1. Warriator

    An original Raider

    Just acquired an early model of the Raider, (with original box) that wasn't working but fixed it. Is it considered a 1/10 and if so, will any of the newer Raider parts fit?
  2. PeeBeMe

    Arrma raider XL gearing for bashing

    Hey Rc family, I have a raider mega xl that I turned brushless. The setup that I have is: team associated motor/ Reedy 3500kv system with the esc. All from my old pro sc truck. I have 2.8 <118mm> tires. My question is: what's the best gearing setup for bashing on baseball fields? I have 14/58t...
  3. melgords

    Shock set replacement for Raider

    Please help. Am in Australia and want to upgrade the shocks in my sons Raider. After day 2 the standard plastic red shock caps cracked. We purchased more plastic caps and they have cracked also. I have been reading the forums and have found that the trackstar aluminium shocks set...
  4. Z

    Wheels upgrade for Mega Raider?

    I want to change the wheels and tires on my armor Mega Raider. What do you recommend. Mostly running on grass and dirt.
  5. tcolar

    Arrma 1/8 Raider XL Mega discontinued ? alternatives?

    TLDR: Is the Arrma 1/8 Raider XL Mega discontinued ? Are there any good alternatives 1/8 for under 300$ RTR ? (no battery is fine, I have some) I currently own a 1/16 Traxxas Slash, It’s pretty fun but I d like something a lot Larger that I can use on a lot more terrains, hence looking for a...
  6. Z

    What tires to go with

    I have a arrma mega raider. I'm going to put a 4000kv brushless motor in it. What wheels & tires do you recommend. Mostly going to be using it on grass and dirt and some concrete.
  7. Z

    Building up mega rider

    I'm thinking about a kinexsis 4000kv motor combo part# kass0501. With a plnion gear 48p 22t. What spur gear do you think I should go with. I was thinking 48p 88t or 48p 81t. It will be going in a srrma mega rider 1/10. I will be running s3 & s2 batteries. I like doing wheelies and high speed...
  8. Z

    Batteries, shocks, and charger recommendations

    What lipo s3 battery do you recommend for a armar raider? What after market shocks? And what battery charger would you recommend for around $50.00?
  9. Davidmbailey

    Which Raider should I get?

    Hello all. I’m about to buy my first Raider. My problem is which one? I am NOT going to race. Just backyard run on grass, dirt and wood chips. I wear glasses and can’t see a real long ways so I don’t think I need super fast but don’t want to get something I have to upgrade or replace in...
  10. Scion_348

    Original Mega

    I’m looking for the manual to the original ARRMA raider with the black 70a brushed esc. It’s no where on. The ARRMA site and the ARRMA site has half its history wrong.
  11. P

    Raider xl blx on 3s

    for bashing on 3s, doess one need to install the speed spur and pinion that was included in the kit?
  12. CT Yankee

    BLX Raider Crashed and Rebuilt

    Last Saturday night's parking lot session with my friend ended abruptly for my Raider XL BLX when I was unable to brake in time to avoid a 52 mph crash into a curb. Unfortunately the curbs in the lot we were in are 90 degree angles and not curved. The T-Bone Racing front bumper held up to the...
  13. Chook

    Raider parts that fit raider xl

    Hi guys, i would really appreciate any help with spare parts that fit the raider xl from any other rc cars, not many places here in the uk seem to stock much arrma xl blx spares. Cheers
  14. CT Yankee

    BLX First run of my new Raider XL BLX

    I braved the cold temps to finally get a first run in of my Raider XL BLX that I got for Christmas. Missed the first half of the run because the camera didn't start, and I didn't realize it until I re-aimed it.
  15. Alexander ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Here are a few videos on the capabilities of the Raiders. Please let me know if you like them or have any other ideas for videos.
  16. rekim

    Vortek to Raider conversion

    is there a list of parts that can be used to convert the vortek to a raider?
  17. P

    Raider parts to have handy?

    what are good parts to have handy that break often or ones you would consider upgrading right away on new raider xl/blx. Already have new badlands tires and new shocks from trackstar.
  18. P

    Low voltage cuttoff in Raider blx?

    Does the Raider have a low voltage cutoff in the ESC?
  19. P

    Raider blx lipo bs nimh

    ordering one and want long run times and don't need 60mph. What are good inexpensive 2s batts and brand that. Lipos amd nimahs. Also want one 3s batt for goggles. To rhn 3s does the stock far come with whats needed to get the speed. Ie dofferent gear ratio or the like? Also as far as mh...
  20. M

    What should I upgrade now to avoid problems later?

    I'm new to the RC world and to this forum. I got a Raider BLX last week and am loving it so far, however I already broke the left front lower control arm and that caused the shock body to pull out of the cap. I ordered RPM control arm set, I'm wondering what my other first upgrades should be? I...