shock cap

  1. J

    What upgraded shock caps are people using for Nero??

    Having issues with my shock caps popping off during my bash sessions. What upgrades are ppl using?
  2. Hazmat Fury

    Stock Shock Cap O-Ring Upgrade

    Fury Mega Newer Model (2017) with Stock Arrma Front Shocks I recently had an issue with a front shock leaking. When I took it apart I noticed the o-ring in the cap was broken. So while considering my options I remembered I had a small box of o-rings for home faucets. Turns out a Danco #7...
  3. GaryT

    New Granite Fixes

    I have had my Granite Mega for about a month now and love it. New to Hobby RC Trucks and enjoying just backyard Dirting (Bashing only by accident now). So I probably don't torture mine as much as most I have seen here. Only issue I have had was a tie rod snapping loose, cracks in body (from...
  4. Bic1090

    Nero to Kraton shock caps

    So this will be my first attempt at a diy so bare with me. For those of us who have blown a shock cap in the Nero this is for you: 1. Purchase Kraton aluminum shock caps, part AR330204. These come in a set of 2, so 2 packages will be needed. 2. Purchase the Kraton composite shock part set...