1. J

    Replacement tire for Senton?

    Hallo everyone. Today my tire burst. Please tell me replacement tire for: DBOOTS 'SIDEWINDER 2' TYRE (2pcs) #ARSC08AX Above one is out of stock.
  2. edvin70

    Widened the Senton's stance

    Put on some Team Associated extended hubs ... I have some Proline MX-28's on the way and I did trim the wheel wells a little. Part number shown just in case, gonna go bash it later this afternoon
  3. Schuey

    Lipo Checkers.. how to secure them to stay on while driving ?

    The subject is the 64,000 dollar question.. How can you keep a Lipo checker on the balance cable while running the car.. I have lost a few Venom lipo checkers.. so i went and bought a 10 pack of chinese lipo checkers.. ( which suck ) but i keep losing those.. I haven't read the manual to my...
  4. exwhyzed

    one 6S or two 3S hard case battery recommendations?

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend me a good 6S hardcase battery, or pair of 3S hardcase lipos that have a high discharge rate and will fit the senton? I'm having a hard time finding batteries here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!
  5. edvin70

    Dusty Motors covers for Kraton/Talion and Neros

    Just saw this listing on eBay, I sent a message to see if it will fit the Senton. They also have Nero version...
  6. Steveneats

    Senton to a kraton

    I have a senton and miss my kraton can u put kraton arms and drive shafts on the senton to convert over or is there more needed
  7. MeesterC

    How do you rate your senton personally?

    Just wanted to get some ideas as to how folks like or dislike the senton. Don't be afraid to let it out, good or bad. We are the real world bashers so we know what we like and don't like..... Come on people, don't be shy!! Reply with some opinions & views! Me personally, I love it. I bash the...
  8. L

    Running Kraton crown gear in Senton??

    Hi all A while back I destroyed the crown gear and the input pinion on the rear diff in my Senton. Tower (and Hobbyco) were good enough to send me a new one under warranty - however, when it arrived, it didn't fit - the diff was just too fat for the diff housing! Or so it seemed. I believe I...
  9. C

    new servo senton

    sorry for the stupid question, but new to rc. so my stock servo went out over the weekend and i just replaced it with a savox 2271 sg. It appears to work fine when the car is in motion however if the car is stopped the wheels won't turn the whole way, only about a 1/4 left or right. is this...
  10. rjstretch

    Power cutoff on 5s

    I've been running my Senton on 4s for a while and wanted to bump up the power without breaking the bank. i bought a 3s 5200 lipo to run with one of the 2s batteries i have, but when i went to run it, it ran full speed for about a minute or two and slowed right down as if the batteries were...
  11. Bartez

    BLX Spring selection

    So after mounting my heavy 6s brick in the Senton the standard springs are much too soft even on max preload. Under heavy braking I am always scraping on the front and a little on the rear while accelerating hard. I have ordered replacement springs from Tekno from forum suggestions TKR8767 – LF...
  12. L

    Diff and diff cover dramas

    Hi All I've read a lot of this forum but only just joined. Own a Senton - ran it close to 20 times, mostly stock - 4 cell only. I have had a number of parts replaced on warranty by Tower, most recently one of these: I...
  13. Proline Beetle body

    Proline Beetle body

    Just finished this body for my Arrma Senton. I like the way it turned out.
  14. Ironeagle

    Senton parts upgrade

    I'm having a difficult time finding upgraded parts, I realize it's not traxxas and so there aren't as many places to grab upgrades, but could anyone throw me the names of some good places that do have upgraded parts? I'm looking at TBONE racing bumpers, currently.
  15. K

    Getting Senton to go in reverse

    I'm having some problems getting the new Senton to go in reverse. It works intermittently. Any tuning tips? Thanks
  16. Richman

    BLX My Senton Build

    Here is my Arrma Senton V2 modification in a 1981 Ford Bronco. The color is green aluminum effect with white stripes. front and rear bodymount LED Lights come later. ;)
  17. rjstretch

    BLX Choosing between Senton & Talion

    hey guys. I'm relatively new to the rc environment. I've owned smaller rc cars in the past but I'm looking to make a big buy but would like to make the proper decision. I've been looking into the Arrma Senton and Talion models 4wd 6s brushless but I'm having trouble coming to a final decision...
  18. R

    Puffed lipo while connecting to esc

    I have a Senton and my 180 esc was burnt so I got a 185 esc as a replacement. All my lipo batteries have hxt 4mm connector (I believe) and I have been using the deans connector since my old 180 esc had the deans connectors on it. I had no problems with them so far. I ordered this connector...
  19. ARRMAgeddon

    Senton or kraton (basher)

    Which of this are a better basher I leaning towards the senton But worried about the chassis being so low to the ground And bottoming out on every jump?
  20. Rcdupont

    Mud inside

    is there any way of keeping mud out of the car? It's really bad with this car. Apart from that I really love it...just getting all the dirt out after every run