shock shaft

  1. F.R.S. Ninja_007

    Vorteks How to replace front shock shaft?

    How do you replace an Arrma 3S shock shaft? Any good videos? This thing broke on its first run, Arrma needs to up their game on basic shocks
  2. P

    Senton broke my shock Shaft on my senton mega 4x4

    I broke my shock Shaft on my senton mega 4x4, it's actually the bottom guard I snapped which is the bottom mount. Anyhow I don't think I can even change it...?
  3. Ironmike340

    Kraton Tired of waiting! Need 4 mm shock shaft

    almost done waiting! New 2018 kraton been almost 2 months and no parts. I need a front and a rear shock shaft. 4mmx62.5 4mmx73 I’m gonna guve then two more weeks and if no improvement this things going down the road. What good is a car with no parts and I know all about the new owner, and don’t...
  4. Tblazin

    Big Rock What size are the Big Rock Shock shafts & thickness?

    What size are the Big Rock Shock shafts & thickness? Length would be nice, but I can handle that, also what piston/oil is stock, its way to stiff to keep wheels planted this way....also theres those Orange springs that French dude put on his big rock, and I saw they worked real well, just cant...
  5. M

    Arrma talion shock shafts

    So, I currently have the Arrma talion v2, and my biggest problem so far is definitely the suspension. The shafts either always bend, or the threads get stripped. I've gone through like 3 pairs of them so far and I've only had it for less than a year. I haven't done anything too rough, mainly...
  6. B

    Nero shock shaft

    Looks like AR330340 shock shafts are on back-order until the end of April. Can I use a shock from a different manufacture or model? Does anyone know what could get me up and running while I wait for the replacement part?
  7. chevys10zr2003

    Typhon Shock part numbers

    I bent a front shock shaft on my Typhon. I looked in the manual and it lists all of the part numbers for the front and rear shocks.......but.......they don't happen to ever call out which is the front shock and which is the rear shock. So I can't figure out what part number I need. It's either...
  8. Desse

    Bent shock shaft

    Hi guys After tonight's run at the track with the 4 Arrma Kratons we have a bent shock shaft at the rear. Any idea for a replacement. Where to find complete shocks? Or an upgrade...