1. bicketybam

    Am I missing screws?

    My Kraton is a few days old so I am not really familiar with the vehicle yet. I've out 3 4s packs through it so far. I was cleaning it up this morning and noticed some empty screw holes in the chassis. Pardon the crappy pictures. The camera lens on my phone is busted. Am I missing screws?
  2. R

    Question on screws

    for the AR721316 that go in the front bumper, can I replace those with phillips? I'm asking because i'm not sure that there is enough room in the bumper to use phillips. The arrma screws are on backorder and they are like 6 bucks on ebay. under 2 bucks at home depot.

    Arrma Fazon, mid-front bulkhead screw

    Destroyed my Integy 2.5MM... Pulled the frame off and thought I'd give it a go. Well now the Screw = 1, & Buck = 0. . .
  4. WildP1

    Screws won't open

    Hello I just got my new fazon and want to replace a broken axle. The problem is, that the screw that holds the small rod in place doesn't loosen up. I've read that I have to heat it up and then try it again but are there any other solutions? Thanks
  5. firstrctruck


    I'm obsessed. Love spares
  6. S

    Does anyone have a complete screw list

    Looking at buying some Tony's Screws for my Kraton any idea where I can find a find a complete list of screws?
  7. mrfurious40k

    Who makes screw kits for the Nero?

    Hey all, I know about the RC screwz kits but I've heard mixed reviews of those. Does anyone else make upgraded screw kits for the Nero and and the other Arrma kits?
  8. helizrnew2me

    Loctite on grub screws?

    are you guys putting loctite on your grub screws right out the box before running the kraton? just curious . had to do that with my cen colossus .
  9. Afro Samurai

    servo arm screw

    that servo arm screw...the one at the end of the rod...not the one on the servo....the one that you can see through the cutouts on the bottom plate. sure to keep an eye on it...mine fell out...none if the provided screws are long enough...and they don't give you any small lock nuts...
  10. Steve


    The original phillips screws on my Raider weren't the easiest to R&R. Got a supply of hex button head 3.0mm x 8,10,12,15 and longer for the shocks, which are systematically replacing the phillips heads. Just finished maintenance from bashing; shock oil, dogbones, etcetera. With the hex head...
  11. J

    Assembly Issues

    Got a kraton for xmas - yeah. Still waiting to run it - I guess mine was not a RTR :) Out of the box the front right wheel had a talion AR310484 17.6mm wheel hex with a broken pin? The three other wheels had the correct kraton AR310592 24.6mm wheel hex. Ha - I guess 3 out of 4 ain't bad...
  12. DesertFury

    Fury stainless screw kit

    Does anyone know if there is a stainless screw kit for the Fury? Preferably hex head, I'd like to change out as many Phillips head screws as I can.