1. H

    Senton Arrma senton 3s

    hello, around 6 months ago I brought the Arrma senton. I put upgrades in it with the Hobbywing Ezrun kit. Includes the following: max 10 esc and the 3660 brushless motor 4000kv. I have just tried turning it on and my esc is just giving me solid and flashing red lights and no fan spinning. I only...
  2. senton kid

    Senton Faster senton

    Hello , if any one is looking to upgrade there there senton for speed,I have a few options 1st : a 26 tooth pinion gear 2nd: small shocks...
  3. A

    Senton Boost shock upgrade

    Hi. I need replacement shocks for my Senton Boost. I have upgraded to the 4x4 and have put a brushless motor in it and it now mostly gets run at 3s or 2s. So looking for something durable. Will the proline shocks fit the boost model? Will the Arrma metal shocks fit? If so what springs and...
  4. F

    Infraction What bodies fit the infraction mega and the senton 4x4

    Just trying to see what other body styles fit on these two arrma's. Thanks for the help!
  5. Juggla09

    Arrma senton 3s

    Still new to the rc world, I have several crawlers but decide to try rcs with actual speed. I bought the redcat blackout last year and love it. A friend talked me into the senton and I picked the 3s to learn with. Any tips on tuning or upgrading would be GREATLY appreciated but I need...
  6. stexasrcguy

    Mudboss Body on Senton 4x2

    Has anyone tried to put a mudboss body on the Senton 4x2 boost? Our track doesn't require that we use the slash conversion and I already own the Senton. If you have done this, please post details on what might be required for this conversion. Thanks.
  7. SnowStorm

    Senton Water intrusion into receiver box

    In a teardown to replace the ESC, I found a good amount of water in the receiver box. Besides now being unsure if the ESC is the actual issue, Im wondering if this is a known issue or if I did something wrong when I replaced the servo. It does seem like a lot of wires crammed into that tiny...
  8. S

    Senton Senton vs SCT410.3

    I'm looking to get something a little bigger then a senton 3s but not as big as the arrma kraton. Someone has a used tekno sct 410.3 roller wondering how the size difference between it and a senton 3s or kraton 6s. Also wondering how well it would handle on short/longer grass compared to a...
  9. 4TFour RC

    Traxxas 5353 hubs

    Hey all just wanted to share some pics and my experience with the Traxxas 14mm to 17mm conversion kit. I installed this on my Senton 3S (pics attached) and overall I think they are well worth the $20 and a few minutes to install. For now I'm running some 1/8 buggy wheels and tires from my Tekno...
  10. Senton 3s on speedtreads

    Senton 3s on speedtreads

  11. H

    Senton Senton wont steer

    So I bought an Arrma Senton 4x4 mega 550 for a school project. we had to disassemble it and reassemble it. When we reassembled it the steering started acting up and it wont steer. it use to steer but it barley does now. it did not work after we reassembled it. i ordered a higher power servo any...
  12. BKtime

    New 4x4 Senton, No Power

    Hey guys— I’m relatively new to the hobby, but have messed with various RC cars now for a couple years. I bought the Senton 4x4 Mega (brushed) for my 7 year old son to get his skills up before we both get a brushless setup. First day of running the car was great— just enough speed for my son to...
  13. S

    Senton What motor/esc can Senton Mega handle with no upgrades?

    Hi all, looking for some advice... I have a Senton Mega for one of the youngsters in the family. He is fine with the brushed motor and we run on 2s lipo. However, the problem is that the motor is overheating quite regularly (we're running a 6500 mah pack which easily lasts 25-30 min, if not...
  14. a lil too hard

    a lil too hard

  15. C

    Long suspension for a senton

    Has anyone made a long travel suspension kit for a senton?
  16. G

    Senton 4x4 tryna convert to Traxxas esc

    I’m new to arma an I’m wondering if I could run a Traxxas brushless esc an motor in the arma Senton 4x4 I’m always used Traxxas idk much about the Armas
  17. Bolshevikjoe

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma Senton 3s BXL v3 - $225 shipped

    They got me with the last minute sales ad for the Notorious so to justify adding another rig to the fleet, I come again seeking your financial support. Purchased this Senton in June and might have ran 5-6 packs through it. Perfect condition mechanically and cosmetically too for the most part...
  18. 4TFour RC

    Senton Twitchy wandering servo help?

    Today I got out my Senton 3s blx after it had sat for about 4 months or so, removed the main components and have it a good cleaning, reassembled, and turned it on with a known good battery and fresh tx batteries. The servo seems twitchy, and it looks like it's hunting for "center". I looked at...
  19. R

    Senton Looking at dx truck, Senton opinions

    Hi arma community. Looking at adding a short coarse truck to my addiction. Of coarse the senton on my mind.
  20. Fiercetatsu

    Senton Still considered a senton right ?

    soooo I had a typhon and a parts for my old senton laying around and decided to make this, has arrma Mojave tires, I cut the body for more tire clearance and to allow the wing from the typhon to still be used. The bumper shocks work really nice but I want to get rid of the ones going sideways as...