shock oil

  1. R

    Big Rock Pro-line powerstroke PRO6359-00 and PRO6359-01 shocks with the big rock

    Hello fam, Anybody using the Pro-line powerstroke PRO6359-00 and PRO6359-01 shocks for the big rock? How do you like them and what oil weight can you suggest? I drive mostly on bumpy grass fields, dirt, and street. I don’t do the crazy jumps. Thanks fam
  2. RC617

    Diff oil and shock oil - where and what to buy

    I'm in process of getting diff and shock oil for my Kraton 6s V5 in prep for my first maintenance check and I'm trying to determine the following: -Where is the best place(s) to buy online -What is the best to buy - are some brands better than others, or is brand not that important? -How much...
  3. Uplift-RC

    Team Associated shock oil 80w?

    I am having a really hard time trying to find Team Associated shock oil 80wgt... It seems to be sold out everywhere. Does anybody know where i can grab a few bottles since all the hobby shops online are out of stock?
  4. Milk Carton

    Typhon Im kinda disappointed at my typhon 3s...

    I knew the stx2 transmitter was bad, but it’s even worse than I thought, but oh well, I knew my typhon was crazy strong, but I kinda don’t even know what happened, first of all, FIRST RUN, the esc cable got between the central driveshaft, and the driveshaft got split in 2, luckily, the cable...
  5. W

    Senton Well my shocks didn’t last at all... Help

    Hello! It’s me again... So turns out after 10 packs I found my senton today with the suspension arms leaking oil on 3 of the shocks, last 2 bashing sessions I jump it a lot so I’m guessing that’s what makes it leak, to be honest I’m kinda disappointed on the durability because I haven’t drive...
  6. Jake Park

    Notorious Question about Notorious shock oil

    Hello, I am a beginner doing RC car as a hobby in South Korea. I need some help. My Notorious shock cap broke while I was playing with my car, and run out shock oil. So I'm trying to change my shock cap and refill the silicone oil, Do you have any suggestions other than those in the...
  7. 4TFour RC

    Senton BLX shock bleed?

    Hey everyone, fairly new to Arrma as a brand, and I'd like to know if there are any tricks or tips for bleeding air from the plastic body shocks on the 3S line. More specifically the Senton. I can't seem to get that last bit of air out to stop that "pop up" when the shock rod is pushed in fully.
  8. Boostedpig

    Kraton Shock Oil

    What is the stock V3 Kraton oil weight? I'm running a large heavy 7400mah 6s lipo so I should run heavier oil correct? What weight oil should I buy?
  9. Nitr0EngiEx

    Kraton VIDEO: How To Clean Differential Fluid and Shock Oil! Super Easy!

    So I spent allot of time tearing down the differentials of my Arrma Kraton and couldn't help but think that there has to be something I can clean the components with to dissolve away the old diff fluid. I think I found something that is effective! Check it out!
  10. LoganH

    Oil for stock shocks on Fury

    I had a nasty 45mph crash yesterday and I busted off the shock cap on the front left shock and oil spilled everywhere. What kind of oil is used in these and where can i buy it?
  11. JMS RC

    Talion Shock Oil/Fluid Talion V3 vs Kraton

    Been searching for the recommendation of shock fluid for the Talion V3, in my manual and on Arrma's site it clearly states 2000cst. Is this really true ? I use Team Associated's fluids and when you go up to such a heavy weight you're in to the diff fluid range. For the Kraton it says 1000cst...
  12. G

    Talion Talion V3 Shock Fluid

    Hello everyone. Been enjoying the hell out of my Talion so far. It is stock apart from running the Pro-Line Badlands on the 1/2" lower offset wheels. I run SMC 4S 90C batteries and just picked up a 6S 50C battery that I have not tried yet. I still need some more drive time, but I'm curious...
  13. Y

    Fazon Front/rear shock oil weight

    Hello, I'm new to this hobby, and i recently bought a Voltage Fazon. I've noticed the front shocks have a considerably thicker oil than the rear, which i find weird since there is more mass in the back, also the front is pretty jumpy because of that. Is this intended? is everyone's Voltages...
  14. Raji

    Outcast Recommended Arrma Outcast Springs & oil Wight

    Hi everyone, These are recommendations for the Arrma Outcast springs and shocks oil. I collect comments from members here in the form and Youtube. I make it easier for you:D -I'd recommend just a slightly stiffer set overstock and use 90k front/75k rear shock oil -Stiffer springs help reduce...
  15. wetwhistle 1221

    Outcast Outcast oil recommendation.

    Just picked up a outcast and was looking for a good shock and diff oil recommendation for your typical bashing.
  16. 1Travis

    Typhon Shock Oil Wt

    What's the stock shock oil wt for the Arrma Typhon?
  17. D

    Typhon On my second chassis...

    Hi folks RC newbie here... I only run my Typhon on an off-road buggy track which is jumpy, bumpy, dusty, hard and normally very hot (30-35 Ambient). Chassis slap on jumps is so bad that the rear end chamfered to a knife edge and the screw heads holding the rear diff case got sanded away... I...
  18. Bryan.u159

    Can I use diff oil in shocks?

    HEY GUYS THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ.....just wondering can I use 3000cst diff oil in shocks and have it work like shock oil? Or are the oils constructed differently?
  19. Bryan.u159

    Shock oils what are you running?

    Hey guys new to the hobby for my first ride I got myself an arrma nero and I totally love it.......but one question what shock oil do you guys run? My nero seems to bottom out to much and I would like to know whats the best shock oil to avoid this... Could I use 200wt oil and expect the nero to...
  20. B

    Mixing up shock oil?

    Would it be a bad idea to mix 100 and 50 weight shock oils to create 75? The stock shock oil is 100 weight?