1. Nineball

    Senton Tire recommendation

    I have cracks in two of my dboots, so it's time to get new shoes. I'm looking at... Proline Trenchers Proline Badlands Duratrax Six Packs Duratrax Lockups I bought 12mm hex adapters and I think my LHS has them all in stock. I'm tempted to save a few bucks and go for the duratrax, but I hear...
  2. Z

    Senton Lift kit for Arrma Senton?

    Does anybody know of something I can use to get more ground clearance on my senton like lift kit or something?
  3. Alex Burn Out.jpg

    Alex Burn Out.jpg

    Teaching my son the fine art of burnouts on the grass. He is getting his skills dialed in.!
  4. Up the Hill

    Up the Hill

    Gotta stick with the attempt, even when it seems to be going south. When in doubt; more power.
  5. Six Pack in the Snow 1.jpg

    Six Pack in the Snow 1.jpg

    Duratrax Six Pack tires in the snow did excellent.! Quite pleased with them.
  6. Launch Mode

    Launch Mode

    Fooling around in the rocks
  7. Steve B in Vegas

    Senton Some Rock Throwing Action

    Hope you all are having a good weekend. Wanted to say thanks again to all the help from this gang on the ARRMA Forum.
  8. JueVioleGrace

    Senton Senton 6s build, from scratch (Newbie)

    Hi, Im new to the RC hobby only owning the Kraton V4 at the moment. i also wanted to purchase the senton 6s but with it being discontinued ive decided to start from scratch. If anyone could help with what the best parts would be to get for price and performance. im thinking of either getting a...
  9. B

    Senton Senton 4x4 Mega - Replacement shocks

    My son has been using his new Senton Mega 4x4 since Christmas and is interested in upgrading his shocks to something a bit more durable. We already had to get replacement stock shocks due to a failure of one via warranty service. We have read that the Arrma Typhon 6S shocks are good...
  10. G

    Senton Senton 3s problems

    My senton is only a couple of weeks old and its already having problems it runs fine for a few minutes and then it has no throttle response and the servo gets locked in whatever direction it was set in once I cut it off and turn it back on it works for a few more minutes and then the problem...
  11. Parkour!


    Senton tough
  12. Warby

    Pinion mod question

    Would I be correct saying that all the Senton mega and 3s have mod 0.8 pinion gears? or just 3s? asking before I order. thanks
  13. W

    Senton Question About Battery charge rates on NiMh

    Hello everyone! im having some questions about charging my batteries, the stock battery is a 8.4v 2,400mah nimh, the first 5 or 8 cycles where with the stock charger at 0.7amps, it takes 3 and a half hours to charge, recently a bought a better charger that can charge at 1amp, 2, 3 or 4 amps...
  14. W

    Senton Help with esc relocation

    Hello I’m trying to relocate the esc to get better cooling but I’m not sure where is a better place, on top of servo or the other place? any thoughts? I’m placing it with double side tape
  15. 4TFour RC

    17mm adapters for the Senton?

    Hey everyone, just had a few questions concerning moving from the 14mm wheel hubs to 17, or even 12mm. Has anyone had success with a specific brand or kit they prefer? if memory serves, traxxas ran 14mm on some of their models also so im guessing it isnt uncommon to convert. I'll post a pic of a...
  16. Senton BLX

    Senton BLX

    One of my favorite RC's for park bashing
  17. W

    Senton Senton Mega Shocks Alternatives

    Hello, I read online that the Typhon 6S shocks are the best upgrade for the Mega/3s senton, they are sold out everywhere tho so I’m looking at alternatives... I found the pro line power stroke but they’re so expensive
  18. W

    Senton Well my shocks didn’t last at all... Help

    Hello! It’s me again... So turns out after 10 packs I found my senton today with the suspension arms leaking oil on 3 of the shocks, last 2 bashing sessions I jump it a lot so I’m guessing that’s what makes it leak, to be honest I’m kinda disappointed on the durability because I haven’t drive...
  19. W

    Senton question about battery voltage

    Hello! here's the thing my local hobby shop has this battery available with ec3 connector I want another one for my Arrma Senton Mega but the one that comes with is a 8.4 volts this is a 7.2 volts not sure if this would work or do any harm to the esc or motor? I don't mind if it is a little...
  20. Phamous

    Senton Loud gears in my ARRMA Senton

    Hey guys, I was wondering about loud gears in my senton. It's a bit too noisy for my liking, so I opened it up, and I found nothing. The car drives normally, everything seems to be fine but that noise is driving me nuts, coz I always thing that there's a issue waiting for me. The gears are...