1. Arrma Senton 3S Bashing and SlowMo's

    Arrma Senton 3S Bashing and SlowMo's

    Make sure to subscribe, will post allot this spring regarding RCs :)
  2. L

    Stock tires for seton 3s blx

    Anyone here have a set of tires they'd be willing to sell? Just had my first blowout and I'm low on funds to upgrade to 17mm at the moment. I've had my truck for less than a week lol
  3. Speediemb

    Senton Senton - Loss of power

    Senton 3s blx. I can run on a new fully charged battery for a few minutes. When I stop at any moment, it will just hesitate and just stop. Or it just stops on its own. I went ahead I bought and installed a new ESC (BLX100). “ I thought for sure that was the problem” Still the same problems. I...
  4. WLToys144001 & Senton 3s BLX just chillin’

    WLToys144001 & Senton 3s BLX just chillin’

  5. I

    Senton Senton 3S Questions from someone who hasn’t driven RC in 15 years

    Hi everyone, So happy this forum exists. I hope it doesn’t break the rules to just put all of the questions I have into one post! Got a Senton 3S and 2 Spektrum 5000MAH 100c 3S lipos and an S150 charger today. Most fun I’ve had in months taking it out for the first time. Brought back fond...
  6. Speediemb

    Senton Senton starts then dies after 20 seconds

    So I have a Senton 3s blx. When I start to go it runs fine. 20 seconds later it starts to lag, and then stop. I’ve reset the throttle points. I don’t know what else I can do. The batteries are fully charged, I also balanced charged them. I would like to go play in the snow today. Any suggestions?
  7. COJeepRenegade

    Kraton This just in! Things I learned today.

    Here we go. In no particular order: 1. The Kraton 6s with an EXB bumper will hurt when it hits you, runs up your shin, then rolls over and plays dead in front of you. Your son will laugh as you rub your shin, grimace, and try not to spill your coffee. This event was proof for me that stupid...
  8. Speediemb

    Senton Senton 3s hesitates, then stops after few seconds

    So I have a Senton 3s 4wd. It has the BLX 100, and the CBS motor. I bought this used few weeks back. It has ran great until this weekend. It struggles to go, then just stops. Batteries are fully charged. I’ve rest the ESC. I can’t figure out, and have no extra money to take to hobbie store. All...
  9. Rhinoswinton

    Senton Senton V3 Mega Upgrade

    Hi there first time RC owner. Bought the Senton V3 Mega....... Upset with myself for not going for the 3s from the get go. Would like to slowly start upgrading to 3s so any assistance with regards to what needs upgrading would be appreciated. I will start buying the parts and once I have...
  10. T

    Senton Senton 4x4 Mega - New, LED flash after 10 sec

    Bought a new Senton 4x4 Mega for my grandson for Christmas a few weeks ago. I charged the battery when I got it home. Powered it on just to make sure it worked and ran it for a few secs before I wrapped it up under the tree. Today he opened his gift and we took it outside for a drive. Our...
  11. Ozeki

    Kamaz Truck body for Senton 3S BLX?

    This may seem a little wild... but I'd really like to try converting my Senton into a Kamaz Truck. Is there anywhere I should be looking or are there people I can commission to have a body fabricated? I'm sure the 3D printing community could probably whip up something close to what I'm looking...
  12. Greengaunja

    Newfie Proof Body: The Arctic Sh1tbox

    Although I consider my first attempt to reinforce a body by better means than Goop and fibretape a success, it was limited by cold weather. See: Being in Canada, this simply wouldn't do. Time to think outside of what I had...
  13. Big bro little bro. 6S power!!!!

    Big bro little bro. 6S power!!!!

    Body from my 3s senton fits nicely on my 6s. Great option too keeping my V4 senton body in good shape. Mojave on sweeps ?
  14. C

    Senton Reducing stone and other crap for our dear servo ;)

    Hi there, Since I bought my Arrma Senton v3 BLX, I had the servo that broke (played funny as it got discussed in a different thread). I bought a new one (went over the top with a 25kg waterproof servo) and decided to reduce the space above the servo arm (as can be seen on the picture). Since...
  15. C

    Senton Arrma Senton Replacement

    im new to rc and spent the last 2 hours researching, however id still like a second opinion which of these would make a better replacement for the senton servo. being a reliable brand or...
  16. Exc3l

    Typhon Mounting BLX185 (under typhon body)

    Hey guys, I just got my new Typhon body and it looks good! However, I am having trouble mounting it under the body. Is the someway I could take out the receiver box? I know the servo is attached to it, but is it possible?
  17. Ozeki

    Granite Driveshaft upgrades for 3S BLX?

    My driveshafts keep breaking at the wheel hinge on both my Granite and Senton. Is there a better/more durable part I can be using or is there a way to better secure the stock version? I'm grateful for the warranty replacement parts but I'm tired of having to do this job over and over...
  18. Ozeki

    Granite Senton rear driveshaft on V3 Granite?

    The rear left driveshaft on my V3 Granite broke. Can I replace it with one from my Senton BLX? They look about the same size to me, but I don't want to go to the work of disassembling everything for the part not to fit. I'll have the broken one replaced under warranty but I'd like to still run...
  19. Exc3l

    Senton tires!? (belted)

    Ok guys, I have asked this question again and AGAIN but I can't find anything. I have grp's on eBay but is like 25 bucks for shipping:cautious:?. I need to find some tires that are belted and not over 70CAD for all 4. For all of yall Americans that is basically 55USD. Keep in mind HobbyHeroes...
  20. _KIP9991 (2).jpg

    _KIP9991 (2).jpg