1. mansour545

    Ballooning easy fix for Badlands and trenchers tires

    Hi guys It have been long since my last post and I have upgraded my Fazon a lot Traxxas lock pins for all 4 CVDs and 2 Diff drives TRA5145 Hot racing CVDs NRO288V02 in front Hot racing CVDs NRO200E02 in the back Aluminum rockers NRO27M01 X 2 sets for all wheels Leopard motor LBP4082/2Y 1600kv...
  2. Fiery

    Removing broken rocker posts

    One of my rocker posts broke today and the threaded part is stuck too deep into the bulkhead.(I think that's what its called) I can't get in out with pliers and I can't make a slit in it and use a flat head. My last resort is to see if there is an easy out that is in that size but I wanted to...