1. P

    Notorious Arrma Notorious Review

    Just some personal thoughts on my new Arrma Notorious.... Before buying this truck i had done a lot of research! didn't wanna spend 800 dollars said on done (Canadian dollar LOL RELAX) on something i wouldn't be pleased with so i took my time. most of my comparisons and contenders for my wallet...
  2. Klappars

    Talion Talion 6S. My disappointing experience

    I have owned a V3 Talion for a year now. So far it has been one of the most disappointing RC’s I have owned in 8 years of being in the hobby. I had high hopes/expectations of this car due to thorough research on forums and YouTube videos of the Arrma 6S range I was expecting a significantly...
  3. Sledgehog

    Granite RCDriver_Online's review of the Granite 4x4 BLX

    Even after breaking it ( due to user error and cold weather as he admits) they give it a shining review. :D
  4. Mentolio

    My new Hobbywing system...

    This is going to be a "initial impression review" of the Hobbywing EZ Run MAX10SCT 120amp ESC and its accompanying model 3660, 3300kv motor. Some background: my brushless experience is limited to inexpensive (ok, cheap!) Turnigy components and systems from Hobby King (which ARE cheap and -knock...
  5. Thumper01

    Granite The Granite Voltage: RC's Greatest Mixed Bag!

    My idea for this thread is to try to bring together all of the Arrma Granite Voltage owners and try to form some sort of consensus regarding this vehicle. The wide range of ownership experience with this truck so far is staggering. It doesn't seem that the Fazon Voltage has had the same variety...
  6. 10pas2


    Well Guys... Just see the video....and you will see...what a piece of poop this two pieces are....HR and GPM. What a piece of poop this two brands did....So much slake between diff cup and the input shaft cup... in really unacceptable... Even start to leak diff oil... This has to go...
  7. T

    Outcast Outcast love!

    I see alot of post from ppl talking about how they thought this truck is/was the best! I wanna see the upgrades you guys have done and what you do/don't like about this truck?! I'll start! I love this truckrunning the v2 I mainly run 4s sometimes on 6s with the 16t pinion stock electronics minus...
  8. E-fanatic

    Talion A year with the Arrma Talion

    Well l have had the talion over a year now. It's been a basher and I have had it at the track. It's been a great truck and just last week I finally had a part break at the track. It was the rear hub bearings. So I picked up the fast Eddie bearing kit. They seem nice enough. While l was at it I...
  9. Magnus_CA

    Outcast Me and my Outcast - The first 24 hours

    Hi Folks, It's been a rainy and cold couple of days in NorCal but I still found time to get in a few driving sessions with my new Arrma Outcast since taking delivery of it on Friday (after what felt like the longest 10 days of my life - Thanks Tower Hobbies for coming through!). Here's my...
  10. Y

    Fury BLX Review

    So, I got to pick up the latest Fury BLX. It is my first fast RC in a long time, have been playing with scalers a lot more. Some photo's and a first impression. Due to the weather and work I haven't had a chance yet to run it, but did some other work on it :) After opening the box...
  11. Jerry-rigged

    Turnigy Reaktor 2x300w 20a Unboxing and Review

    Howdy gang- After months of looking, shopping, wishing, and finally killing my old charger, I finally jumped the fence and got the charger I’ve been wanting for a while – The Turnigy Reaktor 2x300w 20a I am still in the discovery phase with this charger, but I figured I would post up my...
  12. golden14

    Arrma Nero Unboxing and initial review

  13. Milo

    Senton 2016 Arrma Senton BLX 185 Review

    Hey guys thought id give a little review on the new 2016 arrma senton blx to help you guys out, this is my first review i have ever done on an rc so be nice firstly I'll start with my history with rc's, I have owned 4 remote control cars as well as boats, planes and helicopters - Traxxas E-Revo...
  14. Nomoney4rcparts

    Cheap Modification for Arrma Nero

  15. WoodiE

    Senton Arrma Senton review

    Came across a review on the Arrma Senton short course truck and the review seems to speak pretty highly of the Senton. Overall they gave it a B with it's two lowest rating being a C due to handling and parts availability. Check out the Senton review here...