1. Senton2s mud blast

    Senton2s mud blast

    Oof I don't know if its the mud or a bad diff oil round but ol Hank felt a lil sluggish today, maybe that was the 2s..
  2. 74F35CF4-70B5-4543-8D16-FB5B5730A1E1.jpeg


    Family says hi to newest arrival
  3. J

    Senton Questions about motor sizing for a brushed senton

    Hey guys I stepped up from my granite to a notorious 6s and the guy threw in a brushed senton that he converted to lipo. The motor that was in it was trashed, but he gave me the stock motor and a jrelecs 3900kv motor/esc too. I don't know anything about motor sizing and was wondering if the...
  4. L

    Senton 14mm to 17mm hex adapters for Arrma Senton 4x4 BLX 3s?

    I have an arrma senton 3s blx and I wanna put dboots hoons on it for street driving. I don’t want to change the axels or anything I just want to be able to make it a quick change. Nothing loose or that has a lot of play. Not looking to buy 12mm hexes either
  5. Arrma at an airstrip!

    Arrma at an airstrip!

    Featuring an Arrma limitless which hit 106mph, Kraton 8S and 6S, Mojave, Typhon 6S, Senton 3S and a guest appearance by my old BSD desert storm flux V2 (2S) ...
  6. drbusta50

    Senton Recommended servo upgrade for Arrma 4x4 Senton

    Looking to beef up the steering and wondered what everyone else has upgraded to. I did up grade to brushless and 2s lipo. Any thoughts Also put the granite tires on.
  7. marshy22

    Typhon 3s drivetrain gone tight after crash

    Hey, I’ve just had 2nd blast with new typhon 3s and hit a curb straight on not overly quick and bumper took the hit and show no sign of damage but now it feels like all the gears/drive train have gone tight. Only gave it quick test after crash but soon as you back off throttle Is slows the car...
  8. S

    Pre-assembled shocks for Arrma Senton Mega?

    I’m looking for built or Pre-Assembled shocks for my senton mega but not sure what fits and what doesn’t. If links to some could be posted would be much Appreciate. Thanks
  9. MotoAce51

    Senton Senton Mega - No Power

    I recently purchased a Senton Mega for my daughter and last night it started acting up. It has been running fine and we haven't had any issues so far. Now, when I give it gas, the motor pulses "go-stop-go-stop-go-stop". I checked all my connections and everything is connected, I charged the...
  10. #LDNRC Big day out Pt3 Arrma Senton 3S

    #LDNRC Big day out Pt3 Arrma Senton 3S

    Highlights of the Senton .... unfortunately the big jumps took their toll so had to retire the truck early 🙄 with a bust shock end and ripped out screw from ...
  11. painlesswriter

    Senton Rescue Senton 4x4 mega. Castle power Plant and other fabs.

    So i got a few pics of the senton that in my introduction I talked on how I revived it from a throw away condition. Here I will post the upgrade path as I go now that I am a member of the forum. For now a little about whats been done outside of the initial cleaning and getting it mobile. Links...
  12. Arrma Notorious 6s vs Senton 3s

    Arrma Notorious 6s vs Senton 3s

    Afternoon racing and jumping with a Notorious 6s (on 4s battery and high speed pinion) and Senton 3s (Stock) - dad and daughter time!
  13. Arrma Senton 3S Park bash

    Arrma Senton 3S Park bash

    Sprints and jumps
  14. Senton Vs 2 Kraton’s

    Senton Vs 2 Kraton’s

    Bashing time
  15. Arrma Senton 3S BLX First Run

    Arrma Senton 3S BLX First Run

    First rag of new Senton 3S BLX
  16. Gregorinho26

    Senton 3S Street Tires - Perfect Choice!

    I drive my Senton 3S on the street in front of my house much, that I blew out the dBoots that come with the truck in 1 week. So I upgraded to these bad boys! Duratrax Speedhawks They look pretty cool IMO and they are well...
  17. budbustacap

    Senton Sct 3s another day in paradise

    Super happy with some new shoes and servo on the senton.. as hard as I run it I am just piecing it together, 1 day at a time..
  18. Arrma Senton 3S BLX Body design 2

    Arrma Senton 3S BLX Body design 2

    The new design turned out pretty good! Body: Traxxas Slash Paint: Graphite grey and neon orange.