1. D

    Best servo upgrade for Arrma Senton BLX

    What would be the best servo upgrade for my arrma senton blx as the old stock one took a poop.
  2. BashRc

    Senton Help identifying parts

    So I took a pretty decent crash the other day and broke an Suspension arm. Fixed that and after my wheel stance up front looked off. I dug deeper and found this was broken. I'm not sure what parts these are so any help is appreciated. I looked at a steering block and wasn't sure if that is it or...
  3. R

    Senton Senton ream diff main gear and input gear toast

    I have a wiped out rear diff main gear and input gear. Teeth are just shot. This only happened in the rear diff. No clue what would have caused it? Anyone else have this issue? I am ordering new ones, but I just can’t see what would have caused it. The grease looked like it may have gotten...
  4. F

    Getting out a screw

    Hi, I have been trying to take out this screw but it keeps spinning. It’s connected to the part below and it spins with it. Do you have any idea on how to take it out?
  5. LudeNation

    Senton Traxxas TSM on Arrma Senton 4x4 3S

    (HELP PLEASE). ● Has anyone installed a Traxxas receiver with TSM p.n.6533? If so how did it work out and is it worth the upgrade(making it more stable when at full throttle). ● I'm having trouble at full throttle, my Senton just washes out. Tried new shocks, different oil weights & spring...
  6. Brave Sir Robin

    Senton Body Mounting Issue

    Hi all I am hoping someone will be able to help us out with an issue we are having fitting a new body to my sons Arrma Senton 3s BLX. He purchased A Proline bash armour body which is fine size wise, however the thickness of this shell means that the body mount posts are not long enough to...
  7. Ginglehopper

    SOLD / FOUND Front Bumper Support

    Bumper Support
  8. R

    Senton Arms Denton 4x4 2s burnt up servo

    Hello been driving my 4x4 Senton for about a month now,I got it from a guy on ebay who completely destroyed the truck and I rebuilt it,burnt up the steering servo today,or at least I think it randomly locked up while driving and I got it unlocked and when I go to steer it doesn’t,throttle works...
  9. PXL_20210330_215447304.MP.jpg


  10. gillryan53

    Senton Need a bit of advice

    Hello, I am just recently getting into RC and I will soon be buying a ARRMA 1/10 SENTON 4X4 V3 3S BLX, and I need some help finding what battery and charger to get. If anybody could please tell me, my ears are open, I have a budget of about $120 for a battery and charger. Thank you!
  11. Arrma Senton 3s

    Arrma Senton 3s

    Tire Upgrade, from stock to Proline Badlands 2.8
  12. Arrma Senton 3s

    Arrma Senton 3s

    Tire Upgrade, from stock to Proline Badlands 2.8
  13. LudeNation

    Senton POV Cameras from drones or should i go a different route?

    I'm looking for a good pov camera that is 1080p(30-60fps) recording and streaming for my Arrma Senton 4x4 3S BLX v3. Where is a good place to buy one along with anything thats needed to be modified or switched out to achieve this?
  14. Smoker614

    Senton Help?new to the hobby New senton not steering right.

    got a brand new senton 4x4 v3 it was working fine then it quit letting me turn right. Any ides of what it could be? Dirt stuck in it possibly?
  15. Keitarono

    Senton How to Stop Beaking Slipper Clutch Senton 3S?

    I recently was out running my Senton when the slipper came loose. I tried to tighten it back up, but when I did, I snapped the little screw in the slipper. Since it was stuck in the metal part of the slipper, I had to order a new slipper. When that one came, I found that it wouldn't fit in my V2...
  16. Spud623

    Senton Senton 4x4 Mega Upgrade

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and a little new to the hobby. I purchased a Senton 4x4 Mega last year when i first started the hobby. I have recently upgraded the motor and esc to a Brushless setup ( Sidewinder 3 ESC and Castle 5700kv) . I would like to know if i will need to change the...
  17. Frikandel

    First gen (1997 - 2003) Dodge Durango body for Senton

    Hello all, Does anybody know where I can get my hands on a first gen (1997 - 2003) Dodge Durango body for the Senton? It seems only Parma made them, under part number 10193. I found a link with images for your reference: Here The only two leads I could find was this webshop, so I sent them an...
  18. Infantryman117

    Spektrum firma cogging

    My brother has a senton mega that he upgraded to brushless but has been having issues. He bought the hobby wing max 10 but it overheated and returned. I feel like he got a bad one from Amazon but not sure. Now he installed a spektrum firma 85a esc and 3300kv motor but is having bad cogging. To...
  19. Ctccuttwood

    Senton Senton Mega 4x4 motor issues

    I'm new here so please be easy on me. So I'm not sure if this is a common problem but I have 2 Senton mega 4x4s. Within 2 weeks (like 4 or 5 runs) the brushed motors went out, contacted horizon and they suggested I switch to brushless because "the motors are just going to go out again" so I got...
  20. chaoticnative

    Hello I am new to rc and need help with diff swap!!

    I have a v3 senton and 2 granites a v2 with the blx from the senton in it cos I blew the diff will have pics the granite came with a sidewinder 3 and a 5700kv motor on 3s it over heats in 2 mins came with a a v1 granite roller I use for parts. My main question is what type of grease Should I get...