1. N.Mango

    Raider Arrma Raider

    I wasnt back into the hobby when the Raider was out, in fact I didnt even know about it till just now. Arrma needs to bring it back with inboard motor and updated evrything. That buggy looks awesome!!! Not sure how it did or how people felt about it at the time but I would definitely want to...
  2. mopudding

    Raider No throttle, no ESC beep upon power on

    Hey everyone, I have a stock 1/10 Raider Mega brushed buggy. Was working fine one day, then the next it is dead. I can steer, but no throttle (forward or reverse); also ESC has no lights and no beep upon turn ON. It ran slow for a bit before it completely died. Is this the ESC or the motor...
  3. Luggas_H1

    Raider Arrma Raider BLX EXB

    So my current Basher is a Raider I got off of Ebay für 180€ without an ESC. It was almost brand new, only run on the street a few times but the owner already sold the ESC, so instead of it getting parted out, I bought it, upgraded it, and gave it hell. Current upgrades are; BLX120 ESC (4s...
  4. R

    Kraton Arrma Raider and Raider BLX

    Hello, I am a total newby to RC racing. I got a Raider BLX a month ago with lots of spare parts on Ebay because it looks awesome! Since its cold outside I have a track in my basement and have become totally hooked on the Hobby. Because of that I was looking for a second raider to race and found...
  5. T

    Raider Raider blown motor with new battery?

    Hi all, first time poster. Recently upgraded my Raider battery to a FLOUREON 2S2P 7.4V 6200mAh 40C. Gave it a blast for around ten minutes and was loving it until smoke started appearing from the motor - never a good thing. Car now seems underpowered (unless the battery had drained) so suspect...
  6. S

    Raider BLS - looking for NIMH + Charger

    Hello from Germany! I am an absolute beginner and am hoping to get some help :-) 3 years ago I bought the Raider BLS (red) and used it only twice. Now I want to revive and drive it with my son. Unfortunately I am missing the ADC-N7 charger and NIMH 3300MAH 8.4V akku. I‘m not able to...
  7. F

    Raider VXL upgraded Raider needing some help

    Im brand new to rc. I have a raider that I bought off ebay it came with a traxxas vxl and vilneon motor no servo or radio. I bought an ax5s and a 7g arrma servo runs perfect. I take it out again and while driving it loses power. Or so I thought I throttled back and had my finger on the motor...
  8. Warriator

    Raider An original Raider

    Just acquired an early model of the Raider, (with original box) that wasn't working but fixed it. Is it considered a 1/10 and if so, will any of the newer Raider parts fit?
  9. tcolar

    Raider Arrma 1/8 Raider XL Mega discontinued ? alternatives?

    TLDR: Is the Arrma 1/8 Raider XL Mega discontinued ? Are there any good alternatives 1/8 for under 300$ RTR ? (no battery is fine, I have some) I currently own a 1/16 Traxxas Slash, It’s pretty fun but I d like something a lot Larger that I can use on a lot more terrains, hence looking for a...
  10. Davidmbailey

    Raider Which Raider should I get?

    Hello all. I’m about to buy my first Raider. My problem is which one? I am NOT going to race. Just backyard run on grass, dirt and wood chips. I wear glasses and can’t see a real long ways so I don’t think I need super fast but don’t want to get something I have to upgrade or replace in...
  11. Scion_348

    Raider Original Mega

    I’m looking for the manual to the original ARRMA raider with the black 70a brushed esc. It’s no where on. The ARRMA site and the ARRMA site has half its history wrong.
  12. CT Yankee

    Raider Raider Crashed and Rebuilt

    Last Saturday night's parking lot session with my friend ended abruptly for my Raider XL BLX when I was unable to brake in time to avoid a 52 mph crash into a curb. Unfortunately the curbs in the lot we were in are 90 degree angles and not curved. The T-Bone Racing front bumper held up to the...
  13. Alexander ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Here are a few videos on the capabilities of the Raiders. Please let me know if you like them or have any other ideas for videos.
  14. M

    Raider What should I upgrade now to avoid problems later?

    I'm new to the RC world and to this forum. I got a Raider BLX last week and am loving it so far, however I already broke the left front lower control arm and that caused the shock body to pull out of the cap. I ordered RPM control arm set, I'm wondering what my other first upgrades should be? I...
  15. Rdub

    Raider Stock Raider Battery

    So..... my post has two reasons. I couldn't stand seeing the Raider stuck on 99 threads anymore!! It's my only Arrma (right now) and I love it. I was playing with my new Venom pro duo so I was charging up anything I could get my hands on. I charged up my 7.2 2000mah battery and ran the...
  16. OrangeDRAGON

    Servo overheating?

    Something odd happened with the steering servo on my Raider, after driving a solid 30 minutes the steering started being 'delayed' to react to my input and after 5-10 seconds of that it would stop moving at all. I noticed the chassis plate under the servo was very warm, almost hot. I'm thinking...
  17. ssmiljanic

    STRC Rear Hexes

    Hey there, Just thought I would post a caution about these rear hexes. Switched out stock aluminum for STRC rear red hexes with STRC rear carriers. Lost 4 wheel nuts and stripped two tires. Took it all apart and switched back and forth btw stock and STRC hex, and STRC hex clearly binding on...
  18. V

    Raider Need help starting my raider xl

    Turned it on, tires turn but won't drive forward or backward
  19. Siguz

    Raider Bigger tires.....motor overheating

    So...... Everything is working on the Raider right now. I installed larger tires all around and this thing is an absolute beast! Goes through and over almost anything. Top speed has increased and steering is more predictable with larger front tires. the offset of the front is great than the...
  20. Silomatic

    Raider Raider 1/10 springs

    Does anyone have a suggestion for stiffer rear springs in the 1/10 mega?