short runtime

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    Typhon Typhon 3s, how to get longer runtime?

    I Have a 20T pinion stock wheels full metal diffs and wtf fans, everything is great no overheating, BUT the 15-20min runtime, only thing i want to increase, thats also if i am light on the throttle keeping it 75%and below. i really find it annoying to switch out batteries during my walk though...
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    Arrma Nero Big rock - reduced battery life

    Recently I sealed all the diffs (with 2.5mm screws) and filled with 12 000 front 1 000 000 center 9 000 rear I also removed all diff brain servos. After the first run it stopped after 6min (2x 3s 4500mah 40c batteries) second time I got 5min, and in the last run few seconds after putting new...
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    Need Diagnostic Help

    I have had my Raider for about 7 months. I have used It about 20 times. Had loads of fun. But then it would run a short distance and stop. I recharged it and It did the same thing. It didn't seem like a mechanical problem so replaced the 2000 mah battery with a 3000. And it ran faster and...