roll cage

  1. N

    Granite Arrma Granite TRUCK ROLL HOOP???

    Hi, has anyone fitted the Outcast 4S roll hoop set to a Granite body? This would be the part:
  2. slpcrf450x

    Outcast Outcast Roll Cage

    Has anyone here tried putting the roll cage from the Outcast on a different body such as the proline C10? I was thinking about ordering a body to try it but thought I would ask here first.
  3. Frank

    Roll Cage

    Liking this! This has to be about the only vehicle this would look good on because this is the only vehicle that looks mean naked. Once my Nero body gets demolished, this is next. If anyone sees or knows of an over the body one for an outcast, let me know please.
  4. Vanning

    Kraton Roll cage or no roll cage ?

    Are you Kraton owners keeping the roll cage in or removing it ? It seems to just be in my way.....I want to use it but it's pushing on my ESC. I rather just let the body take the blows if it happens, rather than transferring the blows into my ESC plug. Im not sure what will be better.