servo arm

  1. ChemEng

    Infraction 23 vs 25 spline servo

    I just assumed that all spektrum servo's used the annoying 23 tooth horn, but I just upgraded my Infraction servo and it had "25 Tooth" printed on the underside (which was annoying because I didn't see it until I removed it to replace it with a new 25T horn.) Is Arrma converting to 25 T or is...
  2. Darvid

    Kraton Servo upgrade V5 Kraton

    Hi All so I go a SV1270TG (35kg titanium gear) Servo to replace the dead spectrum 18kg one. the the physical size is the same how the teeth number are different. The guy at the hobby shop said I use the new arm that come with the Servo but might need to drill it out to fit. I have not taken...
  3. D

    Granite Servo Horn / Servo Saver for BLX 4x4?

    Hey everyone! Getting my nephew an RC car for Christmas turned into also getting one for myself and my brother. My brother and nephew have Granite 4x4 BLX 3S in both colors, and I have a Typhon 4x4 BLX 3S. They all share a lot of parts, which is great for when things break, as we can share many...
  4. J

    JX Ecoboost 36kg Servo Installation Issue

    Hello guys. So I recently purchased a JX Ecoboost CLS6336HV servo for my V5 Kraton. I've been trying to install it but been having constant l issues. At first the stock servo horn wasn't fitting but I was told by some helpful people here that I need to get a 25t horn since the stock one is 23t...
  5. Afro Samurai

    servo arm screw

    that servo arm screw...the one at the end of the rod...not the one on the servo....the one that you can see through the cutouts on the bottom plate. sure to keep an eye on it...mine fell out...none if the provided screws are long enough...and they don't give you any small lock nuts...