1. V

    Senton Senton 3s ESC died AGAIN! What´s the next best thing?

    Ok,hi all!Bought Arrma senton 3s 4x4 blx while ago...and I´m REALLY loving it!!!Wonderful thing this is! But now she´s giving me hard time.Drove across a puddle of water several times,and nothing.Drove yet another battery after that,all fine. At morning wanted to drive more but nothing...
  2. P

    3s lipo shut down differently

    Yeah guys, so I've been running my senton and I noticed that one lipo shut down at 11.6 each cell at 14% and one shuts down at 10.8 with 4% both are 5400 mah with 50c. And both are from the same company I think. Lhs put a sticker on it.... Any ideas?
  3. 20190810_152903.jpg


    Team Monster/Fox/Arrma??? Looks ment to be to me.
  4. Warby

    Senton Mega 4x4 servo died. Options?

    Ok Arrma guru's, My first thread and question. Let me know if I'm doing this wrong. My son's Senton Mega 4x4 5kg steering servo just died. Sounds like it's stripped some teeth. It has had a hard and short life as I've had to realign the saver a few time as the young bloke is still learning...
  5. SteveC

    Senton Radio delay in both the throttle and steering

    Please help. I just purchased a Senton 3s and I am having radio issues. I've tried re binding the spektrum radio, and re setting the end points. No matter what I do there is a huge delay on the radio on both throttle and steering!!! I feel like i just wasted 300 bucks on this thing!!!
  6. Lcarter

    Senton Car comes on but doesn’t beep and won’t go.

    My 4x4 senton smoked a little last night and now when I turn it on it doesn’t beep when turning it on but I have steering but it won’t drive. Any ideas before I just buy a lot of parts?
  7. A

    Kraton Will a Kraton 4s body fit on my senton hybrid

    Hi everyone, Ihave been looking to convert my senton 3s blx to Kraton 4s hybrid. I will use the kraton 4s wing, body and bumpers with some granite tyres on the stock senton A-arms. However I have had trouble finding out whether the Granite tyres will rub on the Kraton body when the wheels are...
  8. Dhchase

    Senton Questions on upgrading my senton/Need your wisdom!!

    Hello, I’m new to the rc life and I’ve recently purchased an Arrma Senton and am looking to give it a meaner look. I found this super sick yeti body From ford raptor trophy truck, I’m wondering if it would be possible to custom fit the body/ roll cage look on the rear end if anyone...
  9. D

    Senton Help to decide

    Hello everyone. I had Slash 4x4 VXL 3s Platinum for a long time, but I decided to sell it and try Arrma production (By reading AMAZING reviews). I have several models in my mind and I cannot decide which one should I buy: SENTON BXL 3S GRANITE BXL 3S KRATON 4S The RC will be used only for...
  10. S

    Kraton Dumborc 6channel transmitter with gyro

    I recently bought the dumborc 6channel transmitter with a gyro to remplace my crappy stx2 from my arrma kraton 4s. And so far im blown away it claims to have abs and 400meters view range. I only menaged to go at 200meters before being unable to see where the car is but menaged to make it come...
  11. 4TFour RC

    Senton Senton 3S track bashing

    Hello all, new to the forum and looking to get some potential insight. I recently purchased my first Arrma product (senton 3S blx) and I'd like to improve it's jumping characteristics. I run at my local outdoor race track, and I feel like the shock oils and preload are a bit off for this. Anyone...
  12. Bashed & Busted - Arrma Senton 3s BLX

    Bashed & Busted - Arrma Senton 3s BLX

    3s Senton BLX with Big Rock wheels - Arrma Tough! ( battery busted - car unscathed)
  13. Zack5205

    Senton Arrma Senton Mega steering issues

    Well day #2 of having my Senton out and today I noticed that it tends to pull more to the right than anything. I have adjusted the steering trim to try and compensate for the issue but it does not seem to go away still drifts to the right. I noticed while driving my back left wheel had some...
  14. Canadiantech

    Senton How many batteries before breakage...

    I just rebuilt my Senton and am on my 6th 4s battery and no breakdowns or issues. how many packs do you get through on your Arrma's? before you need to repair or rebuild..
  15. F

    Sand paddels for Senton 6S?

    What sand paddles are everyone using on their truck?
  16. SensibleChuckle

    Senton body on Kraton 4S

    Any chance the Senton body will fit on the Kraton 4S? I know the Kraton 4S is new but I really like the Senton body. Even with slight mods I find it really appealing. Does anyone have both? lol
  17. W

    Senton Out of the box upgrades for Senton 6S BLX

    Hey All - 1st time ARRMA owner as of today! All the videos and pictures I've seen online couldn't prepare me for what a beast this thing is! So solid and insanely quick. Going to have so much fun with this thing. That being said, what are some suggested upgrades/mods that you guys would...
  18. W

    Senton Any news on a 2019 Senton release?

    Seen other models being updated (Kraton, Outcast, Notorious) but no word on the Senton yet. Has th Senton been discontinued?
  19. rcmadman

    Big Rock Senton 3s or big rock 3s?

    Hi, I'm so torn between the two cars and not sure which one would be the better purchase, can you recommend which one to buy please. There both completely different ones a sct and the others a mt, but what would be an better basher, and overall a better RC. Thanks!