1. M

    T-bone front bumper, Senton

    So less than an hour at the track and the bumper broke. It is way too stiff. Anyone modify one of these to flex a little more? I was thinking about hammering a price of sheet stock and putting a bow in it so it would flex a little. Funny thing is the bumper may work better in its current...
  2. A

    Best lipo battery for Senton 4x4

    Just got a arrma senton 4x4 and wanted to extend my run time. I have a lipo charger just wanna know a good size battery to go with so i don't fry the esc.
  3. cesarem008

    What tire do you recommend senton 6s

    Since I got my senton 6s blx new I've been having trouble finding the right tire I have the stock ones those only lasted a couple of runs before they ballooned and ripped of I got some duratrax banditos and those got unglued and currently I have some duratrax lockups that seem to be holding up...
  4. Peeeenuuutt

    How do you keep these bodies from wearing out around the posts?

    Arrma senton 6s blx... my v2 body never did this, but this v3 body looks like this... And here’s the front: See how they’re becoming circles???? How do I combat this.
  5. E

    which bearing kit for senton 3s BLX?

    hello everyone, new to the forum. recently bought a senton 3s BLX. I ordered a fast eddy bearing kit labeled "arrma senton BLX". started to install bearings on the rear hub and none of the bearings in the kit match the larger of the two bearings on the hub. do I need to buy the senton mega 4x4...
  6. ThatDrewGuy

    What pitch and bore is the pinion on Senton 4x4

    So I'm going to do some work to my neighbors kids Senton 4x4 (not 3S BLX) and was trying to figure out what pitch, and bore the pinion is. Looks like 48 pitch, 17 tooth stock, but the bore info is illusive. Is it a 3mm, or 5mm? Thanks in advance, it's late, and I have not slept well the past...
  7. Brewcity414

    Senton 3s blx receiver swap

    has anyone swapped out their Tactic receiver for this truck? Any suggestions?
  8. Brewcity414

    Can a faster motor be installed on the Senton 3s?

    Can you put a faster motor into the senton 3s?
  9. S

    Newbie: Senton 3s BLX run times

    Sorry in advance for the long post: I just purchased the Senton 3s BLX and waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I’ve been reading about being safe with Lipo Batteries and not running them too low. I have a 2s 5000mah 50c battery and Lipo voltage tester coming with the truck as well. Approx(...
  10. The last Nero

    Paddle tires for 6s senton?

    Has anyone found a good paddle tire for the 6s senton?
  11. Dirtnasty92

    Change hub hexs to 17mm

    So thought about changing my senton blx 3s wheel hexs from 14mm to 17mm then putting on the senton 6s tires and rims probably alot stronger tire's cause for 6s right just my thought how about some opinions
  12. P

    Dual Spring On Stock Shocks

    I have a Senton 3s and was wondering if the stock spring spacers can be removed and replaced with a stiffer rate spring?
  13. Mid Race track, Canada, october 2018.JPG

    Mid Race track, Canada, october 2018.JPG

    Let's start the race… Mega Senton 6s Senton
  14. The last Nero

    Which senton?

    I'm looking at getting a senton, is it worth it to get the 6s?
  15. Timmy!

    New Senton shuts down

    Bought a Venom 5000 40C 7.4 V 2S battery for our new Senton Mega and after 10-12 minutes run time it seems like the ESC loses contact with the controller. The wheels will turn back and forth but no throttle. Shut the vehicle off and turn back on and it will run for a minute and do the same...
  16. D

    Can I use a 11.1v 3s battery on my sons Arrma Senton

    I ordered a 7.4v 2s battery and I received a 11.1v 3s will this damage the electronics on his senton or will it be fine
  17. Curvin

    Senton Mega 4x4 : Melted Slipper Nut !

    Hey All, I did post this on my build adventure thread , but thought I'd post this up seperately. I have recently replaced a Spur Gear and I used the new spare nut supplied with the truck on the rebuild. This is what has eventuated after less than a battery pack over 2 runs ( both times truck...
  18. BashandBlast

    Senton 6s 2.8 badlands

    Can I put 2.8 wheels on my Senton 6s without installing the MTmod. Some say I need the Kraton hub carriers axels and all that $. Has anyone here just slap them on and bash?
  19. Dionisi

    Madmax senton

    How hard do you guys think it would be to mount this body, would be kind of kool and different.3463-00-2 by Dionisi posted Aug 23, 2018 at 6:54 PM3463mm_7_l by Dionisi posted Aug 23, 2018 at 6:54 PM3463mm_l by Dionisi posted Aug 23, 2018 at 6:54 PM
  20. bicketybam

    What's it take to get the Senton to wheelie?

    I'm running a castle 1410-3800 Kv motor and 32p gearing on 3s. I can't get this thing to wheelie. It just blows the tires off. What do I need to do to get it to wheelie? Sticky tires?