1. RC Detail

    My Big Rock rebuild

    Hello. I recently sold my Snap On X Maxx collection and switched it to a brand new Fazon and Big Rock that are now shelved, lol. I also have a Big Rock and Fazon I got used. The Big Rock my buddy bought new. I bought up a bunch of Hot Racing stuff for the BR. Also bought the Vision Racing...
  2. A

    Silver ring from diff?

    I took apart my rear diff to shim it and the ring shown in this vid i am unable to find it and i cant find it in the exploded views of the manual Anybody have a part #
  3. A

    Differential rebuild parts cost confusion

    So i found this!98516!US!-1 which appears to be pre assembled Assembled 43t Differential, 10t Input Gear & Gearbox Case...
  4. digitaldude80

    Rebuild motor

    So the bearings of my 2050kv motor ar broken. I've managed to dasasemble the motor, but I'm not sure if I have everything to rebuild the motor I have the shaft with rotor (including two small pins) the housing I have two bushings front and back-plate tiny screws for the front and backplate (see...
  5. CCSmith15

    Diff fluid change out: how to

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a how to video on changing out the diff fluid the right way. What's the best way to clean and get all the old diff fluid out? And what's the right way to put the new diff fluid back in? Thanks!
  6. How-To Build strengthed differentials

    How-To Build strengthed differentials

    ThomasP shows to how strengthen the Arrma Granite BLX diffs.
  7. mrbelloso

    Arrma differential rebuild

    Hi guys Below the link of the video of "How-To" Build strengthed diff Enjoy