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  1. MrQQ

    Wheel sizes for kraton

    Hey bashers! Bought my first arrma a few months ago (v4 Kraton). The only changes i've made so far were: - ARRMA wheelie bar, - POS mudguards on the rear (center and a-arms) - POS rear skidplate - T-Bone front bumper Now he is on my desk after a big hit which bent the steering plate and part...
  2. Rcnerd

    Kraton New shoes on The Kraton Proline Badlands MX38

    Hi all- Just threw some Proline Badlands MX38's on the Kraton. I love how they look, but after ripping them outside in the snow tonight, I am worried they are too big for what I do. Bashing, Dirt/Grass racing, etc. They have a ton of surface area so it feels too sticky and more clumsy than...
  3. N

    Help removing 17mm bolt

    First post, new here. Came for knowledge. I recently bought a used Big Rock off Craigslist. Upon going over everything/maintenance before bashing for first time. I noticed the previous owner has the 17mm heads glued to bolt assembly. I can not remove any of the four for the life of me. Does...
  4. Barwolf9828

    Kraton What's the biggest tire that will fit

    Am wanting to put bigger tires on. But don't know what size
  5. Aboulafia

    Nero rims aftermarket for Duratrax six packs

    Hello, The Duratrax six packs doesn't fit very well on the stock rim. I'm searching rims for this very wide tire beadlock or not. And if no offset is needed, no offset rim. Any idea ?
  6. Rdub

    Removing tires from wheels

    whats the best way to loosen the glue on wheels? Need to keep the tires in tact so I can remount! Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm from the days of 3 piece bolted together wheels!!