1. Warrior57

    Outcast Made a new ramp

    So I was watching notorious j’s latest bash last night and thinking I wish I had a BMX track like that around me. I currently have a ramp but cannot hit the kind of air that j was hitting so I made a bigger ramp. I think I may have went too BIG! What do you think? The smaller one is my current...
  2. R

    Kraton Guess it's about time to start breaking stuff

    Decided yesterday to build a ramp for my Kraton 6S so I could more consistently find some jumps nearby. Kraton is box spec at the moment so expect a little carnage in the coming days. Hopefully this weekend I can get it sheeted and try it out. Ramp has 45 degree takeoff and a smoother...
  3. Arrma boxes are tough too.jpg

    Arrma boxes are tough too.jpg

    Arrma Ramp!
  4. Fahd

    Built a ramp for the Outcast!

    So...I'm tired of the same pile of dirt that's in the front yard (and it will soon be moved/used as fill anyway), so I decided to head out back and find some scrap to build a ramp. 44 inches wide, 38 inches tall, and I didn't bother measuring the length at the bottom. The approach angle was...
  5. nic_a

    Fold flat ramp build

    Felt i have been lurking here long enough and thought it was time to contribute. I designed and built this folding ramp to have both a 45 and 60 degree launch position and it uses a 3ft radius. I am quite happy with it's performance so far and have manged my first ever backflip off this ramp on...
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  10. T

    Kraton Kraton on the new Ramp

    Made a ramp. The Kraton likes it. trout