonthefarm

    Fly sky gt5 radio help

    So I got a new fly sky gt5 remote and have ran into an issue I can’t figure out. When turning to the right the servo full rotates and reaches its limit but the wheel on the remote still has another quarter turn before reaching its end point. This does not happen when turning to the left. Both...
  9. esowins

    How many RC cars can use 2.4Ghz at the same time?

    I bought 2 Senton 3s recently, one for me and my son. However I have a few friends also picking up the hobby and getting cars of their own. We all talked about going out and racing around together. In a stock setup, how many cars to remotes can be in a vicinity? I see these a 3 channel remotes...
  10. Waffleiron

    "Child friendly" radio (Futaba 3PV?)

    Hey there good people of the Arrma Forum. Does anyone have any experience with budget radios for the Arrma cars with possibility to have different EPA settings/different models/profiles? To justify buying an RC car at this point I need a way to quickly make it child friendly so my kids can...
  11. Piecejointe

    New radio made the car slow? Please help I'm going crazy.

    I replaced the stock radio with a Spektrum dx5c and srs6000 receiver (clearance, 50% off and I can finally use the same radio for all cars). I did the bind and calibrate procedure using a new car profile and my Typhon is noticeably slower than with the stock radio. Afaik it goes the right way...
  12. The_Otherside

    New receiver/transmitter for the Outcast

    I have a Spektrum DX5C transmitter I use for my TLR 22t 4.0 and I bought a receiver but it doesn't look like the pins from the Outcast fit into the receiver. Is there only a certain type that fit? Thank you.
  13. S

    Mega esc bind to new trasmitter

    Need help binding my granite voltage that comes stock with a 3 in 1 esc, to a new flysky remote. Thanks in advance
  14. J

    Arrma Tactic multiple models?

    Hi, Just wondering if the stock radio that comes with the models is capable of multiple model memory? Can I buy another rx and use the same tx for two models? Thanks
  15. M

    Granite Radio binding

    Hello hobbiest my brother had a new remote under warranty sent but not sure how to bind to the truck just wanting to know how to thank you
  16. B

    Typhon V3 External Antenna

    I have seen a few photos of vehicles with the external antenna (through the body), I would like to increase my control distance but have no idea how to mount or install. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you...
  17. pcpguy

    Transmitter upgrade?

    Looking to buy a knew one that is Arrma capable. Do you have to always change the receiver? wanting a better steering wheel without braking the bank.
  18. Motorhead419

    Nero esc

    Just got a used Nero..If I turn the remote off first the truck will take off..reprogrammed the esc...any ideas..
  19. tigerljj1

    Can't bind new Futaba 4PLS Transmitter with receiver

    Hi forum, Can't link/bind new 4PLS transmitter to receiver that came with it. I'm following directions per manual and even researched YouTube. Have tried about 20 times: connecting, disconnecting, reconnecting receiver to ESC and steering servo. Any ideas? Calling Futaba tomorrow. Thank you!
  20. yeroc1982

    Program reverse to airtronics mt4

    I have my Talion set to forward/brake instead of the other option forward/brake/rev. Is there any way I can set up reverse some how through my airtronics radio? Would be nice to use once in awhile but not have to go through the ESC setup.