1. Raider XL brakelights

    Raider XL brakelights

  2. Raider XL headlights

    Raider XL headlights

    More to come after the LED's get here
  3. ajdragon

    Raider New mod for my Raider XL

    Hi I got tired of the rear shock brace bending every time I flipped or rolled over so I modified a top skid plate to cover the shock brace.
  4. Steve

    Raider Wider Front Tires on Raider

    Has anyone else experimented with wider front tires on a Raider? With taller, same width rear wheels, I tried putting the stock rear wheels on the front, which didn't work out so well. I believe because of the narrow stance of a buggy, the RC had serious over-steering issues. Cornering was...
  5. Albert84PL2005

    Good Brushless System that fits Arrma Raider Mega

    Need Help finding a motor that can fit the Mega raider
  6. Albert84PL2005

    Raider Burned out my 2nd Motor

    Burned out my Reedy Radon 3000 was a decent motor only problem was that it ran really hot one time it was smoking a bit probaly going to upgrade to a Brushless Motor setup since im getting tired of brushed
  7. Albert84PL2005

    Raider Reedy Radon 3000 motor on a Raider mega please help

    Hey guys i got a mega raider and i picked up a Reedy Radon 3000 to replace my stock motor and when i got put it on it wasnt alligned with the spur gear the pinion gear was touching the spur to a point where it moved the car and now my spur is messed up and needed to buy a new one
  8. Luckyben

    Raider vs Vorteks for bashing

    Hello there, first post here... I'm new to the hobby and looking for a good entry level basher. Being and old school guy I think the Raider looks pretty darn good but strictly for bashing, I guess the Vorteks (mega) would be a better choice. What do you guys think? Thanks, Ben
  9. Ryan777

    T- Bone Bumpers On Sale.. Was a Mistake :(

    I try not to pay full price for things, and I am always looking for a good deal. I thought I would let you you guys know, I saw a bunch of arrma, and other bumpers on sale over at Senton, Granite, adx-10, raider, talion, kraton, typhon. Lifetime...
  10. Steve

    Need to Replace Vorteks Servo; Suggestions welcome!

    Beautiful AM in sunny AZ, perfect for some Vorteks bashing, a couple of up and backs to make sure everything's in good order, then off to the dirt mounds for some serious bashing. Jump the hill and come out of the landing belly up, the front wheels look like they're having an epileptic seizure...
  11. upangued

    Arrma Raider body $5.68

    not sure if this is where i should post this, but at rc planet they have a green arrma raider body for $5.68 in case anyone is in the market
  12. sparky_malone

    Raider Best brushless combo for raider blx 1/10

    Could I get some suggestions on a good all round brushless combo for my raider blx. I'm tired of Arrma cheap electronics and want to put a top end system in now. What would be best for on and off road. High speed and good torque. Poll is open.........
  13. taupe

    Raider Pinion Gear - 6900kv Brushless

    I initially posted this in the raider forum, but it's probably more at home here. The stock motor in my son's raider went out after only a few hours of bashing. Rather than wait for the replacement my brother-in-law bought him a castle 6900kv brushless system for Christmas. We have it all...
  14. Steve

    Raider Raider Bashing

    Steve RC's Raider Bashing; Wife and I learning the angles and nuances to videoing RC bashing. Sunday AM, shooting with the Sony HDR-CX240 I bought off the clearance rack. There's definitely some technique to selecting the angles, how close or wide to zoom and following the action. The FPV didn't...
  15. ajdragon

    Ball Differential upgrade

    Hi I was woundering if anyone has ever put a ball differential in there Arrma RC's? I have been doing some looking around and I just might be able to put a all metal ball differential in my Raider XL. Once I get all the parts I will see about posting some pictures and part numbers if it works...
  16. James

    Raider Raider Servos

    I guess this is not just a raider issue but an arrma issue in general. I've had my buggy for about 2 weeks and I seemed to have stripped the servo gear. I'll contact arrma as it should be covered in the warranty but if they replace it i'll probably just end up stripping it again. Does anyone...
  17. WoodiE

    Raider Arrma Raider Manuals

    Arrma Raider Manuals Arrma Raider BLX Manual Arrma Raider BLS Manual Arrma Raider MEGA Manual Arrma Raider MEGA (380011)