1. S

    Firma blx 150 and 2050kv in Senton

    What results should I expect if I were to put the motor and esc from the v5 typhon 6 into the 3s Senton?
  2. L

    Big Rock Motors, Amps, KV, help please!

    Hello all, So to sum this up, I've been trying to make a very over powered big rock for a while now. I started with a TP 4050 2830kv D wind on 4s. It had a ton of power, but overheated too quickly, and really heated up the esc as well. I then tried an old Castle 1515 2200kv on 4s with a 24...
  3. paledrifter87

    Senton Arrma Senton radio turning off while driving?

    My Brand new senton mega's transmitter is just turning off while driving. It recconects by just turning it off then back on again so its not a major issue, just extremely annoying. Anyone know of this issue or how to fix it?
  4. Megaladon_Senton

    Park day! 🛝 Shark Day! 🦈

    Bashing the Megaladon🦈 around the local park. 💪 Loving this thing more & more by the minute 💙
  5. Megaladon_Senton

    Senton Testing.. is this thing on?

    Hi y’all, new to the forums. Wanted to share a few pictures of the custom Senton 4x4 BLX build I have been working on. Slapped on a proline megaladon body, and DE racing speedway wheels wrapped in proline hyrax tires. Loving the look of it. 💪🦈
  6. LudeNation

    Senton Waiting on Pro-Line Body mounts for the Silverado Body. This will work for now...

    Turning my Senton v3 3s into a street truck. Should I put Hoons on it or the new Toyo Proxies?
  7. LudeNation

    Senton Balance Discharging/Dating Lipos & Voltage Log.

    One of my Spektrum lipos died after 3 months and maybe 4 or 5 charges. Cell 2 went bad. To help hopefully prevent that from happening again I purchased a Venom Pro lipo Checker. Making a volts log per cell & all, with lipo packs dated of arrival(last pik). Any tips I should know, as I'm now...
  8. LudeNation

    Senton Senton v3 3s getting some much needed DIY mods!

    All inspiration came from the threads in this community! Velcro around spur gear, black rtv motor leads & vented/cut out parts of the body using Pro-Lines method(Dremel & 7134 bit). Now the senton can be at full throttle/speed & no more parachuting! Link to video I used-
  9. danji

    Senton My Senton 3s V3 BLX

    My Senton brings a smile to my face each time i take it out for a blast but thats quickly wiped off my face once it get it home to clean it. The fun part The bad part So ive decided to try and improve the senton on a budget. Picked up a few bits and bobs so far on the cheap. An Aliexpress...
  10. gudfear

    Senton 1st Arrma, used Senton 3S BLX, just getting started

    I picked up a used Senton 3S BLX a few days ago. It's been well loved, but also has a few minor upgrades. Some of the original bearings have been replaced, the front bumper was replaced (looks like another Arrma Senton from bumper), and the wheels and tires where replaced with street wheels...
  11. kevykev

    Senton Granite to senton conversion

    Hello all! Hopefully this is the right place but I’m picking up a v2 granite “roller” tomorrow and wanted to convert it to a senton. I have a big rock and Tlr Typhon already and really been stuck on wanting a stadium truck lol. I know I need the lwb chassis and that’s in my cart on Jenny’s...
  12. jedibabaob

    Senton 3s motor washer.. the bent one ..

    Hi All, lost the bendy washer when my motor screws came out and I popped the cap 😣 Trying to find the part no or dimensions if anyone can advise please Thanks 👊🏼👊🏼
  13. J

    Senton Senton 550 Overheating w/ Max10 esc and 3600kv motor combo and Savox SW1211SG servo

    The Max10 ESC is the only thing that’s overheating. I’m running this combo with 16t pinion 57t spur gear. after about 10 minutes runtime. This happens when I use a 2s 5200mah and 3s 3300mah. I think that my steering is off and the esc is trying hard to compensate for it while trying to power the...
  14. LudeNation

    Printed using PLA+. (15 hours) Stand for Arrma Senton 3s

    3d printed a rc car stand with storage compartment and shock holders
  15. C

    Senton Senton Mega upgrades

    I have the mega Senton v3. I burned up the brushed motor and am wanting to upgrade the motor and esc. With doing quite a bit of on road running I was thinking about switching over to the vendetta motor and esc. Will the 3900kv work ok still? It looks as if the tires could fit as well from the...
  16. Senton Mega going into year 3

    Senton Mega going into year 3

    Max10 SCT, Surpass 3670 2650kv, ecopower servo, Vorteks tires. Otherwise, all other upgrades were swapping out Mega parts for BLX parts.
  17. C

    Senton Senton 4X4 Burning Smell

    So i bought my Daughter a Dromida Backbone and she is really into it, so I bought me a Aarma Senton 4x4 to run with her. We got the 2s Lip batteries Battery + Charger bundle from Spektrum for her RC and Mine. The Hobbytown store suggested it. I had mine maybe 4 days about 3 runs of the...
  18. T

    Senton Older Senton 3s blx vs the newer Senton

    I have the older Senton AR102668 (50MPH Brushless) a friend got the newer version this Christmas. It is a SENTON 4X4 550 MEGA 1/10 SHORT COURSE (BLUE) (30 MPH Brushed. He is wanting to change motor out because he has already burnt the motor up. He is wanting to get a different motor. He is also...
  19. J

    Senton What servo savers are compatible with the SW-1211SG?

    Need help finding the right servo saver for the SW-1211SG which is 25T spline. I bought the Kimbrough large small end servo saver which fits perfectly but it seems like it doesn’t work well with the steering link on the Senton Mega 550 so I tried going for a metal 25T servo horn. First, the HR...
  20. V

    Need help removing the for Front Y-Arm pin in Senton 3s BLX 4x4

    in the front of my senton, there are these two pins keeping the the two front y-arms together. One is stuck and I have tried using pliers to remove it. I do wonder if the broken y-arm which I am trying to remove is causing the pin to jam. The y arm is fractured in the back and somehow the front...