servo saver

  1. Darvid

    Kraton turning circle sucks and end points V5 6s

    Hi all, I know there is allot on here about this but just wanted to clear it up. So while the RC is off the ground you get full steering. While it’s driving the turning circle sucks. do I need to tighten the servo saver to fix this and how tight would you go as if you go too tight then you...
  2. Prisma

    Servo completely loose

    Hey everyone, I've run into steering problems with my Granite. Basically it was clicking really bad and now it's completely loose. I found out it's the servo itself doing this. Is there a way to fix it or do I have to replace it?
  3. D

    Granite Servo Horn / Servo Saver for BLX 4x4?

    Hey everyone! Getting my nephew an RC car for Christmas turned into also getting one for myself and my brother. My brother and nephew have Granite 4x4 BLX 3S in both colors, and I have a Typhon 4x4 BLX 3S. They all share a lot of parts, which is great for when things break, as we can share many...
  4. N

    Granite Granite 3S BLX new servo issue

    I am a newbie when it comes to RC cars, so forgive me if i state the obvious. First off, i love my granite and this forum is one of the biggest reasons i chose to purchase this over a stampede. Having a blast bashing this thing running on 2S, haven't even thought about running this on a 3S...
  5. MRoyer

    Kraton Kraton steering rack will not turn

    I've done a bit of research after repeated assembly/disassembly and found nothing so here it goes: Today as I was out after just getting the car ready for the warmer weather, I ran down the street a couple of times and after a wheelie, I slammed down and lost my steering, but only to one side...
  6. TraverseCity420

    Notorious Red loctite the servo saver nut

    Works.. finally got my notorious back together after loosing a steering screw doh.. Anyway while I had it apart I went ahead and used red Loctite on the servo nut and took it out this morning in 4F degree weather and its held in place as I expected it would, If a grub screw on a motor pinion can...
  7. Toddys

    Servo saver immobilization

    Noticing a good amount of understeer over time after tightening the servo saver. Upon inspection I noticed the servo saver opening up not allowing for the translation of steering to the wheels. I have additional servos (and a new uninstalled saver) and was about to install one so I'm not worried...
  8. RxMonkey

    Kraton Servo Saver Setting?

    what do you guys have your servo saver set at? My outcast and senton steer great though they have a shorter wheelbase. My Kraton feels like I’m driving a sheet of plywood. I have a voltage mount and Savox 1210. For some reason it doesn’t turn well at all. I’m going to adjust the EPAs. How far...
  9. TooTall

    Granite Good working Servo Saver

    I posted this in a different thread but this is a common topic, so I thought I would create a dedicated thread too. This Kimbrough #123 servo saver is the answer for the Mega's, I was constantly resetting my youngest son's SS when he would just bump anything while moving forward. I tried the...
  10. slfmde

    Outcast check your servo saver

    18 outcast. I felt the handling wasn’t that great out of the box but I’m new to rc. Fast forward to yesterday and I made some changes. 1283sg, hot racing mount, glitch buster and tighten the servo saver. My servo saver was almost sitting on the chassis. I cranked it about half way up now. Maybe...
  11. Kingofanna

    Granite Stock servo and servo saver/horn don’t play nice together.

    I got the new Granite 4x4 about two weeks ago. Took it out for the first run and clipped (Barely) a step. The wheels became locked to the left because the tiny plastic splines in the horn and the tiny plastic splines on the servo slipped and repositioned the center. I took it apart and...
  12. J

    Kraton Servo saver keeps loosening itself

    My servo saver keeps loosening itself but I don't want to resort to lock tight. Any other suggestions??
  13. Jerbear1018

    Kraton How tight should Kraton servo saver be?

    hey guys, I just wanted some advice on how tight the servo saver should be for my kraton, I blew out 2 stock servos and a savox 1211sg. Could it be my servo saver was to loose?
  14. Jerry-rigged

    Kraton Servo saver loosens up while running?

    Howdy gang- So my Kraton started having an interesting issue a while back - while running the servo saver will loosen up. I can do the whole Allen key thru the hole in the bottom of the chassis and tighten it down real good, but it just works loose again, and pretty quick too - I have to...
  15. Combatjeep

    New servo, servo saver, bellcrank adjustment

    So, on my first run, my stock servo fried. I got the Savox sw-1210sg and replaced it (to impatient to wait on the Arrma replacement). While apart, I replaced the servo saver, bellcrank and mount with the aluminum HR stuff and an aluminum red Arrma horn. I was at the understanding that this servo...
  16. D

    servo saver adjustment

    How do I adjust this nero servo saver? It turns very weak to the right side
  17. Kratonlover723

    Kraton Servo Saver

    Hello again, So I started to take apart the steering of my Kraton to tighten the servo saver, but I ran into a problem almost as soon as I started. When I unscrew the 2.5mm screws on the top plate, nothing happens. Then I saw the 2.5mm screws on the bottom and figured, "I'll just stick an...
  18. Kratonlover723

    Kraton Steering issues

    I just got my Kraton running today and it works fine except the steering radius is gigantic. I think I need to tighten the servo saver, but I don't know how to do that. Is there a way to do it without taking the whole thing apart?
  19. Doozie

    Servo Saver Adjustment on a Senton, Kraton, or Talion

    I was curious if someone could give me a heads up on the tightness we should have on the servo saver spring? After I replaced a broken lower suspension arm for my Senton I notice that the car doesn't seem to want to straighten out fully after making a turn. I just read somewhere else that...