1. C

    ESC cutting off whenever starting at the bottom of a slop

    Hi all, Just wondering if my Arrma Senton BLX ESC is going to die any time soon. Last week-end I found a new spot with a nice slope (though a bit steep at the beginning). I noticed that whenever I tried to start from the bottom there was like a cogging effect the car would not move the steering...
  2. MacX3

    Another problem, no forward throttle.

    Alright, so now my servo is working, it turns now, left and right after I redound it. Now I have another problem, it doesn't throttle forward, it does go into reverse. It was throttling forward before binding it. I did unplug the throttle plug and plugged it back in and still no forward...
  3. mrbbox

    Senton onroad tires

    Senton onroad tires worked great only $40
  4. Senton Hulk on turf

    Senton Hulk on turf

  5. MacX3

    Which number pinion gear?

    Not sure if this is the right thread for this question for the pinion gear. The smaller the number on pinion gear the faster or is it the bigger the number the faster? I know it also depends the motor and spur gear too. ⚙ I just need to know which the number is the faster and slower. Thanks.
  6. MacX3

    Granite Lubricant or silicone lubricant, to clean my rc?

    Lubricant or silicone lubricant? Which one to use to clean rc. I need to clean my rc, checking the bearings etc. I heard this and that about simple green and WD40. I'm cleaning it by hand, with brush, rag and a compress air can.
  7. MacX3

    Granite First time cleaning after bashing.

    What's the easiest way to clean my RCs, they are really dusty? I saw some mix reviews about using a silicone type like wd40 to spray. Can I use one called super tech spray lubricant? What can I use on the diffs? Most of the dirt is on the front and back of the diffs casing. Any suggestions is...
  8. U

    Senton New to the RC world, Burned a cable?

    Hey All, Im new to the RC world and picked up a Senton 4x4 3s BLX. I have been having a blast with it until today. Went to go drive it and it lasted 2 minutes before it shut off. When I took the body off I found this burned and snapped blue cable. I was wondering what may have caused this I...
  9. RedondoBeachRC

    Senton “3S” Senton Speedrun Build

    I’m starting a 6S Senton build on the 3S chassis. It’ll be a speedrun build with the ultimate goal of hitting 130mph Parts List and cost: - Used 3S Senton $240 - M2C motor plate $70 - TP4070cm 2200kv $200 - XLX2 ESC $250 - GRP S7s set of 4 $40 - CHNL 9500mAh 90c 6S LiPo $120 Hoping to...
  10. Dr_Isotope

    Senton Build thread: The Senbaru

    Another day, another Arrma, it seems. I was thinning the Traxxas herd, as one of my longest-serving 3S rigs had become a rabid anti-dentite. That is, it hated anything with teeth, so it was on a crusade to destroy all manner of gears. I couldn't get through a single pack without breaking...
  11. G

    Senton Newb - Diff Issue? Horrible Grinding Noise

    Hi, my 8 year old son has a Senton 3S BLX. We only run it on 2S and it has a 13T pinion to slow him down and reduce damage. Not long ago it started making a horrible noise from the diff area. It turns out that the bearing for the Spur gear came apart in pieces, so I replaced them. But the...
  12. C

    Senton Senton Mega 3S Upgrade Diff

    Hi All, I have been slowly upgrading my Senton Mega to 3S, mostly just using standard parts from the 3S model to try and maintain consistency. I've upgraded the following: Motor/Esc 57T spur/slipper BLX motor mount 20T pinion I've run into an issue where the car is borderline uncontrollable...
  13. Homebrew

    Typhon Homebrew 3S SenTyphRock

    What an awesome forum here and a wealth of information. I currently got back into the hobby after 30 years and having a blast running this car and repairing it practically weekly! I’ve been making some upgrades the last couple of weeks and have a lot of other ideas as well. Here’s the current...
  14. Sapper66

    Send-It Senton Kinda

    Welcome to my build log of a 2 week old Senton BLX V3. Personal background: I've been in and out of the hobby since around 2000. owned and raced everything from micros to 5th scale gassers, electric, nitro and gas. I prefer crawlers the most and this senton is my truck for when I need a break...
  15. BashRc

    Steel Spur Gear For Senton 3s BLX

    I recently stripped my composite spur gear when i changed my pinion to 14t. I feel like it was a mesh issue that stripped it but to prevent further stripping of spur, Which steel gear works with the Senton 3s BLX V3. I have seen that the 4s steel spur might work but I would need 4s slipper pads...
  16. LudeNation

    Senton ZAP(finishing resin)on 3d printed lights?

    I bought some 3d printed(not sure of filament used) lights for my Senton v3. Would it be a good idea to coat them in ZAP(Finishing Resin) for extra protection? If not I am open to ideas and suggestions. Thanks!
  17. M

    Senton Newbie here. Just need help with my final decision on the senton

    so after lots of research i finally came down to the Senton V3 3s BLX. I'm looking at bashing but would like the ability to do some for fun racing at my local track. a few questions i couldn't seem to find the answer to on my own was if the senton v3 has a gyro. and if the leaky shocks was fixed...
  18. 31EC14C7-B5F6-4037-8BC1-351475C3CCCA.jpeg


    Daughter’s new Big Rock next to my Senton.
  19. 9DCA116E-6546-4BBE-A8B0-04F36135898A.jpeg


    Daughter’s new Big Rock next to my Senton.
  20. snozberries

    WTB Senton 3S V3

    Hey there, Looking to expand my collection and get something a little smaller for the backyard. The Senton seems to fit the bill for this unless someone has a recommendation. Happy to cover shipping, but probably won’t make sense for a lot of people unless they have a business account for...