1. Redcat Racing Lightning STR

    Redcat Racing Lightning STR

  2. R

    Laws based on RC cars in the UK? (Any help wanted)

    Hello hope everyone is well during lockdown and the corona virus situation after driving my car in a few places e.g. the local park and fields I was thinking about weather there are any Laws beard around RC cars in the UK. Thank you! (Any help is appreciated)
  3. smokedstanley

    What is your Go To RC

    I am curious what car people grab first when they want to go have some fun. There are no right, or wrong answers and it does not have to be an Arrma. Please just name the brand and model and let us know what other cars you have now or have owned. If the car you list is the only rc you have ever...
  4. Rcnerd

    Best Arrma YouTube videos!

    Hi guys- I currently own an 2018 Arrma Kraton and my buddies all Just bought Kraton's and Talions. Just started a YouTube channel and posted my first video which can be found here: Would love to see your bashing videos so post here!