1. Sanchez14

    SOLD / FOUND Notorious roller w/ servo and a bunch of parts ($450 obo/SoCal)

    I’m not using my Notorious much these days, so have decided to part with it. It comes with a bunch of spare parts, including an extra set of arms, a JX CLS-HV7346MG servo, some shocks and a bunch of other things you can see in the pictures. No motor or ESC, though I could throw in a Hobbywing...
  2. D0CEE4B7-5365-401E-A54A-80DE2DCB2755.png


    Kraton exb 1/5 roller
  3. AT06

    SOLD / FOUND UK- Brand New Kraton V2 Roller

    Selling my spare roller chasis. Wasted being sat around, and used the electronics in another RC. Also have a spare diff, T-Bone front bumper, dusty motors shroud and GKA aluminium servo mount that can be worked into any deal if wanted. Never been used or ran. Looking for £300. UK only sale.
  4. Ole Fart51

    Talion Just picked up Talion roller

    Couldn't pass this up, need some input on building it. My plans so far: Mamba Monster 2200kv motor and ESC 15 tooth pinion Savox 1270 servo @FastEddy Sealed bearings all around front and rear shock tower braces diff fluid - front 80 thousand, rear 60 and center 500 thousand Do I need to...
  5. AGHolman

    Senton Stiffer springs?

    Hi Everyone, My Senton roller should be arriving this week and based on what I read so far, I'm going to want stiffer springs. I saw that someone was running Team Associated for their big bore kit, but I haven't seen anything else about stiffer springs. I bought some Tekno springs for my...