1. Let's see those custom build RC Ramps #RCBASHERS?

    Let's see those custom build RC Ramps #RCBASHERS?

    I put into this custom 4ft (L) x 3ft (H) X 3x (W) Ramp about $50 bucks in plywood and 2x4's and it came out unbelievable. The last 12'' I made it 45 degree angle to really give that launch and wow. Just need to add another 1/2 layer of plywood and then it will completed. Made a short video today...
  2. C

    Granite Granite BLX and Notorious 6S jumps in sunny vacations.

    Hello friends! Newbie to ARRMAFORUM and sorry for my english, its not my native language - learn it from the videogames:rolleyes: I want to introduce to you my video from spring bashing session with my "handmaded" ramps. What do you think, guys, does anyone interested in that sort of folding...
  3. Warrior57

    Outcast Made a new ramp

    So I was watching notorious j’s latest bash last night and thinking I wish I had a BMX track like that around me. I currently have a ramp but cannot hit the kind of air that j was hitting so I made a bigger ramp. I think I may have went too BIG! What do you think? The smaller one is my current...
  4. R

    Kraton Guess it's about time to start breaking stuff

    Decided yesterday to build a ramp for my Kraton 6S so I could more consistently find some jumps nearby. Kraton is box spec at the moment so expect a little carnage in the coming days. Hopefully this weekend I can get it sheeted and try it out. Ramp has 45 degree takeoff and a smoother...
  5. Arrma boxes are tough too.jpg

    Arrma boxes are tough too.jpg

    Arrma Ramp!
  6. Fahd

    Built a ramp for the Outcast!

    So...I'm tired of the same pile of dirt that's in the front yard (and it will soon be moved/used as fill anyway), so I decided to head out back and find some scrap to build a ramp. 44 inches wide, 38 inches tall, and I didn't bother measuring the length at the bottom. The approach angle was...
  7. nic_a

    Fold flat ramp build

    Felt i have been lurking here long enough and thought it was time to contribute. I designed and built this folding ramp to have both a 45 and 60 degree launch position and it uses a 3ft radius. I am quite happy with it's performance so far and have manged my first ever backflip off this ramp on...
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  12. T

    Kraton Kraton on the new Ramp

    Made a ramp. The Kraton likes it. trout